Haryana New Kidney / Cancer Patients Pension Scheme 2022

Haryana New Kidney / Cancer Patients Pension Scheme 2020 application form, apply online for Rs. 2250 p.m at pension.socialjusticehry.gov.in, check eligibility criteria, list of documents required

The Haryana government has come up with a pension scheme for the candidates of the state who are suffering from kidney and cancer diseases. In this relation, the entitled scheme has been launched by the state government. Based on this, financial support will be offered monthly to the beneficiaries as instructed by the CM of the state. The following part of the article shall take you through some important details about how to enjoy the perks of the Haryana New Kidney / Cancer Patients Pension Scheme.

Haryana New Kidney / Cancer Patients Pension Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of scheme


Kidney / Cancer Patients Pension Scheme

Target group of scheme


People suffering from serious kidney and cancer diseases

Main objective of scheme


Offer financial help to the patients of kidney and cancer disease

Scheme launched in



Scheme announced by


CM ManoharLalKhattar

Last date of scheme launch

31 May 2020

Monthly allowance

Rupees 2,250 per month

Mode of application

Both offline and online

Documents required

Address proof, ID proof, income certificate, d.o.b proof, medical certificate

Procedure for online application

To be started soon

Official portal of the scheme



Nodal Agency to implement the scheme

Social Justice and Empowerment (SJE) Department of Haryana

Number of beneficiaries to be covered 

28 lakh

highlighting features of the scheme

  1. Target group of the scheme – The target group of the scheme are the aged ones who are suffering from serious ailments.
  2. Main objective of the scheme – The main focus of launching the scheme is to offer financial help to the ones suffering from severe ailments like kidney and cancer problems. With the scheme’s help, it can help the candidates avail of better treatment facilities in the state.
  3. Beneficiaries of the scheme – The candidates of Haryana who are suffering from cancer and kidney ailments are eligible to enjoy the benefits.
  4. Financial assistance under the scheme – As per the rules of the scheme, rupees 2250 will be given to the beneficiaries monthly in the linked bank account.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

Only after fulfilling the criteria, the candidates can apply for the scheme benefits.

  • Residential details – Only the permanent residents of Haryana are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.
  • Health details – The patients suffering from kidney problems can get the scheme perks.
  • Age limit – Only the ones who are above the age of 18 years are eligible to get the benefits of the scheme. However, for a minor patient, the money will be transferred to the parents’ bank account.
  • Income details – The state government has set a limit of rupees 2,00,000 yearly of the spouse based on which the scheme benefits will be offered to the candidates.

However, if the candidates are already receiving benefits under other government-sponsored schemes, they are not eligible to get the benefits under the above-said schemes.

Documents required under the scheme

  • Residential details – The candidates have to produce a suitable certificate justifying that they are the permanent residents of the state.
  • Identification proof –As identification proof, Aadhaar card, Voter ID card and the like should be furnished at the time of online registration under the scheme. In this, they also need to produce a birth certificate or any document to justify the correct date of birth of the one suffering from the disease.
  • Income certificate – Appropriate income certificate should be produced at the time of registration. This will be scrutinized by the higher authorities to ensure that the family is eligible to get the scheme perks.
  • Age certificate – As the scheme benefits can be availed by the ones above 18 years of age, a suitable age certificate should be given at the time of registration.
  • Health details –Proper cancer and kidney disease documents should be given at the time of registration.

Details of online application procedure of scheme

Similar to other old age schemes launched by the state government, it is offering online application for the above said one. The online application for the scheme is invited through the official portal of the scheme through the link . As this is a newly launched, the procedure for the same is yet to be launched. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. For this, they have to visit the online portal related to the scheme frequently.

Details of other Public Welfare Initiatives by Haryana State Government

The main idea of the scheme launch is to offer the central government’s idea of one nation and one ration card. In this relation, a separate ration card will be given to the migrant labors who are returning to Haryana from other states. With the help of the online system, the laborers can get the ration easily delivered. However, the ration card will be linked with the Aadhaar card of the individual for better help. Also, the National Food Security Act candidates can get their share of ration at the proper price from the ration shops in Haryana. For this, the state government is making necessary arrangements to make it easy for the beneficiaries to get the ration quickly. Therefore, it can be concluded that the new scheme is aimed for the migrant labors, and the application form shall help make the system transparent. 

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