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Digital India Internship Scheme by MEITY Application Form Process Online Eligibility Criteria Placement Certificate Stipend 10000 rs @meity.gov.in 

PM Modi dreams of making Digital India a reality. For that, the central government must take necessary steps to create a proper foundation. Development of technology is a must if the nation wants to progress, keeping pace with the other nations. It can be accomplished if engineering students get the chance to take part in practical research filed. Thus, the central Electronics and Information Technology Ministry has implemented a unique internship scheme for the students. The program is known as Digital India Internship Scheme.

Digital India Internship Scheme by MEITY

Launch details

The announcement of this educational internship program has been done under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. But it will work in close association with the Electronics and IT and Law & Justice Department as well. The official announcement of its launch was made on the 10th of May, 2018.

Objective of the scheme

The primary goal of the Digital India Internship Scheme is to offer meritorious and interested candidates with an opportunity to sharpen their skills. Once they take part in the practical projects, under the guidance of learned teachers, they will also acquire experience that will come in handy when they join the professional world. Transformative initiative was one of the aspects of Digital India. This scheme will make that a reality.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Provide students with practical knowledge – The internship projects have been designed to offer students a better look at actual field work. The practical knowledge will only enrich their academic courses.
  2. Remuneration for the interns (Stipends) – Each intern will get a monthly scholarship of 10,000 for this participating in this project.
  3. Tenure of the internship – The internship program will continue for a period of two months. If deemed necessary, then it may be increased to three months, at the most.
  4. Number of interns – During each session, only 25 candidates will be chosen for this internship scheme.
  5. Sessions of the internship – The internship will be conducted by the respective department in two sessions. The first will be held during the summer and the second will be held during the winter. The winter session will be held during December and January. The summer session will be held during May and June.
  6. Certificate for the interns – At the end of it all, the mentor will also offer a certificate to the intern for participation and the report.

Eligibility Criteria for application

  1. Marks related criterion – Any candidate who is interested in taking part in this practical projects, must have no less than 60% marks in degree or certificate exam. The most recent examination results will be considered.
  2. Academic background – The overall academic background will also be checked. Only candidates who are consistent in their progress will get preference.
  3. Course related criterion – Current B.Tech or B.E students will be able to apply for these projects. Only 2nd and 3rd year students will be able to pursue these practical internships. The training pattern must be 10+2+4.
  4. Pursuers of integrated or dual degree – All students who have taken admission in Integrated Degree or Dual Degree courses will also be able to apply for this internship projects. These candidates must have the training pattern of 10+2+5. For these candidates, students who are in the 4th and 5th year will get the permission to apply.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. The application process must be completed online. All interested, deserving and eligible candidates must click on the link http://meity.gov.in/internship-scheme. It will give them access to the official application page.
  2. As soon as the page opens, the candidates must click on the link that is marked as “Apply for Internship.”
  3. Clicking the link triggers the site to redirect the applicant to the external webpage.
  4. Once that page opens, the candidates must click on the link marked as ““Register Yourself.”
  5. It will trigger the site to bring up the application document.
  6. The candidates must fill the form with all necessary details. Rechecking the details is a must.
  7. The applicants must end and save the registration process by clicking on the “Submit” button.
  8. Clicking on the “login” link will allow the candidate to enter the main site. Once this is done, the applicant will enter the site by typing in the captcha code, username and password.
  9. As soon as it is done, one must click on the link marked as “Apply for Service.” Then he/she needs to click on the link “View Services.” Once the list of options opens, the candidate needs to pick the one that interests him/her the most.

Important dates for the scheme

SL. NO Assigned Activity Allotted Date (2018)
1 Launch of the project 9th May
2 Submission of applications 9th to 23rd May
3 GC of shortlisted applicants 24th to 31st May
4 Final result publishing 1st June
5 Admin offers internships 1st June
6 Applications for internship confirmation 1st to 3rd June
7 Rejection of applications 4th June
8 Confirmation letter issuance by the department Admin 4th June
  For non-confirming applicants  
9 GS for waiting list applicants 5th and 6th June
10 Admin offers internships 7th June
11 Applications for internship confirmation 7th to 9th June
12 Confirmation letter issuance by the department Admin 10th June
13 Starting of internship program 11th June
14 Completion of internship project 10th August
15 Intern submits project report 10th August
16 GCs accept and upload submitted project reports 13th and 14 August
17 Completion Certificate Issued 17th August


Selection and Placement under the program

The selection of the interns will be done according to the subject of field they have selected. In case the necessity is felt, the group head can summon the interns for Skype or face to face interview. It will not be the responsibility of the MeitY to offer TA or DA for this. The final list of selected applicants will be uploaded on the official portal.

Each intern will be placed under a Mentor. They are Scientific or Technical Project Supervisor. Selection of any candidate, under this scheme is not an assurance that the same candidate will secure a job in this department in future.

 Stipend & Certificate of Internship

The respective department will soon release all necessary details about the scheme. Interested candidates need to keep an eye on the official website of support-diis@meity.gov.in for getting all updated details about the educational internship program.

Contact details

The implementation of the scheme will offer students with a host of new opportunities. The government will also be able to measure the potential and help these candidates to have an idea of what the real work field will be like. Schemes like these have multi-pronged benefits, for the participants as well as the nation. 

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