E Filing Vault Secure your Income tax filing Accounts

E-Vault Filing Options (Secure your account, Username, Password)

In present time economy, return filing has become mandatory for Taxation, and as the entire process of filing tax returns is performed online so it is important for subscribers to try make use of maximum level of security to protect e-filing income tax accounts. This is more important to act against malicious and suspicious acts and frauds conducted online. To help people perform a secured tax filing procedure, the IT department (Income Tax Department) has announced to introduce e-Filing Vault system.

Authentication of e-filing vaults

  • The e-filing vault system makes use of dual security features for completing the Login authentication. In present system users have to provide with their PAN id information and Password details to log in to the official e-filing account.
  • So the moment your log in ID credentials are known to anyone he or she will be able to log into your It account and retrieve all valuable information including your personal details and details of all your tax returns including account details.
  • Under the new system developed users will be offered with much higher level of security for e-filing accounts as the users will be requested to perform additional Login Checks and validations.

E-filing vault high security login process

  • Under the current e-filing vault system users have to make use of their Login credentials to officially log on to the web portal services. Once on the main page then users have to select e-filing option provided for Higher security.
  • On the screen displayed you will be able to view two distinct options for higher security Login and Reset of Password option. On the same page user will have to make the selection from amongst one of the options available for using additional security level.
  • You have to select from amongst Net Banking Login option, Login using the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) and Aadhar OTP log in option.

e vault

Apart from this you are also having to other options to select from including EVC – Bank Account Login and EVC – Demat Account Login.

  • Once you have made the selection of one of the options from above then you may have to make use of the same option for future log in to your account. You will have to enable additional check option as it is mandatory for e-filing account.

Pre-requisites options for multiple login credentials

  • In case you have made the selection of Logging in to your account using the Net banking option, you have to make the selection of relevant option from the check box provided. You have to enable the right check box from the list.
  • You will then be redirected towards the page that will require a confirmation from your side. You have to make the selection of the confirmation option. The message will be displayed on the screen.
  • So the next time you will log into your account you will automatically be redirected towards the same page for Net banking log in. You have to provide with the registered bank from the list provided.
  • Now users will be able to directly log into their e-filing account. You will be displayed with your dash board options on the screen.

Users will also have to follow the same steps when making selection of other log in options from the menu provided for secured log in.

Process to disable dual authentication feature

  • It is possible for any user to disable the dual log in security feature at any time. To disable the feature you just have to make the selection of Setting under Profile and then make the selection of e-filing vault.
  • Now you have to make the selection of Login option provided and then select to advance to disable the feature. The selection has to be made by un-checking the box.

e vault 1

Password resetting feature

  • In case users forget the password they can alter or change to new password. You just have to look around for forgot password option at the time of log in.
  • You will have to provide with your valid PAN number and then select to verify entering Captcha code. Once done you will be able to enter new password in the field. Apart from this you can also select to enable this feature by selecting secret question.

e vault 2

  • The feature can be enabled for OTP or PIN only. Apart from this you can also reset password using the Aadhar OTP or DSC upload. These features have to be enabled from the profile setting menu of the web portal under the password reset option.
  • You also need to keep in mind that by default, net banking password reset is one option that is selected automatically by the system. For selecting OTP or DSC you may have to enable these features.


e vault 3

In case you are making the selection of Aadhar OTP or DSC or Net Banking modes then the option for enabling secret question will automatically be disabled.

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