Delhi Home Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2022

Delhi Home Doorstep Delivery Scheme 2020 [Public Sector Services List] Registration  Form Online Process Ration Card (RC), Driving Licence (DL) Mobile Sahayak Toll free number, Eligibility, Service List, 1st-2nd phase 

To commence the launch of one of the most exclusive plans of the decade, the Delhi government has grasped the last stages of planning procedure of Doorstep Delivery Scheme.Thus, days are not far when residents of Delhi will be able to get nearly 40 services (of Law and Justice Department, Women and Child Department, Labour Department, Delhi Jal Board, Ration Department, Social Welfare Department, Transport Department and Government sector) at their doorstep.

Name Delhi Doorstep Scheme
Launched By Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Announced In 2017
Implementation Date July 2018
Handled By Mobile Shayak
Toll free number  1076

Role Of Mobile Sahayak:

Yet, within the next few months, Delhi residents will be able to sign up for DL/RC at home and get them at a doorstep. Mobile Sahayak will visit homes of registered applicants, like RTOs (regional transport offices) helpdesk coming to homes.

How To Place A Request For Doorstep Delivery Service Via Phone?

  1. Just like the scheme, the implementation process is also unique. Call centers will be established by Delhi government for better implementation of Doorstep Delivery Scheme.
  2. All interested applicants will have to dial 1076, which is a toll free number. One number will enable applicants to attain as many as 40 services.
  3. Once the service seeker makes the call, any call center executive will ask for the service that the person desires.
  4. The executive will offer a list of documents that the service seeker must provide.
  5. If the person does not have the legal papers, he/she will have to get an appointment to showcase these documents.
  6. Once all details are attained, the service seeker will get a SMS, forwarded by a Mobile Sahayak. This SMS will contain pertinent data about the fee and other service requests.
  7. The Mobile Sahakay will get in touch with the service seekers at the given time.
  8. The appointed Mobile Sahayak will collect details of the service seeker. For this, he will make use of a unique mobile app. He will also authenticate the identification with biometric indicators.
  9. It will be the responsibility of this Sahayak to log on to the government site, and upload all information of the service seeker. He also needs to upload the necessary documents.
  10. Hardcopy of these documents will be required for offline services.
  11. All applicants, who desire to apply for the service through portal, will have to pay with the help of official payment gateways of Delhi government.
  12. In case of offline application, the service seeker will have to pay the fee with cash.
  13. For better authentication, service seekers will attain an OTP. This code will be sent once their biometric indicators have been checked.
  14. The portal will issue an ID. The Mobile Sahayak will make use of this ID to identify the application. The applicant will get confirmation via an e-mail or SMS.
  15. Service seeker will attain regular notifications. It will help the person to keep track of the application. These notifications will be provided via SMS service.
  16. In case the service provider had submitted hardcopy of legal documents, that information will be mentioned in the application form.
  17. Thus, applicants will be able to book and acquire any of the 40 specified services.

100 Public Services to be Delivered at Doorstep in Delhi : Some are there- 

Law and Justice Department –

    1. A marriage licence for marriages of Indian Christians
  • Women and child department –
    1. Financial assistance to a poor widow for daughter’s marriage
    2. Widow pension scheme
  • Services in the labour department –
    1. Renewal of registration – building construction worker act
    2. Registration of construction workers – building construction worker act
  • Delhi Jal board services –
    1. Disconnection of water supply
    2. Reopening after rebuilding of house etc
    3. Mutation
    4. New sewer connection
    5. New water connection
  • Ration department –
    1. Updation of member details in different cards
    2. Issuance of priority household cards
  • Services in Social Welfare Department –
    1. Old age pension scheme
    2. Handicapped pension scheme
    3. Delhi family benefit scheme
    4. Delhi family welfare
  • Government services –
    1. Enrollment as a civil defence volunteer
    2. Marriage registration Certificate
    3. Surviving member certificate
    4. Solvency certificate
    5. Issuance of ROR
    6. Permanent Identity Card for disabled people
    7. Report on Land status
    8. Lal Dora certificate
    9. Delayed Death Order
    10. Delayed Birth Order
    11. Income certificate
    12. Domicile / Residence certificate
    13. OBC certificate / SC certificate / ST certificate.

Benefits of the scheme – Here’s how your life will change!

  • Cases have arisen in which the number of candidates have lost their ID proofs (or other verification) in RTOs and other government offices. Zero such cases are expected after the launch of Doorstep Delivery Scheme as every important document will be kept safe at home itself.
  • Long queues are not so rare in government offices. After implementation of this scheme, elongated queues to be totally eradicated.
  • For government and its people, there’s nothing more important than time. If this scheme implemented successfully, guaranteed to reduce in time wastage will be observed.

Vehicle Transfer / Registration Certificate – Know How To Apply Under Doorstep Scheme

  1. Make a phone call on a helpline number that is being set up by a government.
  2. A mobile sahayak will respond to your requirements and will ask for approximate date and time for doorstep visit.
  3. Once reached, make sure to submit Original Registration Certificate and provide copies of Insurance Certificate, Address Proof of Purchaser, PUC Certificate or any other document (if required).
  4. After completion of remaining measures, Vehicle Transfer Certificate and Registration Certificate will be delivered to a registered home address of the candidate.

Step by step guide to getting permanent DL [Driving Licence] in hand under a new scheme

  1. After successful talk over phone on yet to be disclosed helpline number with ‘Mobile Sahayak’, make sure to keep documents ready before the arrival of officials.
  2. Application Form and Fee : An online application form will be filled by Mobile Sahayak in his/her tablet with all your authorized and correct document details. For which, you may have to pay a nominal fee of Rs. 50/-. Besides tablets, Mobile Sahayaks will also be availed with a scanner for scanning and uploading documents required for transfer of a vehicle.
  3. After confirmation of successful registration, in next step, you’ll get a slot for driving test with the help of Mobile Sahayak.
  4. To get a permanent driving license in hand, clearing the driving test is a must. A volunteer will have to visit the RTO office after finalizing the appointment for driving test.
  5. If qualified in driving test and after successful document verification procedure, permanent DL will reach your registered home address.

Note: Ostensible fees of Rs. 50 is tentative (yet to be officially announced by Delhi government) in all the cases of Mobile Sahayak’s visits at home. 

Driving Test Time Slot: To truncate over population and lawlessness at the RTOs, driving test procedure has been rendered online. Regarding new arrangements under Doorstep Delivery Scheme, in a recent report, an official informed that tests are conducted between 08:30 AM and 02:00 PM, and by staggering the time slots, we will reduce crowding and make the exercise hassle-free for applicants. 

Under video surveillance, approximately 100 driving tests will be arranged per day at each RTO. Putting up a general example, he added “Most applicants turn up early in the morning for driving tests and have to wait a long time for their turn. This also leads to congestion and chaos at the RTOs.” Providing more flexibility, applicants will be able to choose RTO locations out of

  1. Surajmal Vihar,
  2. VasantVihar,
  3. Rohini,
  4. Janakpur,
  5. WazirPur
  6. MayurVihar,
  7. Sarai Kale Khan,
  8. Loni Road,
  9. West Janakpur,
  10. Sheikh Sarai,
  11. TilakMarg and
  12. Mall Road at the time of registration/ assistants visit at home.

Other Facilities:

Besides just getting new RCs/DLs, candidates will also be benefited with services like

  1. Change of address in driving license,
  2. Duplicate driving license (temporary copy),
  3. Renewal of driving license,
  4. Permanent driving license (DL),
  5. Learner license,
  6. Issuance of no objection certificate (NOC),
  7. Transfer of ownership of vehicle,
  8. Change of address in RC,
  9. Duplicate RC,
  10. Hypothecation termination and
  11. Hypothecation addition under Transport Department Services.

Home Doorstep Delivery Scheme has been started today in Delhi by Aap Government. Not only pizza, now all facilities would be at your door in some time. Just dial toll free number and get your facility at home.

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