Free Power Scheme

Free Power Scheme

The central govt. has made a very important decision to provide financial support to all the states so that they can provide electricity supply to their corresponding state people, without any charge. As per the recent notification Power Ministry, there should not be any household left in any part of India where there will be lack of electricity. At present, the scheme is to provide free and compulsory electricity to all the BPL card holders only. But after this policy, everyone will be eligible to get free electricity, with the central government’s financial support.

Free Power Scheme

Aim of the free of cost electricity supply policy

Financial support to extend maximum help to the states so that everyone will get free electric supply will result the whole nation to be under the coverage of electricity power supply by 2019, March. The power supply must be uninterrupted one with 24 X 7 service. The connections for those who are not under the coverage of electricity in any part of the country will get the power connections, absolutely free of cost. They will not need any specific criteria for that.

Long term loans to the states

The Power Ministry head, Shri P. Goyal has also indicated that the financial help to provide electricity connection for all will be given in credit. The loans to be provided by the centre to the states will have long terms. The details and other provisions of the upcoming credit scheme for the states are not yet finalized. A meeting with all the distributing companies of electricity and the power ministry representatives of every state will be organized, which will finalize the guidelines of the scheme. The meeting is scheduled to be held from 7th October, 2016.

Sl. No. Fields Related data
1 Scheme name Free of cost electrification for all.
2 Governing authority Ministry of power
3 Minister of Power Shri. Piyush Goyal
5 Deadline 2019 march.
6 Regulatory authority Rural Electrical Corporation (R.E.C.)

Which costs will the upcoming scheme cover?

The Power ministry has set some areas where the state governments may take credit from the central govt. to provide free connections of electricity. The main emphasis will be given on laying of new power lines to those remote areas where electricity has not reached yet. Then coverage will be given for installation of electricity meters and other electrical accessories. However, it is totally the final decision of states whether to implement the policy or not.

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