{apply} Delhi start-up policy 2022

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Delhi start-up policy 2022 (how to apply, registration, eligibility criteria, list, status, official website, Benefits, beneficiaries, application form, portal, documents, helpline number, last date)

The Delhi cabinet has passed the Delhi start-up policy, as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated. The state wanted to develop the startup industry and create plenty of opportunities for the unemployed youth of Delhi. For this, the initiative has come from higher authorities to help the entrepreneurs of Delhi. Read on to know more about the launch of the policy and what benefits it has to offer the youth of the state in the following part of the article.

Delhi start-up policy 2022

Name of the policyDelhi start-up policy
Target candidate for the policyYouth of the state
Panel to help policy implementationCAs and lawyers
Deploying Task force20-member task to give procedural and financial help
Delhi’s entrepreneurial schemeFor school and college students
Financial help for the incubation centerFinancial help will be given to those who set up incubation centers in the national capital 

What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

Youth is the ones who would lead the country to the future, and it is on them that the future of our country rests. But due to the lack of opportunities in the job and business sector, the education system and politics destroy the youth’s scope to get a job at the right time. Resulting from this, there are many unemployed even today, in desperate search of a job. So, by the successful implementation of the scheme, it can offer relief to the youth of the state.

Here are some of the features to give better insight into the policy and how it can help the budding entrepreneurs of the state.

  1. Main beneficiaries of scheme – The main beneficiaries of the Delhi Startup Policy are youth studying in school and college. Besides, the ones who are in search of jobs can take part in the policy and benefit from it 
  2. Objective of policy – The policy’s main idea is to give entrepreneurs better opportunities for the development of startups. It will help make Delhi the start-up capital of India and create employment opportunities in due course of this.  
  3. Financial help from the government –The startup policy will give relief to entrepreneurs who can be students from state-run institutes and colleges 
  4. Formation of member tasks –The state government will form a panel of lawyers and CAs that can help entrepreneurs with the state-declared policy. This government will pay for a team of experts to help the aspirants
  5. Forming task force – The task force will be a 20-member group that would offer suitable procedural and financial help to budding entrepreneurs planning to set up a company
  6. Setup of incubation center –The individuals planning to setup an incubation center in Delhi will get financial help from the state government
  7. Agencies to give financial help – The state government will offer help via a collateral-free loan scheme for the rent and salary of startup firms’ employees. Even for trademark registration and completing other formalities of a startup, the state government set agencies will be there to offer suitable financial help to the budding entrepreneurs.

Who is eligible to take advantage of the policy?

  • Individuals of the state – As the scheme has been proposed by the Delhi Chief Minister, only students of Delhi college and schools are eligible to register and enjoy its benefits
  • Educational details – The candidates who are willing to open their start-up should furnish correct educational details. The students from state-run institutes can take off from studies for 1 to 2 years to set up a business with the financial help under the policy. 
  • Entrepreneurs of the state – Delhi government have taken the business blaster strategy initiative and will give fifty percent of rent on behalf of the young entrepreneurs. In addition, the government can arrange for half of its salary to be paid to firm employees.
  • Business details – As the government set agencies will help the business owners with trademark and other formalities, they should furnish suitable documents of the same to justify their claim for the support they seek for their business.

List of documents to get policy benefits  

  • Educational certificates – It is applicable for the students of state institutes who are willing to open their startups with the help of this government program
  • Identification details – As the CM of Delhi has proposed the policy, only the natives of the state are eligible to register and enjoy its benefits.
  • Business Documents – If an entrepreneur wants financial help from state policy, they should furnish suitable business documents that help with trademark registration and other formalities required to set up the business.

Process to register for the scheme

As the startup policy is a newly declared one, the procedure to register for it is yet to come. The interested candidate has to keep an eye on its portal launch and timely update of information. From this, they can easily apply for the policy and get its financial help.

FAQ of the startup policy

1. What is the target audience of the policy?

The unemployed youth of Delhi and budding entrepreneurs

2. What is the main idea of launching the policy?

Give financial stability to entrepreneurs

3. What is the purpose of the task force?

Help with procedural and financial help to entrepreneurs

4. Who is part of the task force?

Government officers, business and trade representatives, and people from academics

5. How can the policy help the state?

Make Delhi startup capital in India

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