Eligibility Criteria To open PM Jan Dhan Yojana Account

Jan Dhan Yojana Account scheme was launched by the Pradhan Mantri Shri Narendra Modi with the motive of inviting every family to have one bank account where their money will be safe. Facilities like zero balance were given to the individual who opens the account. He is also eligible for a RuPay card and can apply for a loan of INR5000.00 after having the account operative for a period of 6 months.

The major aim was to make the rural population participate and open a bank account where their money is utilized in the right way. All nationalized banks and a couple of international banks have actively participated in this scheme have set up camps in different locations to invite the individuals to come and open bank accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana scheme.

Below is the list of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Account eligibility criteria:

  • An individual who holds an Indian nationality is eligible to open an account under this scheme.
  • A minor who is above 10 years of age is eligible to open the account in any bank under this scheme. He will need to have a guardian to manage the account along with him. He will also be eligible for a RuPay Card on which one can withdraw 4 times from any ATM.
  • An Individual who does not hold any valid documents to prove that he is an Indian national but after the bank does their ground research and categorizes the person into “low risk” is eligible to open the account under this scheme.
  • An individual who has any identity proof authorized by any gazette officer is eligible to open the account under this scheme.
  • An individual who has an existing bank savings account with the bank can transfer his account to Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana account so he is eligible for the benefits from that account.

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  1. I want to open an account is it possible now.Kindly reply

  2. how i can convert my saving account into jan dhan yogna

    • An individual who has an existing bank savings account with the bank can transfer his account to Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana account so he is eligible for the benefits from that account.

  3. suman chattopadhyay

    is there any upper age limit??is there any limit of income?my father is retired and he does not have any income…can he open a bank account under the scheme…?
    some bank officials are asking these type question….how this problem will be solve…?is there any complain giving portal..?

  4. want to see the answer of suman chattopadhyay (q:3 above) ..

    at State Bank of India, Dhakuria br. one staff told me
    1) “you can’t make this account, as you have an account with HDFC”
    2) “Lpg subsidy facility is not available with Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana account ”
    3) “Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana account is only for rural & poor people ”

    there, afterwords when I said “I don’t believe, I have read everything on net”, then he told me to do the Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana account with Internet.
    I again said “there is no option to make the account through net”, then he gave a form to fill up.

    ridiculus experience !

  5. I am open the Jan DHAN ojana today pls next procijer recvire

  6. I have applied “0” Balance account in INDIAN BANK Thalaivasal Branch Attur Tk Salem Dt Tamilnadu. But The Manager said , Pay The Rs.500/- After Issue the Bank Account. Now what can i do , The Hon’ble Minister PM say “0” Balance Account no Money pay any bank for that account. so many people feeling without account book.

  7. Respected Sir

    My name is Soma mali, age 20 yrs. i want to open a bank account under the scheme of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojona, But I have no identity Proff ( Ration card, Voter card, Dl, pan card) to make any bank account. Please send any suggestion to help me a open a bank. till now i have no bank account and i residence in very interor villege in midnapore district.

  8. I am an unemplyed. But having FD in Bank. Can I apply for this scheme? I don’t have any AAdhar card.

  9. can i open a new account under this scheme without converting my other account.

  10. Dear Respected Sir,
    I would like to know a person who is working as Dhobi (doing Iron on cloths)
    Once he say “I have big trouble to sand money to village for my family”, he has to wait till anybody known person of his village going to village for sending money and till this he keep money with his self.
    I suggest him open account under PMJDY. He have only Voter ID addressing his native place Azamgarh, ( U.P.)
    but He is working in Mumbai.
    Can he open account in Mumbai by this Voter ID only.
    Please Reply so i can Suggest him what to do

    I Appreciate this type of scheme started by Respected Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi.
    Its Helpful to many this type of people if banker co-operate this type of people.

  11. Nandkumar Narayan Thorat

    An individual who has an existing bank savings account with the bank can transfer his account to Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana account so he is eligible for the benefits from that account.

  12. Sir,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for this wonderful option which enables every individual to have an account. However, any of the schemes will not guaranty success unless it is supported by individuals and institutions who are suppose to carry out the scheme. In this scheme, banks play an important role. I have been to two major banks who categorically refused to open account under this scheme. Now, how can a scheme work without support from the key player. If feasible, do let me know what action can be taken for this. Also, I would like to know, if there is any specific criteria that restricts me from opening an account under this scheme with any specific bank.


  13. i am a housewife.i’m having joint account with my husband in indian bank.can i open a new account in this scheme but don’t have any proof.plse reply.

  14. I have saving a/c with Bank Of Baroda & if I will open a new a/c of PMJDY in other bank or same bank then can I eligible to get benefits/facilities under PMJDY scheme.

  15. Sir I am state govt Employee having 3 daughters can one of my daughter open jan dhan yojane scheme in bank and get benefits

    • Hi Sreedhar,
      There is a age limit for opening a Jan Dhan Yojana. Any person above 10 years of age is eligible to open account under this scheme.

  16. I don’t want PMJDY for my existing account. Can i go fir new one. And one more thing is that is yet scheme is available. What is is the last date for it?

  17. I don’t want PMJDY for my existing account. Can i go fir new one. And one more thing is that is yet scheme is available. What is is the last date for it. Please advice?

  18. Sir, I am already having an account with Axis bank (it was my salary account). Since i am not working at present i find it difficult to maintain a minimum balance with the bank.Can i open an account under PM Jan Dhan Yojna?

  19. Respected Sir,
    Is there any validity to open a account in this scheme?

  20. Yesterday I went to UCO bank and asked the manager to convert my existing SB accounts into JD accounts.He said that now no benefit is given under this Scheme.Is it true..?

  21. om parkash sachdeva

    My wife went to Indian Bank near Jhajjar Chungi Rohtak to open jandhan account. But she was told that there is age limit of 40 years to to open such account. Please clarify.

  22. Hello,
    I had been to Bank of Baroda to open the PM Jan Dhan Yojana Account for my father who is a senior citizen. My father already has a savings account with another bank, which was his salary account. The officials at Bank of Baroda told me that since he already has an account in another bank he is not eligible for the PM Jan Dhan Yojana Account and this account cannot be opened.

    Is this correct?

  23. I have a saving a/c with SBI. Can i open a a/c in pmjdy by my wife name who have no a/c in any bank?

  24. My aunt wants to apply for Zero balance account but she is having her account in Vijaya Bank ,Hubli which is a widow Pension account ,Can she Open a fresh new account in some other bank like SBI with all necessary documents

  25. i want to open my child account under pmjdhy scheme. e is below 10 yrs. can i open under this scheme.

  26. i went to nearest punjab national bank branch today,where me and my father ( my father is a retired govt pensioner ,medical professional ) both have saving bank accounts there ,they are not operative ,i also have the debit card for my account ,i requested them that i and my father want to convert my saving bank account into pradhan mantri jan dhan account ,the officer said that i cannot get the account converted ,he didnt hear some one getting his normal account converted to PMJDY account ?
    and he also said that this account opening process has been withdrawn from 26 january onwards ,and it is only meant for under priviledged people , BPL people ,who do not have any operative account in any of the banks .is his statement made to me correct ? or he is just fooling myself ,i should consult some other bank officers and other banks also ?please do reply soon ,thank you .regards ..

  27. Chirag Mehrotra

    I have turned 18 and have only adhaar card as id. Can I use this to open a saving account under this scheme?
    Please do reply.
    Thank you!

  28. In which bank I will open ac? If I’m having bank ac then what I do?

    • pmjandhanyogana

      If you already have a bank account then just ask for a ru pay card for your existing account.

  29. The State Govt.employees are eligible for this scheme

  30. Am working at Abu dhabi and I have NRI account & Normal account in federal bank. I have sent a mail to the bank for joining the scheme “Suraksha Bheema Yojana” and they replied that “Since the scheme is for all KYC complied resident savings bank account holders in the age 18 to 50 years you are not eligible to enroll the scheme.”
    Kindly let me know what to be done to enroll the scheme “Suraksha Bheema Yojana”

  31. f someone has his account but have no transactions in last 1yr is he eligible to transfer his account to jan dhan yojna account??

  32. hi I am leaving in rent so I can apply this scheme Jan dhan Yojana account

  33. I went to Axis Bank Branch in Yeshwanthpur which in Tumkur Road (Branch Code -1614) to open an PM Jan Dhan Yojana Account (for one of our relatives) along with Adhar Card and Election ID, but they are refused to open an account and says that we have not got permission to open this account in our branch and we came to know as of now they are not entertained to open Jan Dhan Account.

  34. My Date Of Birth 10-01-1975 (40 Year and 5 Month ) can I legible for Atal Pension Yojana.

    • pmjandhanyogana

      you should be eligible in APY but there is a confusion about it for your age. You will have to ask your bank for clarification

  35. Ranjana Srivastava

    I have no Document for open jan-dhan yozna a/c. my husband has PAN, aadhar and bank a/cs. can I open this a/c.

  36. Can we get the (Suraksha Bima Yojana), (Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana) Insurance and this Jan Dhan Yojana Insurance at the same time ?

  37. my maid want to open jan dhan account.she is from west bengal works in jaipur,
    has her adhar card..but no rent agreement
    now how can she open this account
    please reply as soon as possible

  38. Sir, Currently I am a housewife and will be joining the work. age :27 I have read that tax payers are not allowed for this scheme. what is the limit for the salary range and also can you please mention some points for working ladies for joining the scheme. and also can i make my daughter as nominee.

    • pmjandhanyogana

      even a tax payer can join this scheme. They will just not get the extra government contribution for 5 years.

  39. Sir kya ab bhi Jan dhan yojna ka account pnb (karnal) mai khulwa sakte hai plz reply soon

  40. Sir Maine apse pucha tha Ki Jan dhan yojna account khulwa sakte hai toh apne kaha tha Ki haa lakin bank wale kehte hai Ki nahi ye sirf January tak he tha toh ab mai unhe kya kahu kaise kulwao reply soon

  41. Sir, I have a PMSP_ silver ac with SBI . can i eligible for facilities of PMJDY ac. What will effect on my PMSP facilities if my ac would convert to PMJDY . PSE reply.

  42. Sir, I am interested to open jdy account. yesterday I went to open a new jd account in SBI in my village branch (c.mutlur – tn) and asked regarding the same. But the staff who books new accounts told me that pm’s jan dhan yojana scheme is ended and suggested me to open a zero balance account . Really jd scheme stopped ?

  43. I am 21 year old can i open an account now?

  44. is it necessary to complete the process of transferring existing account to a new account from the branch you have opened the account earlier?

  45. Dear All,
    Can Any body tell me that
    1)the insurance cover is only 30000/- or more
    2)may i know what is 1 lakh rupees cover can this will cover only road accident
    3) how much is the age limit of this insurance i think this insurance is not for the senior citizens
    4) finally if a person of age 65 having nominee of age 63 has done the insurance before 26 jan 2015 is died through brain hammerage will got how much insurance amount will his nominee will get


    I want to open an account is it possible now.Kindly reply

  47. what is the age limit?

  48. What is the maximum amount we can deposit in Jan dhan account?

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