Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Gangajal, the holy water from the river Ganges, is one of the most important elements for every Indian Hindu family. Be it a puja or wedding or anything related to holy work in any Hindu family, Gangajal is must. The state of Bihar has taken a step forward to deliver Gangajal to all the families of the city Patna at their doorsteps via postal service. In a recent event it was declared that from now onwards gangajal will be delivered to each household in lower price through Indian Postal Services.

Scheme Gangajal Delivery Scheme
Launched 30th May 2016
Place Patna, Bihar
Aim To provide pious gangajal
Delivery By postal service
Launched by State government

Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Gangajal Delivery Scheme Key Features

  • The Bihar state government has announced about a scheme namely Gangajal Delivery Scheme recently. Under this scheme Hindu households can get Ganagjal at their doorway via postal services at negligible prices.
  • The holy water will be bought from Gangotri and Rishikesh the two most famous holy places in India. Now all the families who are not able to get Gangajal for the puja or wedding at their place can now get the pious water through the postman.
  • The entire delivery process will be done by the postal services of the state Bihar. Once you request for the Gangajal, the postman will deliver it at your doorstep against a nominal cost per litre.

Who, Where and When Launched the Scheme

The scheme was launched in the state of Bihar by Shankar Prasad and Manoj Sinha both of them has taken the initiative on 30th May 2016. The scheme will be launched in Patna first and then will cover the rest.

Gangajal Delivery Scheme Aim

The main aim of the scheme is to provide holy Gangajal to each household where it is needed. As the river itself is getting polluted and damaged so the state government will help to get this unpolluted pious water from the holy place of the nation i.e. Rishikesh and Gangotri.

How to Implement This

  • The water will be filled in bottles and packaged in the Gongotri and Rishikesh. Later on they will be distributed to the several post offices in different states.
  • People can visit their nearest post offices and buy as many as bottles they need. They can also ask for home delivery. The postmen will deliver the bottles at their doorstep at a minimal price.

Importance of Gangajal in Indian Family

Gangajal is one such element that is extremely important in Indian families. Puja, wedding, funeral and all other holistic occasions require gangajal. This scheme is definitely a boon for the Hindu Indian families.

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