Farishte Dilli Ke Scheme in Delhi 2021

Farishte Dilli Ke Scheme in Delhi 2020 [Financial Reward of Rs. 2000 who take the accident victims to a hospital]

Survey suggests that road accident victims have a better chance of survival if the common people come forward and help the person. But the legal entanglements discourage common people to help such victims. The Delhi government had launched a pilot scheme to encourage people to help road accident victims. The project has been aptly names Farishte Dilli Ke Scheme as timely assistance can save the victims’ lives. In this article, you will get an in-depth information about the key features and benefits of the scheme.

Launch details

Name of the scheme Farishte Dilli Ke Scheme
Launched in Delhi
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Date of pilot scheme launch 2017
Official launch Oct 2019
Target beneficiaries Accidents victims in Delhi

Key features of the scheme

  1. Encouraging common people – The primary objective of the scheme is to encourage common people to come forth and help accident victims. Their timely action will save the lives of many people, who require medical attention after an accident. After the launch of the scheme on a pilot basis, there has been a reduction of 70% road accident victim deaths in Delhi.
  2. Free medical treatment – The accident victims, which have been admitted to the hospitals, will attain free of cost treatment. The medical bills will be paid by the Delhi government.
  3. Monetary reward – If any individual helps a road accident victim and admits him/her to the nearest hospital, then the Delhi government will commend his/her deeds by offering a financial reward of Rs. 2000.
  4. Certificate from the state authority – Apart from the financial reward, the good citizens who help the road accident victims will also attain a certificate from the state government. The certificate will highlight their deed and prove that they are good citizens of Delhi that are eager to assist others in need.
  5. No legal hassles – The person who brings the accident victims to the hospitals often face police enquiries. Individuals want to stay away from these hassles. The scheme clearly states that such good citizens will not be harassed or questioned by the police authority in case of a road accident.

Documents necessary for application

  1. ID proof of the victim – After stabilizing, the victim needs to provide a copy of his/her identification document, like the Aadhar card. If the victim is in serious condition, then the family members must fill in the hospital documents later on.
  2. ID proof of the helper – The person who has brought the accident victim to the hospital will have to show his/her identification documents. The details will be entered in the record books. The voter or Aadhar cards will be accepted for this purpose.

How to apply for the benefits of the scheme?

When any person brings in an accident victim to the nearest hospital, the receptionist must record the name and address of the helper. It will help the state government to track down the person and give him/her the monetary reward and the certificate. There is no need to go through a separate application process to attain the benefits of this scheme.

It has been reported several times that the accident victims died on the spot as no one came forward to help the individual. It is tarnishes humanity as well. Though the police and the state government urged people to extend a helping hand towards such victims, it did not offer satisfactory results. The launch of the scheme and the related clauses offered the encouragement that the common residents of Delhi needed to come to the rescue of the accident victims.

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