Ghar Ghar Rozgar Naukri Yojana in Punjab 2022

Ghar Ghar Rozgar Naukri Scheme in Punjab 2020 [Job Fair Mela, Eligibility Criteria, Registration Form Process] Punjab Job Helpline

The state government of Punjab state along with the cabinet of ministers approved the launch of the new Ghar Ghar Rojgaar Yojana for the youth of the state. The new Yojana launched by the government is expected to create better opportunities for the youth of the state.

Ghar Ghar Rozgar and Karobaar in Punjab

Launch Details

Name of the schemeGhar Ghar Rozgar Scheme
Launched inPunjab
Launched byCaptain Amarinder Singh
Date of announcement2017
Beginning of the applicationJanuary 2019
Target beneficiariesEducated jobless applicants
Supervised byFinance and Employment Generation Ministry in Punjab
Name of the portalGhar Ghar Naukri Portal
Helpline number0172-2702654

Key features of the scheme

  1. Spread of employment opportunities – Often people miss out on job opportunities as they don’t have access to information. With the launch of this unique portal, applicants need not worry about this. This campaign will boost the employment generation activities. If applicants get adequate job opportunities in the state, they will no longer have to travel to other areas.
  2. Free application – The state government will not charge any application fee from any person who uses the site to register for job notifications. Enrollment on the portal will also give them the opportunity to check out job fairs.
  3. Information of available jobs – The official website, launched by the Punjab government will not only allow applicants to register, but will also give them easy access to job related details. Applicants will attain automatic notification about a new job opening.
  4. Organization of job fairs – Apart from creating and launching the official website, the state authority will also organize job fairs. Many private organizations will take part in these carnivals, and offer multiple employment opportunities for interested job seekers. As of now, respective authority has highlighted that 20 such job fairs will be organized very soon.
  5. Job fair timings – To make things easy for applicants as well as employers, the state authority has decided that the job fairs will operate from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening, on the selected dates.
  6. Total number of beneficiaries – The launch of this site will offer access to as many as 2.80 lakh applicants, who are currently not employed in any sector. It will reduce the unemployment rate in the state significantly.
  7. Applicants from all streams – Another perk of this scheme and the official portal is that interested candidates from all educational streams will be able to apply via the site.
  8. Vocational training – To ensure that more youngsters get a better shot at attaining lucrative jobs; it will also organize vocational training agencies. These institutes will offer skill development training to selected applicants.
  9. Expected salary – The annual pay package of one candidate will differ from that of the other. The final salary scale will depend on several aspects. However, applicants will can bag jobs which may offer a salary range of Rs. 1.25 lakhs to Rs. 21lakhs.
  10. Emphasis on skill development – Meeting job related information requirements is not the only objective of this campaign. Applicants will get access to technical training sessions and skill development courses in future.

Eligibility and documents necessary for application

  1. Residents of the state – The employment scheme as well as the job fairs will be organized by the Punjab government. In case the interested candidate is not a legal resident of Punjab and does not possess residential certificates, he/she will be barred from enrolling under this project.
  2. Graduate applicants – The state has highlighted that the educational cutoff for this project is graduation. Thus, all students who have passed their college level, and have graduation certificates, will be able to enroll.
  3. Post-graduate and diploma applicants – Candidates who have passed their post-graduation or diploma courses, will also be able to enroll their names in via the portal.
  4. Personal ID proofs – All candidates, interested in being a part of the scheme, will have to attach their Aadhar card and Voter card copies with the registration form.
  5. Educational certificates – To help the authority and employer check the background of the applicants, they have to submit their educational certificates. If they have any additional technical or professional training, they will have to attach it with the digitized registration form.

How to get application for and register for the scheme?

  1. As the Punjab government has already launched a new portal, named Ghar Ghar Rozgar Scheme Portal, it is obvious that interested individuals will have to apply via the official portal.

  2. Once the site opens, applicants will see the picture and name of the Punjab CM on the right side of the computer screen. Below that, applicants will find the login and registration links.

  3. Old applicants need to simply login. In case a jobseeker is visiting the portal for the first time, then he/she must click on the link marked as “Register Here.” It will give candidates access to the digitized registration form.

  4. Candidates will have to type in their names, address, parents’ names, contact details, mobile number and email, educational details and field of interest.

  5. After completing these steps, applicants will have to type in the capchat code in the specified box.

  6. At the bottom right hand side, applicants will see a blue button. One must click on the “Register” option to save and submit his/her application.

  7. Once this is complete, interested applicants will need to make an official login on this portal. For this, they will have to type in the user name and password.

  8. It will complete the entire process, and then applicants will start getting notifications. They will also be able to upload and edit the details later on.

State government offers several job openings for interested applicants. The competition in the government job market is very high. With the help of the private sectors, the state authority wants to balance the demand in the employment market. Job fairs and separate employment portals are the best ways to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. Lucrative employment opportunities will help a job seeker to make a better life.

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