Track Jio Phone Status Check, Voucher Details and Delivery Date (18008908900)

Jio Phone Status Check, Voucher Details and Delivery Date and Store Details (18008908900)

Reliance have stopped pre booking for Jio Phone. They said it has been over booked. I have been a lucky person to book my Jio Phone on time. You can track your Jio Phone status by calling from the phone number that you have filled while booking the phone. The Phone number that you have to call is 18008908900. Voucher Id is also the number that you have used while booking you phone. Delivery Date of Jio Phone is still not clear.

Since Phone have been booked above what reliance might have expected. So there may be a delay in your phone shipment. Once your order is ready you will receive an SMS that will tell you the store location from where you will have to pick your phone.


Mukesh Ambani, the Chief of Reliance Communications is all set to launch its much-awaited 4G smartphone. This phone, as expected, is now available for free. Reliance was working on 4G smartphone for a long time and users of Jio SIM cards were waiting for this phone to hit the markets.

Pre-booking and Prices

Earlier rumors suggested that this phone will come at a price of Rs. 500 but now it is confirmed that this phone is coming at zero cost. This means that you won’t have to pay a dime. It is for free. Although it will cost Rs. 1,500 in the form of a onetime security fund, but it is refundable for 36 months.  

The phone’s Beta testing phase shall begin from August 15th – Independence Day onwards. So the pre-booking shall open from 24th August onwards. Initially 5 million phones are up for grabs for each week. So each week 5 million people can get this phone, provided they pre-book it. The phones shall be strictly distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

Features of the phone

  • It will be a basic feature phone and it will not have Android-like features. But it will have a 4G VoLTE connectivity option. The phone will have a keypad and a voice command.
  • The phone will come with a distress button. Any time you press the button, it will send a message to the contacts that you have saved as your emergency dials.
  • The phone is perfectly capable of linking to your Jan Dhan account. It can also carry out other payments in a secure way. The hardware will integrate these features onto them.
  • Normal voice calls will be free forever for the Jio Phone users – as per Mukesh Ambani. If you want to use unlimited data on this phone, you will have to get a recharge of Rs. 153 per month.
  • The Jio phone can also be connected to a smart TV or any television. Through this connection, the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan users can watch 3-4 hours of videos everyday on the large screen.
  • This phone will come in 22 Indian languages. It will also have a built-in assistant which will take you through the various Jio services you can access via this phone.
  • You can make video calls through this phone! It has a 2.4inch QVGA screen but there is a small camera on the front of the screen. The phone also supports NFC.

How will this help?

Mukesh Ambani pointed out that it is the feature phone owners who pay more for the voice calls compared to the data plans. This is why by making the voice calls free for the Jio feature phone; Jio users can actually use the data plan on their feature phones. He also mentioned how even the entry level smartphones cost thousands. This puts a divide between the owners of smartphone and those who can access internet. Jio is aiming to bridge that gap and will probably bring more people under internet usage.

Jio’s Growth Straight from Its Chief

Ambani also mentioned that they are planning to cover 99 per cent of the population of the country in the coming years. They are also planning to spread 4G network all over India within 3 years only. There are also going to be 10,000 Jio Offices around the country for users to access the Jio services in the coming few years.

The phone was launched at 11AM on 21st July 2017. Mukesh Ambani’s daughter unveiled the phone and took us through the various specifications and features.

Important Updates

  1. This phone will not have whatsapp


Old Update

Mukesh Ambani has just now anounsed that Relaince will provide a free 4G Vote feature phone. Yes you heared it right the cost is the phone is zeo that is it is free. You will have to pay just rs 1500 as security deposit which will be refunded in after 3 years.

It will be launched on 15th August 2017 for testing, You can pre book it from 24th August 2017, they will be available from September 2017.  All phones will be Made in India.

These are some Phone Features

1) Voice will always be free

2) 50 cr feature phones, basic internet

3) 15th Aug, digitl freedom all feature phone users

4) Unlimuted data on jio phone

5) 153 month (Unlimited data)

6) JDDD will be at 153 on jio phones

7) Jio Phone TV cable. (any TV) (rs 309 per month)

8) Rs 53 (week), Rs 23 (2 day) Plan (Unlimted Data)

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