Details of Places to Visit in Gurugram (Gurgaon, Name Changed)

Details of Places to Visit in Gurugram (Gurgaon, Name Changed)

Gurgaon, a prominent town in Haryana has renamed as Gurugram recently. The official spokes person announced this on Tuesday. The chief minister of Haryana district has announced along with some of the Hindu gurus such as Baba Ramdev and others. Along with Gurgaon, the town Mewat would also be renamed as Nuh. These two changes have taken place due to the history of Mahabharata. As these gurus supported Hindutva and said that the place Gurgaon is a village and it must be called as Gurugram.

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The decision

It is seen that the renaming season is going on in India. After Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai now it is time for Gurgaon to change its name. The chief minister of Haryana has taken the decision with support of some other Hindu leaders and Yoga guru Ramdev Baba. The decision was taken finally and officially announced on Tuesday, April 12th in the year 2016. According to the official spokesperson from Gurgaon (now Guru-gram) the town carries a historical significance so it necessary as well as feasible to change the name of the city.

The history

Gurgaon is a prominent historical place and said to be the second capital of the state. Haryana shared its capital Chandigarh with Punjab and that is why Gurgaon always has an importance in Haryana. It is a land that cna be found in Bhagawat Gita. The district was considered to be the centre of education. As per the Bhagwat Gita, the place was used as the learning point for the students. According to the history of Mahabharata, the town Gurgaon is named after Guru Dronacharya. The officials said that the village Gurgaon or Guru-gram was gifted to Guru Dronacharya as a guru dakshina by his students. The village was called Guru-gram since then and later on it became Gurgaon. As per the official spokes person from Haryana Government the name is there since the ancient time when Mahabharata was written.


Along with Gurgaon (read: Guru-gram) there is another place in Haryana that was renamed today. The place was previously called Mewat and from Tuesday onwards it will be called Nuh. Mewat is neither a city nor a town, it is a geographical unit that has the area beyond Haryana. Mewat covers some of the areas of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan as well. As Mewat is said to be a cultural unit situated in Nuh district, the inhabitants of that district have demanded to rename the place and call it as Nuh. According to the official spokes person form Haryana Government the change of these two names is a solely people’s decision and there is nothing political about it.

The reaction

Whenever an announcement takes place the first thing that reacts is the social networking site. People from all over the country, especially from north India reacted to this. Some of the people have agreed to the chief minister while some make fun of it. While some people are saying Guru-gram sounds like a mathematical unit some say the name does not look that much bad. There are huge funny comments came from the different parts of the country. Overall the social network showed a mixed reaction to the decision.


This is not the first time that one of the cities has changed the name. As mentioned in previous era Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru have changed their names. The district Gurgaon has become more prominent when the Haryana government has invited domestic capitalists and global investors to make the city more commercial and industrial. As of now the name game has shown a positive reaction.

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