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Gujarat Migrant Workers (Pravasi) Online Registration Form (Portal, Helpline number

The Gujarat Pravasi Majdur Yatra Panjikaran or Gujarat Migrant Workers Online Registration project enables such people to get necessary travel passes, and board the special trains to come back to or travel from Gujarat. If you desire to gather more information about the travel project, and the application process, then read this article carefully.

Gujarat Migrant Workers Online Registration

Launch details of the portal

Name of the scheme

Gujarat Migrant Workers Online Registration or Gujarat Pravasi Majdur Yatra Panjikaran

Launched in


Launched by

Vijay Rupani

Date of announcement

April 2020

Date of implementation

7th May 2020

Target beneficiaries

Migrant labors, trapped in and outside the state

Name of the host portal

Digital Gujarat Website

Official website link

Key features of the portal

  1. Betterment of the stranded people – The stranded workers in and outside Gujarat want to return to their homes. The launch of this portal aims at helping such people get to their destination. Individuals, who want to come back to Gujarat, or travel from this state, can apply through this website.
  2. Authorized movement – The applications, made through the portal will enable the government to track the income and outgoing migrant labors and other people.
  3. Easy application – The Gujarat government has launched this portal to ensure that the migrant labors do not have to face difficulties, while filling in the application form, for obtaining the travel passes.

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Eligibility for applicants

  1. Residents of Gujarat – The launch of this website will assist the Gujarat government to bring back the stranded residents of Gujarat back.
  2. Residents of other states – Those individuals, trapped in Gujarat due to the lockdown can register for these passes, and travel to other states.
  3. Migrant labors – The portal has been launched for assisting the travel of the migrant labors.
  4. Tourists and students – The students and tourists, which are either stranded in Gujarat or other states, and want to go back to their home states or comeback to Gujarat respectively, can opt for these travel passes.

Documents necessary for enrollment

  1. Residential documents – The applicants must furnish copies of their residential proof documents, to highlight the names of their native states.
  2. Aadhar card – A clear snap or scanned copy of the Aadhar Card must be attached with the travel pass issuance application form.
  3. Voter card – The applicant must attach a copy of the Voter Card with the online application form.

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How to apply for returning to the state?

  1. Authorized website – If any migrant labor, trapped in another state, desires to come back to Gujarat, then he must get to the official travel pass generation portal by clicking on Link.
  2. Select relevant tab – When the home page opens, one must select or click on the “Services” tab. Two other options will appear in the drop down table. From here, the applicant must select the first option, i.e. “Citizen Services.”
  3. Travel pass type – It opens another page that contains various tabs. One of these tabs is marked as “Pass For Coming to Gujarat from other State.” The candidate, interested in coming back to Gujarat, needs to select the above-mentioned tab.
  4. Access to instruction page – When the person clicks on this tab, the site brings up the instruction page. After reading the guidelines, the applicant must click on the “Apply Online” option.
  5. Registered and unregistered users – A log in box will appear on the page. Applicants, who had enrolled earlier can type in the credentials and log in without hassle. In case the labor is not enrolled, he must click on Click Here for New Registration (Citizen), and complete the process.
  6. Details necessary for registration – The migrant worker must type in the birth date and year, mobile number, email ID and a suitable password. Then he must type in the capchat code, and click on the “Save” option.
  7. Registering for travel pass – After logging in, the registered migrant worker can activate the travel pass form. One must fill it and attach the necessary documents. Then save the travel request by clicking on the “Submit” option.

How to apply for leaving the state?

  1. Online portal – As mentioned, several migrant workers come to Gujarat for obtaining jobs in the construction sector, industry and agricultural spheres. These people are residents of other states. If such people, desire to go back to their native states, they must land on the portal by clicking on the Link.
  2. Option selection – On the home page, the candidate will see a tab at the top of the page that has various options. The person must click on the option that is marked as “Services.” The click will bring up two other options. The individual must click on the “Citizen Services.”
  3. Pass option selection – It will trigger the portal to open a new window. Here, the candidate must click on the option that is marked as “COVID-19 Lockdown Exemption Pass for Movement out of Gujarat.”
  4. Instruction for application – Clicking on this option will bring up another page that highlights the rules, and the documents, which will be needed during the application.
  5. Online application activation – After reading the instructions, the candidate needs to click on the third button from the right, located at the bottom of the page. It is marked as “Apply Online.”
  6. Official registration – If the candidate has not registered on the website, then he will have to click on the link “Click Here for New Registration (Citizen).” It triggers the portal to bring up the registration form. It must be filled in with the necessary details.
  7. Official log in process – Once the registration is complete, the candidate needs to log in on the portal with the credentials.
  8. Migration pass application – After successfully logging in, the applicant will get access to the online form that will generate the travel pass from Gujarat.
  9. Filling the document –The online registration document must be filled in with correct details. The codes of the documents must be typed in for verification. Then the applicant needs to hit the “Submit” button to save the enrollment document.

Helpline details

If the migrant workers have any issues, or want to gather more information about the registration process, they must dial the helpline number, i.e. 104. The helpline executives will assist the person to the best of their abilities.

Many cases of Coronavirus infection have been reported in Gujarat. People, who live in other states, but are stranded here, desire to get back to their families. The residents of Gujarat want to come back to their home towns. The launch of this portal will enable the two groups to fill in the respective forms, and set the travel process in motion. The Gujarat authority will make the necessary arrangements to send the migrant labors to their homes, after proper checkup. Coming back to their loved ones, amidst these dark days, will bring some respite to the migrant labors from Gujarat.

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