How to find CSC (Common Services Centers) in your city

How to find CSC (Common Services Centers) in your city | What is CSC | Services Provided by CSC

Common Services Centers commonly known as CSCs are a planned foundation stone of the Digital India programmed launched by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These centers are basically work as the access points for release of different electronic services to villages in India, thereby causative to a digitally and monetarily inclusive society.

How to find CSC (Common Services Centers) in your city

Common Services Centers are more than service delivery points in villages of India. They are set up to help the village people so that they can access all the required information easily. They are located as change agents and working for the promotion of rural entrepreneurship and construction of rural skills and livelihoods. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi thinks that if village youth get proper information then they will become the future of the country because our villages are full of skill and they just need the right direction. They are enablers of society contribution and communal action for engendering social change through a bottom up approach with key center on the rustic citizen.

About Common Services Centers:

Common Services Centers are multiple services single point model for offering services for manifold transactions at a single physical location. This center basic target is too aware the rural about the current e-Services of the Government of India, so that they can also be benefit by these new e services of govt.

S.No Things Need to Know About CSC Detailed Information
1 Full form of CSC Common Service Centers
2 Where did CSC bloom? CSC came to limelight under Digital India Program
3 Main Purpose behind Common Service Centers To Deliver e-Services for Government of India
4 When did CSC project get approved? 2006
5 When did CSC get Launched July 1st of 2015

The major focus of this Common Services Centers is also make aware of basic facilities that they can get where accessibility of computers and Internet is at present negligible or mostly not present. These Common Services Centers plan is first time approved in 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to help rural people. The basic purpose of these centers is to promote the Indian village people because Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees the future of India in these village youth.

Objectives of Common Services Centers

Govt launch different scheme for people so that every people of country can avail different faculties and there will no remain without basic things. But every people are not aware of these scheme and they keep away from benefits of these scheme because of lack of current technology. Prime Minister Narendra Modi want that every people can benefits of these scheme, due to which Government plan to start these center so that everyone get be aware of new schemes. Govt start these center with the vision of offering all government services at a reasonably priced, and incorporated manner at the entrance of the citizen.

To attain this target Government of India has planned to start around 100,000 Common Services Centers all over the India, mainly taking care about rural areas. Common Services Centers are imagining as the front end delivery points for government, confidential and social sector services to citizens of India. Further, Common Services Centers will deliver services in the areas of telecom, farming, fitness, education, activity, banking and financial services, utility payments, etc. Every Common Services Centers is predictable to serve a bunch of 6 to 7 villages, thus plan to cover approximate six lakh villages of the India and planned to increase this number in future..

Under the project, the thought is to facilitate a stage that will facilitate government, private and social sector association to put together their social and commercial objective and take the reimbursement of information and communication tools to the farthest corners of the nation. Common Services Centers enables society contribution and belongings collective action for social change – through a bottom up approach having a key center on the rural citizen

Financial support to Common Service Centers

As govt plan to set up these centers all over the India so they also give grant for these center. Govt give Rs. 3304/- per Common Services Centers per month.  Only condition is that these Common Services Centers will be certified as operational by the State Designed Agency. The amount of income support is proposed to be 33.33% of the normative value. There are many benefits of these center, young people get employment because of these center because govt is ready to grant Rs 3304/- per month so there is source of income for youth. This will decrease the unemployment in country.

How to Find CSC in Your City

Common service Centers are a turn stone of the digital India program which offer a variety of f services to the people of urban or village areas. Here are steps by using which you can easily find Common Services Centers of your area.

  • To find the Common Service Center in your city you first need to open their website whose URL is You can also search on Google by typing Common Service Center +your city name
  • Once the site is opened completely, you see the option of state. From there you can select your state. This option is available under the link India map or in the sidebar list
  • Once you choose your state name, you get the list of district of that state and you can choose your district from that.
  • Once you choose your district  you find complete list of Common Service Center in your city and detailed information of these Common Service Center

Services provided by Common Service Centre

  • The major purpose of the Common Service Center is to offer the digital empowerment to the people of the urban areas so that they can also up date about the updated govt plans
  • The Common Service Center in the urban areas offers digital infrastructure as core usefulness to the each resident of the city.
  • These centers are set up so that all the govt work will be common in the middle of public and people can use new project and take part in growth of the country.
  • By mean of these Common Service Center one can also fill the online application form of different scheme. At these center all these form will be fill at very reasonable price.

Project governance

Common Service Center are mainly govern by the three agency, these are State Designated Agency, Service Centre Agency and Village Level Entrepreneur

  1. State Designated Agency – State Designated Agency would keep monitor of project which are distrusted on the state level. These Agency will monitor working of Common Service Center at State level
  2. Service Center Agency – This would be the major implementing agency offering the necessary asset budget and the useful specifications of the Common Service Center.
  3. Village Level Entrepreneur- This agency is set up on the village level, this will hold all the project which are for rural areas.

 Implementation of Common Service Center

Common Service Center is planned to implement totally within the next 4 years and total cost is divided between the center and state govt. They both share some part which is need in build of these Common Service Center.

S.No Unknown Details of Common Services Centers (CSC) Detailed Information
1 Who launched Common Services Centers Scheme Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi
2 Total number of CSC planned to create Around 1,00,000 across the nation
3 How many rural areas would get CSC? Around 600,000 rural and remote  locations
4 Public Services Carried by CSC ·         G2C – Government to Citizen

·         B2C – Business to Citizen

5 Official Web portal for Common Services Centers

At present Common Service Center plan is for 11 states which include Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Kerala, Manipur, Pondicherry, Sikkim & Tripura. Maximum works for set up of these Common Service Center are completed in these states and it is expected that these center will be in completely work soon. So village people will get useful information from these centers. Also, as the Indian government focus on making India digital, now each and every schemes and plans are launched in digital form, people can utilize those CSC’s for applying those schemes.

Services offered by Common Service Center

  • The Common Service centers provides all the useful information related to new opened scheme for general public so that people can get updated about new scheme.
  • People can fill the online application form required for the current scheme on these center and these application form will be filled at very reasonable price.
  • The Common Service Centers focuses on making the people aware about all the current project of govt which will be helpful in growth of that particular area.

How to contact Common Service Center

First you need to browse website of Common Service Center and then find the exact address of your district Common Service Center. By getting their address you can directly contact them and ask for the assistance that you need from them.

Also individuals can visit the official site for CSC where they can able to get complete guide regarding common services centers scheme. In addition to that, people can contact the help desk number 180030003468 to get clarified their doubts.


From the all above information it is clear that these Common Service Center will be very helpful in the growth of country as they will have all the useful information for the youth which is necessary for the growth of country. These centers will also give employment to young’s of country so resolve the unemployment problem.

So who want to know about any of new govt scheme can contact these center and get the useful information them. Also one can take benefit of any govt scheme by mean of these centers because govt give the full authority to fill online application to these center

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