Doubling the Farmers Income

Doubling the Farmers’ Income “Sooner the better”

The farmers in our country suffer the most and due to the rising prices the farmers are unable to cope. This is why the government on 29th August 2016 held a meeting to raise the issue in which their main agenda was to double the famers’ income. In a nation of 1.25 billion people, food is one of the prime requirements and to boost the production, it is essential that the farmers’ condition is sustained. Moreover, the farmers constitute the rural population. By strengthening the income of the farmers, the rural areas can be empowered and developed.

Doubling the Farmers’ Income

Need for development

This is why the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has come forward with a time bound proposition now. Their agenda clearly stated “the sooner the better” which means that they want to fast track the farmers’ income. Specific results were targeted within this time bound frame work. Not just this but certain other areas, not restricted to but important for agriculture such as dairy sector providing them livestock support and veterinary aid. The schemes also aimed towards launching a blue revolution and upgrading the poultry and small ruminants.

What happened later?

After all of these agendas were raised, there were certain areas that needed to be helped even then. However we saw that many of the existing participants have very successful experiences. There was an interactive session which helped the grass root level individuals get help from the State on specific issues. There were those who shared their valuable entrepreneurship experience and therefore they had experienced an all around understanding of the industry.

Also at the central level the DADF has benefitted from this experience. Also, gaining valuable insights the government is now aiming towards incorporating their learning into the new framework for policies. The understanding of the industry will help them upscale the livestock, poultry and the fisheries sector. They can ensure that the individuals who work in this sector have a better livelihood and their business thrives.

What they are striving for currently?

At present the DADF is striving to work with the State government conjointly to ensure that the farmers’ income is doubled. There are several Mission Mode Approaches that will be adopted to see that this goal reaches its fruition.

To make this see its end, the State Governments along with those entrepreneurs in this section will have to see that they are working in accordance with the government schemes. This way they can realize their goals.


Goals that are realized:

Serial No.   Fund Allocated
1 Blue Revolution Rs. 436.52 crore
2 National Livestock Mission Rs. 129.82 crore
3 National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Rashtriya Gukul Mission Rs. 17.31 crore
4 National Programme for Dairy Development Rs. 239.95 crore
5 Livestock Health & Disease Control Rs. 164.88 crore

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