Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas Scheme

Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas Scheme

A new scheme that has been launched recently is the Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas scheme that aims in the overall development of the villages. Now it is a known fact that there are a lot of facilities that are unavailable in the villages, and the Indian government is trying its best to meet the development demands of the villages. In sync with these efforts the of this scheme has been launched. The focus under this scheme would be to develop the gram panchayats of the villages as they are the best body for developing any village.

Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas

Name of the scheme Hamari Yojana Hamara Vikas
Launch date of the scheme 19th October 2016
Scheme launched by Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das
Objective of the scheme Empower the Gram Panchayat and bring about development in villages
Scheme implemented in In the state of Jharkhand
Scheme target Gram Sabha and panchayat bodies

The scheme was launched in a village called Sona Dhani which is located in Littipara which is falls under the district of Pakur in Jharkhand. During the launch event the Chief Minister of Jharkhand said that Jharkhand as a state has a huge potential and is doing quite well but then one major factor is coming in the way of full-fledged development. He said that most of the villages in the state of Jharkhand are under development and requires major reforms and scheme to develop as a whole. The main and the most important body in the villages is the Gram Panchayat so keeping this mind the for this scheme has been designed.

The launch event

In the launch event the Chief Minister of Jharkhand also launched 61 schemes and laid foundation for almost 97 other scheme that would be coming up soon. The launch event as witnessed by chairman and members of permanent committees like Village Development Committee, Village Security Committee, Education and Social Justice Committee, Health Committee, Infrastructure Committee, Vigilance Committee, Community Asset Committee, Agricultural committee Santhal Pargana Commissioner, DIG, Pakur DC, SP, and officers of Santhal Pargana.

Objective of the scheme

So as stated by the Chief Minister of the Jharkhand the main objective of the scheme would be to focus on the strengthening of the Gram Panchayats and encourage them to work in the development of the state. The state government of Jharkhand is of the view that in order to achieve complete socio-economic development of the state it is important that villages and the rural areas of the state is uplifted and provided with complete support. Only further developing the developed towns of the State does not make sense when the rural areas of the state are still backwards and lack a lot of basic amenities. And if one has to develop the rural areas and the village it is important that gram panchayat of that area is involved.

Keeping this in mind the scheme would try and bring about a complete gram swaraj in the state and empower the village panchayats so that they can carry development works in the rural areas. The government of Jharkhand will provide complete support to the Gram Panchayats so that the required socio-economic and political developments is brought about in the villages and the rural areas of the state. The scheme would focus on helping the gram panchayats in bringing about gender equality, social justice, cultural developments, religious developments and other important developments in the rural areas of Jharkhand.

Features of the scheme

The main features of the scheme are listed down here-

  • Under this scheme the state government of Jharkhand, in the leadership if the Jharkhand Chief Minister will provide full support to the gram sabha and the other panchayat bodies of the state so that they adopt the several state sponsored schemes and bring about overall development in the villages.
  • It will be mandatory to conduct meetings in the gram sabha level in each and every block of the different districts in the state. This meeting has already been initiated from the 19th of October and went on till the 31st of October. The main discussing these meeting was on topic such as development of villages and the implementation of different financial and social scheme in the villages.
  • These gram sabha meeting were two day affairs where all the representatives of the village panchayats and state government representatives were present. It has been made mandatory that the gram sabhas will have to select various three year scheme for the development of their respective areas.
  • The government of Jharkhand has also set forth an idea to the gram panchayats to set up and working and development plan for the respective village for a tenure of 15 years.

Functions of this scheme

Certain important functions and duties will be performed under this scheme. This would include-

To ensure regular gram sabhas under this scheme– In many villages it so happens that the gram sabha meetings are held after long breaks. This leaves a lot of issues tagging for a long periods and making it even bigger a problem. But this scheme would make sure that the gram sabha meetings are held on a regular basis. All the panchayat representatives will have to it with the villagers and figure out solutions to the different problem that the village and its people are facing. Also it is to be made sure that the ‘mukhiya, panchayat secretary and panchayat sevaks should be present in all the meetings and take active participation in solving the village problems. The gram panchayats should also implement the different state and central funded schemes that would bring about the required socio, economic, cultural and political development in the villages. The objective here would be to achieve self-governance which means that the problems of the villages would be rightfully solved by the village panchayats itself and there would be no need of outside intervention in solving the problem.

Villagers should be provided with all the required basic amenities- the main problem in most of the villages in Jharkhand is the lack of basic amenities such as water, electricity, toilets, etc. So the scheme would help the gram panchayats in providing the villagers with the basic amenities and the primary focus here would to provide clean drinking water to all the villagers. The next focus would be on constructing proper roads in the villages and ringing about proper connectivity to and fro the nearby towns and cities. Then next on the to-do list would be to bring about a proper waste management system and drainage system in the villages. Like this, one by one, the scheme would focus on helping the gram panchayats in providing all such amenities to the villagers. Focus would also be on providing proper irrigation and water saving facilities. A lot of social scheme have been planned under this scheme.

Scheme would also focus on bring about employment opportunities- Now any economic or social development cannot be brought about without providing jobs to the people of that region. Keeping this in mind the scheme would provide complete support to the gram panchayats to adopt several skill development and employment programs in the village level. The scheme would promote projects like solar light projects, gobar gas projects, dairy farm projects, etc. This surely would lead to more employment opportunities and in turn bring about economic development in the rural areas. Skill development programs would be promoted on a large scale as it would help the youth in being suitable for better jobs.


The scheme comes as a great benefits to the villagers of Jharkhand who are now living in a backward condition without the availability of many basic amenities and socio-economic and political problem. But with the help of this scheme there is a sign of hope that the rural areas of the state and its people would develop in an overall manner.

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