How to Generate 16 Digit Virtual ID (VID) for your Aadhaar from UIDAI

How to Generate 16 Digit Virtual ID for your Aadhaar from UIDAI (Kaise generate kare?, Start Date, for how much time will it be valid)

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has announced the launch of the new and improved authentication system – VID (Virtual Identity System). As per the authorities the new system has been introduced with an aim to help protect the personal information from being misused or leaked when sharing it with others online. This will offer citizens of the country with better security for their Digital Data and biometrics. The authorities have further announced restrictions upon sharing Virtual data system with anyone online so the data breach can be regulated.

What is Aadhar Card Virtual ID

Aadhar Card Virtual ID is a special type of temporary code or sequence of numbers that UIDAI authority has created using their advanced system. The new code or sequence is made up of a combination of 16 digits. It is a type of numerical code and will be preserved at the rear side of the users Aadhar card. The series of number of code can easily be generated by the Holder of the Aadhar card at their convenience when undergoing KYC (Know Your Customer) authentication process.

So the moment you are making use of VID then the users will not have to share their 12-digit Aadhaar card number with others for authentication or KYC process.

How to generate VID Online

  • The process of generating Virtual ID for Aadhaar Card can be completed by the users online. There is no time limit for completing the process and to get started you will have to visit the official Aadhaar card web portal at Once you click the link you will be redirected towards the main page of the web portal.
  • The moment you are at the main web portal page you will have to look around for “VID (Virtual ID)” option. this is available under the Aadhar Card services tab. Once you make the selection of this option you will be redirected towards a web page that will help you generate the VID number.
  • On the redirected web page you will be displayed with two tabs for users Aadhar Card number and Security Verification code tab. You will have to enter your valid Aadhar card number on the first tab. On the second tab you have to enter the Security code provided.
  • After you have filled in all requested details, the system will forward an OTP to your registered mobile number. This has to be provided in the tab as per the instructions.
  • You will have to enter the OTP details on the second tab provided for VID generation. Apart from this you will also have to make selection of “generate VID” option from the drop menu. Once done you will have to click the “Submit” option.
  • Once the form has been submitted by you the VID will automatically be generated that will be displayed on the screen. It will also be forwarded to your registered mobile number as SMS.

How to generate by Mobile App

  • In case any candidate wants to generate his ID using the new mobile app, then the provision have been provided by the authorities. The new mAadhar App has also been introduced by UIDAI authorities. The ne app can easily be installed on android devices so you can complete Aadhar related services. The app has to be downloaded so you can use it efficiently on your Android devices.
  • Once the app has been installed on your devices, you will be requested to enter the Aadhar card details (12 digit code) for verification. The app will only be functional once the details match with the mobile device.
  • The details have to be entered and then OTP will be forwarded on your registered device. To further proceed you have to enter the Aadhar card details OTP generated.
  • After providing with the OTP details you will have to request for Generating your password. The password will only be used by you for getting logged in on the account. Using the OTP you can access the app whenever at your convenience. Once this procedure has been completed you will be able to generate the VID by selecting the VID generation option.
  • You may have to provide with the valid password to proceed. Once done you will be redirected towards the VID section where the ID will be created. You will have to provide with any Combination of ID randomly in the tab provided for 16 digits.
  • The moment you have completed the procedure you will be provided with the verification of the ID generated. It will be forwarded to your mobile number that is registered with Aadhar card.

Benefits of VID

VID offers users with numerous benefits and some of them are stated here below:-

  • It will be used for replacing the traditional Aadhar system. So the moment you are going through KYC procedure you will have to enter VID for authentication. It will be confidential.
  • The ID is not permanent it will automatically get deactivated ones used. So this means that no one can tamper with your information online.
  • It is also very much secured so you may not have to worry about your biometrics being misused for other purpose.


  • One main benefit is that each ID is created unique and cannot match with second ID. It has a valid expiry time and usage time provided by UIDAI.
  • The government has mentioned that it will be functional from 2018- 1st June for KYC procedure and so will authentication be required.
  • It will only be created by valid Aadhar card holders so no chance of creating fake IDs. The information shared will also be regulated by UIADI as not much of your information will be shared.

Aadhar Card face authentication features

  • Face recognition is one added benefit for people who are not able to provide with their Finger prints for Identification. If you are not able to provide with other biometric information this will be an added advantage.
  • The process will prove helpful for people who have lost their hand or fingers in any accident and are unable to provide with biometrics.
  • The face recognition will be used for identifying their biometric information to access any govt. database including banking system etc.
  • The people suffering from Iris condition will also be able to make use of this system for authentication. To access this system the user will not be requested to undergo UIADI checks.
  • The process of ID recognition will only be valid if anyone is not able to use his or her biometric information via Aadhar authentication.
  • The process of authentication will also be combined with other system including using OTP and iris authentication or Finger prints.

With an aim to help secure the information of the Indian citizen the government has taken the above mentioned initiative. This will help in securing the important information of the user from being misused.

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