Gujarat Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant) Package 2022

Gujarat Atmanirbhar Package 2020-21 (Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana), rebate to consumers in property tax, electricity bills, vehicle tax, loan subsidy for business & shop owners

Amidst the lockdown that resulted financial crunch in the Indian economy, the Chief Minister of Gujarat is Vijay Rupani has announced a package of 14,000 crore rupees for Atmanirbhar scheme for the state. It is expected that the financial assistance to the people will help to revive the current situation caused by the breakout of pandemic. There are several features to it that will turn into beneficial for the people of Gujarat. The package will help to get tax rebate, vehicle tax rebate and also you will get rebate on electricity bill. The package is going to help the businessmen and the shop owners of the state to get subsidy on loan. The interesting thing about the package is it is mean to cover the people of entire state.

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Gujarat Atmanirbhar Package

Till date Gujarat has faced 18,500 cases and due that the industrial city is suffering a lot with it. The financial committee of Gujarat is providing financial assistance to those who are dependent on the industry of the state. Along with that state government has also decided to provide relief to the people in paying electric bills, property tax, and vehicle tax.

Key feature of the package

  • Assistance in rebate- The package will provide 20% rebate on property tax the business establishments, hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, shops, etc.
  • Residential property rebate- The package will provide 10% rebate on the residential property taxes.
  • Budget of residential tax rebate- In order to provide direct benefit to the people regarding property tax the state has allotted a budget of 744 crore rupees.
  • Rebate on electricity bill– The electricity consumers will get 100 units rebate on 200 units of electricity. And for that state has allotted 200 crore rupees.
  • Relief for the transport system– The package will provide the transport companies support in providing road tax for the next six months.
  • Total budget- In order to provide all the assistance the finance department has decided to allot 2,300 crore rupees as an overall budget.

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Loan Interest Subsidy for Business & Shop Owners

There is special subsidy on the loan interest for the business owners and that is- 4% subsidy on the loan amount of 2.5 lakh rupees. Usually the interest rate happens to be 8% and among that 4% will be paid by the state government Gujarat and the rest 4% will be paid the loan borrower. In order to provide loan subsidy the state allotted 525 crore rupees.

Revival of Industries

In order revive the industries of the state, government will provide 458 crore rupees relief to the 3,038 crore rupees worth industry of the state. The entire process will be monitored by Gujarat Industrial Development Corp. For the housing sector of the state the government will provide assistance worth 1,000 crore rupees.

Labor Welfare

For the welfare of the labors the state will provide 35,000 rupees per head to the tribal laborers. And for that state government has allotted 466 crore rupees as a budget. Under the financial package the government will help them to build permanent houses as well.

Direct Transfer of Rs. 1,000 to Poor

As per the package, the state will provide financial assistance to the poor people of the state. In order to provide assistance the government has allotted 5,044 crore rupees as a budget. During the lockdown the poor people will get 1000 rupees directly to their bank account.

So, it is evident that the package accompanied with several reliefs that will help the people of the state to get a healthy lifestyle during the lockdown. The package also looks after the health sector of the state and for that they allotted 100 crore rupees. The money will be provided from the CM’s relief fund.

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