Document required for opening account under Jan Dhan Yojana

The Jan Dhan Yojana: Bank account was a scheme that was initiated by the Pradhan Mantri on 15th august, 2014. This scheme was initiated with the motive of providing bank account to every household in India.

Under this scheme good facilities like insurance scheme of upto 3500 is added for every individual who is a holder of this account. Not only this after completing six months the holder of this account gets a facility of overdraft for INR.5000/. This is a normal savings account where one can open this as having zero balance in their account. The account holder will also be given a RuPay Card which facilitates the owner to withdraw the cash from the ATM’s.

Documents required by an individual to open Jan Dhan Yojana account are mentioned below:-

  • Should have valid current or permanent address proof like passport, aadhar card etc. Aadhar card is very important document that everyone should habe. If you have applied for aadhar card then you check the status of aadhar card online
  • If the address is changes he/she should have valid documents mentioning the transfer of address
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • If he/she does not have valid residential proof, one can also show identity proof that has been issued by government of India
  • One can also arrange for an authority letter from the gazette officer giving an assurity that an individual is a resident of India and hold an Indian Nationality.
  • If the individual fails to provide any of the above proofs, then the bank can do a ground check of the individual. If the approached bank finds the individual to fall under “low risk” category then he/she will be given a chance to open a temporary account for 12 months known as small account. For converting this account into permanent account one has to submit valid documents before the completing the tenure of 12 months with the bank.

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  1. prasad gurunath patil

    Aply for my account open please help me

  2. i want open my wife’s account in bank no any bank interested to open account,i gping to loni main bank sbi,punjab n sind,punjab national bank,my full day is getting waste to go that all bank no any one interest to open account,help me open my account,

  3. Sir mere mummy ka aadhar card nhi ban pays hai is wajah se baki sare document hai Jo ki bank wale Jan dhan yojna ka khata nhi khol rhe hai

  4. when i go to bank to open account under JanDhan Yojna , bank says you have any account in other bank and say if yes you can’t open account in this yojna . what should i do. pls tell me

    • they cannot refuse to open a Jan Dhan Yojana account. Please ask them to write the reason for not opening the account in writing.

  5. Dear Sir,

    We have tried to open account in Punjab National Bank, Indirapuram Branch , Ghaziabad under Jan Dhan Yojna. They are saying you need to have Adhar Card to open account. We have gas pass book as residence proof and pan card as id proof.

    Is it sufficient?

    Sangeet Jha

  6. the motto behind jandhan yojna is not going to fulfill because real people are not getting chance and the people who are having account and are above poverty line are standing in Q for opening pmjdy ac just because of the 5000 they will get after opening account. i think the clear information should be given to people that its not free money and people who have an account they don’t need to opnen another account.

  7. prakash shriwas amravati ms

    dear sir bank was not transfer old account & new account not open but old account clossed
    PMJDY only poor people ask bank clerk so pleases help me


  9. Sir…I gave aadhar card photo copy in my branch for convert my saving account to pmjdy account. Sir how can i check that my account is linked with PMJDY. Sir please give your valuable guideline.
    Thank You

  10. kya purane khato par jan dhan yojana kaam karegi”

    • Hi Mukesh,

      You need to get a RuPay card for your existing account. This will make you eligible to avail Jan Dhan Yojana benefits

  11. 1. how can we know the account opened under PMJDY scheme?
    2. insurance documents will be given at the time of account opening? or how can we know that the account holder covered under PMJDY policy scheme?

    Please explain.

  12. Maruti shivaji turate

    I have already salary bank account so We want to open our account under pmjdy . what is the documents requirement pls help us. as soon as posssible ( andhara bank nadiad)

  13. jandhan ke niyamo ka ulanghan kiya ja raha hai bainko me sunwai to hoti nhi cleam to milega nhi to ye kaisi jandhan yojna hai logo ko beokuf bana rahi hai modi sarkar. aaise hi achchhe din aayenge

  14. Bijay Kumar Mohanta

    Sir I have SBI Account ,from the same account ican get Rupay card under PMJDY.
    Please help me hpu can i open account of PMJDY.

  15. Hello Sir,

    I am outside india from last year and will be coming to india only after an year. Is it possible for me to get benifits of GOI schemes like pension plan?

  16. गौरव बैरागी


    मुझे लोन की जरुरत हे
    आप हमारी मदत करो की हम लोन का लाभ केसे उठा सकतें हें ।

    क्या कपडे की दुकान के लिए हमे 5 लाख का लोन मिल सकता हे , हमारे पास जमिन नही हे न ही घर हमारा हे ।
    बिना किसी सुरक्षा के लोन मिल सकता हे।

    गौरव बैरागी

  17. Hi
    Is election card enough for opening a bank bank account

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