Delhi Mission Buniyaad Education scheme Learning skills students

Delhi Mission Buniyaad – Education scheme to improve Learning skills of the students

The state government of Delhi has announced to implement a new scheme termed as Mission Buniyaad. Under the new initiative the government aims at regulating and checking with the learning process implemented in various schools within the City. The government has informed that the process of checking will be completed regulated under supervision of the government.

Delhi Mission Buniyaad Education Scheme

Implementation details

According to the statements made by the government the process will be initiated in various selected schools that are operated by the MCDs and state government. For effective implementation of the schools the government will also be appointing mentors who will be responsible for checking with the schools performance. In the initial stages the scheme will be implemented in schools for checking with classes between 3rd to 7th grades

Implementation process

  • To effectively implement the process the government has announced to execute the scheme in coordination with local bodies and MCDs. The government will also design the implementation process on the basis of chunauti lines with an aim to help eliminate learning problems in schools.
  • The government has also announced that the process of implementation will start from April 2018.
  • Under the new initiative the government will also offer desired level of training to teachers in selected schools for class 6th to 9th Mentors selected will help in monitoring five schools each.

Key features

  • Under the new scheme will government aims at helping develop the reading skills of the students in schools. Apart from this the government will also focus on developing mathematical skills of the students according to their age.
  • The government will also categorize the students in three distinct categories under the scheme as Ujjwal – for students who are fast learners, Uttkarsh – for students who score marks within medium category and Udyam – for students who are weak in studies.

Under the new scheme the government aims at bridging the gap in between students who are weak and slow learners so they can improve their skills in learning and reading.

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