Farmer (Kisan) Crop Loan waiver (Mafi) Scheme List punjab 2022

Farmer Kisan Loan Mafi Scheme list punjab 2020 [Karj Mafi List Punjab, Punjab crop loan waiver Notification PDF]

Last year during the month of June Punjab state government has announced about the loan waiver scheme for the farmers. However the scheme hasn’t started immediately after the announcement was made. This year, in 2018, after nearly 6 months, the state government is going to implement the scene soon.

Farmer Kisan Loan Mafi Scheme list punjab

Launch Details

As mentioned the Farm Debt Waiver Scheme in Punjab was launched on June in the year 2017. In recent times, during the first week of January, the state has announced to provide loan waiving certificates to the farmers across the state. The scheme will be officially launched by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh at Mansa district on Sunday 7th of Dec 2018.

Key Features

  • Objective of the Scheme: In this scheme the state will waive off farm loans up to Rs. 2 Lac for the marginal and small farmers. After proper documentation and verification the process will be started.
  • Empowering farmers: This scheme will empower the farmers as now they will be able to get freed from loan burden. Also small, medium and micro farmers will be able to grow more with the scheme.
  • Debt Relief Certificate: Under this scheme the beneficiaries will receive Debt Relief Certificate on the launching day. More than 47, 000 farmers are eligible and will receive DRC on the day.
  • Banks under the scheme: There are many banks such as urban and rural cooperative banks, public and private banks are enlisted under this scheme. Loans taken from such banks will be waived off by the state government.
  • Beneficiaries: Over 5.63 Lac farmers are being considered by the state government as the beneficiaries of the scheme. All of them are small farmers and have taken loan of Rs. 2700 Cr from 701 banks.
  • Phases: There are four phases in total under the scheme. In the first phase, farmers who have taken loans from Agricultural cooperative banks will be able to receive the certificate.
  • Districts: In the first phase there will be 5 districts that will be covered. They are, Moga, Mansa, Muktsar, Faridkot and Bhatinda respectively. The first phase will be implemented in Mans first.

Required Documents

  • Domicile Proof: The farmers will have to submit domicile proof or residential proof that he is a citizen of Punjab. As only the inhabitants of the state will be able to receive the benefits this document is mandatory to submit.
  • Bank and loan documents: Banks account details and documents supporting the beneficiaries’ loan are required to submit to get the advantage of the scheme.
  • Identification proof / Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar Card is important to submit for the scheme. Also the farmer has to link his aadhaar number with his bank account. If his aadhaar is not linked with account yet, it will be done through manual process.


The budget allocated for the debt relief certificate is Rs. 167.39 Cr. This is the budget for the certification of 44000 farmers in the first phase. Budget for the rest of the phases will be announced later.


The verification process has already been done for more than 3 Lac farmers. Among them 1.60 Lac farmers have taken nearly more than 700 Cr loan amount from banks. All of them will be given Debt Relief Certificate according to the phases.

Any farmer, who is eligible for the scheme but could not avail the benefits or could not enrol his name under the scheme, can get the facility from assistance registrar of cooperative societies or respective district magistrates.

Loan Waiving Scheme in Punjab was declared a long time back but going to implement now. The state government has taken time to verify more than 3 Lac farmers to process the scheme. According to the scheme, over 10 Lac farmers will be benefitted from the scheme in these four phases.

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  1. I am eligible in this punjab government farmer loan waiver scheme.I have fulfilled all formalities for lone waiver scheme but havenot being benefitted yet. Now secretary of co-op. Society is saying that you have to return your whole loan amount along with intetest. What relief is available to me now?

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