Haryana krishak upahar yojana

Haryana krishak upahar yojana

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. Nearly half of the total income in India is from the field of agriculture. Even though we say that India is one of the agricultural country, there are still a number of farmers living in poverty and not able to meet their basic requirements for running life. There are a number of initiatives taken by the Indian government to protect the lives of farmers in India. One such initiative that is taken by the government of Haryana is Haryana Krishak Uphaar Yojana.

Name of the scheme Krishak Uphaar Yojana
Initiated by Minister for Agriculture, Haryana
Objective of the scheme Encourage farmers who are providing maximum yield to mandis.
Main feature of the scheme Motivate farmers to maximize their yields and win special prizes

Haryana krishak upahar yojana

Gift scheme for farmers:

It is the usual habit of most of the farmers to fall in the trap of private sellers and provide all their valuable yields to them, no matter how much they are paying. The main reason why most of the farmers are falling in their trap is because of the fact that they will come with their own vehicle to the place of farmers and take their yields. As farmers are not in a necessity to pay for the cost of transportation, they fall into the trap of such money minded people even though they knew that they are being cheated.

In order to motivate farmers and encourage them to provide maximum yields to mandis, what government of Haryana has decided is that they will offer some special and exciting gifts to those farmers who are providing yields that value above 5000. There is no challenge or competition in this scheme like which farmer is providing maximum yield. Gift for farmers will be provided only on random basis, wherein winners will be selected through lucky draw.

Mode of selection:

To enter into the lucky draw content, there is no necessity for farmers to go for any separate registration process. At the time when farmers are providing yields more than 5000 rupees, they will be provided J form. This J form is the direct entry for the competition. This coupon which is collected by farmers during their consecutive delivery of farm products to the mandis will keep on adding more points for farmers. There is no restriction on how much J forms a farmer can receive to the maximum.

The process of lucky draw will be conducted on some particular period of time in a year which is not yet clearly specified by the government of Haryana. Till now, there is no clear demarcation of the duration upon which the process of lucky draw will take place. it is expected that the process will take place once in a year and winners will be receiving some specific quota of prizes that are announced by government to that different mandis located in different districts within the state.

Lack of transparency:

The scheme of Krishak Uphaar Yojana is just announced for a namesake. The scheme is not yet deployed to a proper extent by both the state government and the concerned department that is taking care of the scheme. Some of the concerns that farmers raise about the scheme is as follows:

  • The scheme is designed naturally to favor only those farmers providing maximum yields as they will be receiving more J forms compared to average farmers
  • There is no tender given by government to purchase the prize amount that is said to be provided through Krishak Uphaar Yojana scheme
  • Farmers often fear that the process of lucky draw may not be a fair one and there are many chances that some particular set of people will be benefited more out of the scheme


The launch of the new Krishak Uphaar Yojana scheme by the Haryana government would boost farmers to get involve with the mandis with their farming products.

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