Digital Health ID Card: Apply online, Registration, Benefits

Comprehensive details of Digital Health ID Card and benefits

The Digital health ID card has been launched by Narendra Modi on 27th September as a revolutionary means to improve the medical sector. By the use of the digital card, the main idea is to offer ease of checking medical records of individuals. The medical ID card will have use in different works and by furnishing it, individuals can easily get access to medical facilities as offered by the higher authorities. The card has been launched as part of the Arogya Manthan 3.0. Read on to know more about other benefits of launching the ID card that would help one register for it.   

Details of health ID card

Name of the card

Digital health ID card

Card has been introduced by

Shri Narendra Modi

Date of card announcement

27th September

Purpose of the card

Store medical records digitally

Beneficiaries of the card 

Citizens of India

Initiative of the card

Part of the Arogya Manthan 3.0

Purpose of launching the card system

Bring in change in medical sector in India

Registration and logging for the card can be accessed via

 How to apply online for digital ID card?

The card has been issued by PM of India as part of celebration for Independence Day. Each card will be issued for an individual and it would contain the health updates and medical record of the person. By this, each Indian will get access to electric health records without any charges. For this, they have to apply online for the digital ID card that will find its use in every healthcare place and for covid centers as well. So, it is important for every individual to register and apply for the card and get it as soon as possible for future use.

How to opt for health ID card registration?

By using the NDHM Health Record Apps, it becomes easy to register for digital health card using mobile phone and registered mobile numbers. Some of the steps to guide you in the registration procedure are listed as below:

  1. First, you have to download NDHM Health Records app
  2. Now, click on the register now option and then select the preferred language
  3. After this, you can either register with mobile number or Aadhaar card details
  4. Here, you have to click on the Aadhar card link and enter the details required
  5. Now, you have to use your mobile number to get OTP in it
  6. After the healthcare card has been crated, the individual can create their own username
  7. Here, more documents are required to submit as identification by the authorities before offering the digital card to an individual
  8. Once completed, you will get the digital health card
  9. After this, create password for the digital card for future access
  10. Following this, you have to use suitable credentials for login and for future access of the digital information

What are the advantages of using the ID card?

Medical details are mostly stored in paper format to most of us. Paperwork tends to get lost resulting in future problems. The candidate needs to face problems owing to this, and so, the digital card can be of great help. It has been issued by the digital health department by initiative of Narendra Modi. Due to this, the card has been issued to for the help of Indian citizens. Besides, holder’s medical record will show the expenses for better access. Other benefits of using the card as follows:

  • The applicant should have a unique digital ID to check the details of health care opportunities availed and the consulting doctor
  • With this, it would be easy to learn of the healthcare benefits and so, you can download and register it on the application
  • You need to get complete details of treatment, discharge and tests done for better access. Besides, the doctor can help with online links to get access to the records and help in visiting the professionals as and when required
  • The medical practitioner will check the ID and details of the card holder and will get access to it before diagnosing and offering the best treatment to an individual      

Use of producing unique card to covid centers

By use of portal address, it becomes easy for doctors to save the health information of a person in the digital card. It will also have the doctor’s detail who is diagnosing the individual. The unique card holders can easily access their medical information included in the card. However, the access is restricted only to the digital user of the ID card.

For the citizens of India, the health card scheme would be of great help during this COVID period:

  • When visiting a covid center, the card can help retrieve the medical details of the person who wish to get vaccinated
  • With the help of the card, an individual can get the treatment at any healthcare center as they just need to furnish the health ID card

For further details, candidates need to visit the official portal for the health ID card at and get the required updates. It would help them know about the ID card details and how they can use it for different medical needs and furnish it to covid centers as and when required. 

 FAQ on health ID card

Q.1 What is the official portal of the ID card?


Q.2 Who has taken initiative for card launch?

Ans: Narendra Modi

Q.3 Which apps help to get the card online?

Ans: NDHM Health Record Apps

Q. 4 When has the card initiative been taken?

Ans: 27th September, 2021

Q. 5 What is the purpose of launching the card?

Ans: Digitalize medical facilities 

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