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Calender 2019 :- Holiday List for Central Government Employees


Holiday List for Central Government Employees during year 2019 (Calender 2019)

Holiday is the word that everyone wants to hear in their life. Be it a student or a central government employee, holiday cherishes everyone to the core. As far as the central government employees are concerned there are quite a fixed number of days that an employee can expect to be holiday in a whole year. There are some of the compulsory or mandatory holidays, festive holidays and restricted holidays as well. As India is such a country where various religion and caste inhabits the holiday list from place to place is a bit different. Here in this article a holiday list and details are been mentioned for the  year 2019.

Holiday List for Central Government Employees 2017

Holiday List for Central Government Employees during year 2019 in India Compulsory holidays

Compulsory holidays are those that are common across the nation and each employee irrespective of location, caste or religion get work off on these days. Also if a compulsory holiday falls on Sunday, the employee cannot change the holiday or so. There are 14 numbers of total compulsory holidays in the year 2019. They are:

Sl. No. Holidays Date
1 Republic Day 26th January
2 Mahavir Jayanti 17th April
3 Good Friday 19th April
5 Buddha Purnima 12th May
6 Idul Fitr 5th June
7 Independence Day 15th August
8 Idul Adha 12th August
9 Muharram 10th September
10 Dusshera 8th October
11 Gandhi Birthday 2nd October
12 Deepawali 27 October
13 Guru Nanak Jayanti  12 November
14 Christmas Day 25th December

These mentioned dates will be the compulsory holidays for a central government employee. These holidays cannot be changed or altered due to any reason. If any of them has fallen on any other non-working day like Sunday, then also the holidays cannot be altered.

Jan Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 13th Jan
2. Lohri 13th Jan
3. Makar sankranti 14th Jan
4. Pongal 15th Jan
5. Republic Day 26th Jan

Feb Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Vasant panchami 10th Feb
2. Guru Ravidas Jayanti 19th Feb

March Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Maha Shivratri 4th March
2. Holi 21st March

April Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Ram Navami 13th April
2. Vaisakhi 14th April
3. Ambedkar Jayanti 14th April
4. Mahavir Jayanti 17th April
5. Good Friday 19th April
6. Easter 21st April

May Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Buddha Purnima 18 May

June Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Eid-ul-Fitar 5 June

August Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Bakr Id 12 Aug
2. Independence day 15 Aug
3. Rakhi 15 Aug
4. Janmashtami 24 Aug

September Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Ganesh Chaturthi 2 September
2. Muhharam 10 September
3. Onam 11 September

October Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Gandhi Jayanti 2 October
2. Dusshra 8 October
3. Valmiki Jayanti 13 October
4. Diwali 27 October
5. Govardhan puja 28 October
6. Bhai Dooj 29 October

November Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Guru Nanak Jayanti 12 November

December Holiday list 2019

SNo Holiday occasion Date
1. Christmas 25 December

Restricted holidays

There are some holidays that are called Restricted Holidays. Restricted holidays are somewhat similar to festival holidays. These are pre-sanctioned holidays that one must know beforehand. The reason why it is called restricted as these holidays cannot be changed or altered beforehand. Just like the national or compulsory holidays. Restricted holidays only depict the auspicious holidays that one has to take whether he / she celebrates it or not.

For instance Dusshera is been celebrated by the Hindus but Muslims in all states will get the holiday on that day. This is what Restricted Holidays are all about under Central Government.

Commercial and Trading establishment Industry – central government

There are many industries and sectors under the central government. Those firms which are dealing with commercial, trading and industrial establishment are eligible to expect 16 holidays in the year 2018 including the main 3 national holidays namely Republic Day, Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday and Independence Day.

The organisation can also alter their holiday list a bit according to the festivals and local situations. It is not only for the commercial or trading establishment but for other sectors as well, there is free options available with the organisation that can alter few of the holidays according to the festivals arrive.

Change of Holidays

There is also a rule of change of holidays according to the situation. It can be happened regarding the mandatory holidays or festive holidays. Mostly the change of holidays takes place during the different festivals. Now consider Eid, one of the biggest festivals in India arrives on 5th June in the year 2019. The festival is been celebrated on the full moon day. So according to the moon’s position the festival will take place. If the moon does not show up on the 4th as per the ritual then the holiday will be changed to either 5th or 6th may be.

Regarding this in West Bengal deewali is celebrated a day before when it is Kali Puja in the state of Bengal. So in this case the Bengal people get two days holidays one for the Kali Puja and other for the mandatory Diwali. On the other during Durga Puja, the biggest festival in Bengal, employees get holiday two days prior to the Dusshera i .e. from Ashtami (the 8th day of Durga Puja) till the Dusshera while the other parts of the country enjoy only one day for Dusshera.

Bank Holidays

Bank holidays are not included in the Central Government holiday list. They were set by the Financial Ministry. Every year on 1st of April (starting of new financial year) all the banks remain closed. Again on 30th September the banks remain closed for half yearly service. But none of the days are allotted to any central government employees for holidays.

Casual Leave and Other Leaves

Casual Leave and other leaves are not included in the holiday list for the Central government employees. Many people get confused between the two. But leaves are those which are allotted to each employee apart from the mandatory and festival holidays. If the employees don’t take the leaves they can easily work. But there is no way that employees can work on the holidays set by the government. They are bound to take the day off during holiday but not leave.

Depending on the instruction issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Union Territory Administration decide the holiday list for the Central Government employees every year.

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