All About HDFC PayZapp E wallet Payment App

All About HDFC PayZapp E wallet Payment App

Even when many people are so practiced using debit and credit cards at point of sale counters, it is quite difficult for people to continue using the same. The card machines that are used at merchant end is usually very slow in its operation as they will be making use of basic authentication that is provided by networks like GSM or 3G. It is quite difficult for both merchant and people involved in the transaction as they both need to wait till the process is over and also queue will increase from the back if one of the transactions is taking more time for completion.

All About HDFC PayZapp E wallet Payment App

Aid of digital transaction:

It is very common these days to find private digital wallets that are providing a perfect solution for people to bypass the process of card based transactions. With the help of digital transaction, it is now very easy for people to complete their transaction at lightning speeds, but the problem with using the private wallets is that people have to store money in a private server which some people are concerned that they will steal some private and authentic information easily. To provide a perfect solution for their customer regarding digital wallet, HDFC bank came with the solution of HDFC PayZapp.

People can ask like how the app is safe than compared to other such app that is available in the market. Below are some of the important points about HDFC PayZapp which will make it one of the best apps for digital transactions.

  • There is no hard necessity for people to load money to the HDFC PayZapp app from their bank accounts as the app itself will function as a bank terminal and hence people can now load money as much they want with the app.
  • If people are not interested to keep their bank account directly linked to that of the app, there is no hard necessity to do it anymore since people can now easily create temporary credentials with the HDFC PayZapp and keep their balance secured in all aspects.
  • There is no fear of money being bounced from bank account to that of the digital wallet since HDFC PayZapp is directly integrated to bank account of that individual and hence there is no necessity to pay anything extra for loading cash or reverting back money to back accounts.

Improved security mechanism:

As people have to transact directly through means of their bank account with the help of HDFC PayZapp, there are some people having doubts about how they can able to maintain security in a proper manner while they are transacting with the help of app. All transactions that are running through HDFC PayZapp will be authenticated by advanced encryption technologies which make sure that no data that is being conveyed by the app can be intercepted by any middle man in the process. The authentication is directly linked to that of the individual phones which is using HDFC PayZapp and it is not common anymore.

Two factor authentication:

One main reason why transactions through HDFC PayZapp is so fast is that the security information are kept securely within the phone and it can be used any number of times. To ensure that process of transaction is safe and at the same time secure, HDFC PayZapp make use of two factor authentication which will reduce the immense task of authentication considerably. There are many more features built into the HDFC PayZapp app which will ensure that payments made are being tracked securely and data is being stored in the app in a perfect manner.

Wide array of payment options:

When people start to make use of HDFC PayZapp for their online transactions, they can complete their transactions within a short span of time. The time it will take for transaction will reduce considerably and also people can now easily bypass some password mechanism like card based authentication and one time password received through email or mobile phone and ensure that they are finishing their transaction within a short span of time and making sure that they are not exposing their whole account to the online environment.

There are many ways through which people can now use HDFC PayZapp. Many merchant points are now using this app for transaction as they feel that it is more secure to make use of HDFC PayZapp instead of the regular card machines. Since HDFC PayZapp is directly linked to the bank accounts, they feel it very easy and secure to transfer funds to and fro from the app. For merchants to make complete use of the app, they need to register with their respective banks and complete simple KYC format to make sure that they can able to transact any amount of money with the help of their HDFC PayZapp.

With the arrival of the PayZapp, the customer of HDFC bank would able to enjoy the power of complete payment solution with just a click away from their mobiles. Being partnered with many social entertainment organizers, the PayZapp would a fruitful one.

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