How to Recharge BSNL 20 GB 3G internet plan rs 50 |Avail | Activate

How to Recharge BSNL 20 GB 3G internet plan rs 50 |Avail | Activate

BSNL – one of the leading telecommunication providers in India has taken another incredible step forward to attract more customers. Launching handsets, free talk times, low rates, internet packs and so many features are quite common these days for all the telecommunication providers. But BSNL introduces something that is unbelievable. Now with this mentioned connection you can have 20 GB 3G data pack in just Rs. 50/-. Yes, you have heard it right, you need to only spend 50 bucks to have 20GB 3G data pack with BSNL connection. While other providers are offering 3G data packs in not less than 250/- BSNL has started this pack to woo more customers who are internet addicted. The surprise is not over yet, as BSNL promises, now you can also share this pack with any 4 persons who are using pre-paid BSNL connection.

BSNL 20 GB 3G internet plan rs 50

20GB 3G pack details

According to the pack, if you are having a pre-paid connection you can now have 20GB data pack in 3G speed by spending just Rs. 50/-. Also the connection provider promises you to share the 20GB data with any 4 friends or family members of yours who are using pre-paid connection too. Though it is still not clear that in which process the internet sharing will work but as of now the pack looks extra ordinarily attractive to all the users.

How to Activate BSNL 20GB 3G pack details Registration 

It is obvious that when you’re getting such a huge facility, it does not arrive simply. This offer is not available in regular mobile recharge stores in your area. To get this special pack you need to register your mobile number in BSNL self care portal.

  • Visit the online BSNL self care portal.
  • Open the registration form accordingly and submit the form.
  • Once you submit the form an online login ID and password will be generated and you need to login to the self care portal
  • Along with filling up the form, if you want to share your pack with your friends or family then you are required to enter their numbers too.
  • Once your request for the pack is submitted, the pack will be activated within few times and you can freely enjoy the 3G speed internet in just Rs. 50/-

The coverage area

The pack is started in all over India. All the states and the prominent regions in the states are falling under this plan. However some of the remote areas will be unable to provide 3G speed connection. People from other prominent places apart from the capital cities can also enjoy this offer.

The verdict

No doubt the offer is a killer one for all the users. While the other leading telecommunication providers such as Airtel, Vodafone, Tata, Idea and many other provide 3G connection 1GB data pack in Rs. 251/- approx in prepaid connection, BSNL is providing 20 times more data in 5 times less price. In a way the cost for 1GB 3G connection with this new pack costs Rs. 2.5/- which is definitely superb news for the users. The offer surely will manage to earn more customers, especially students who get minimum pocket money and can enjoy this extremely cheap facility.

Though the pack looks super attractive, it does come with some other issues as well. Firstly BSNL does not have a swift connectivity in all the areas of a city. Unlike other leading telecommunication providers, BSNL has failed to reach specific remote area. The pack is not available in local mobile recharge stores as easy recharge; you have to wait for a long to submit your online forms to process before availing the pack.

On the other as per the sources, the website gets crashed often in few minutes and need to be refreshed every now and then. It definitely takes much longer time than usual recharge. Also it is quite difficult for so many people who are not friendly with computer use to login to self care portal. Overall this offer looks lucrative.

BSNL 20GB 3G rs 50 pack – at a glance

What it offers Benefits
Connection speed 3G
Data limit per pack 20GB
Price Rs. 50/-
Data share Up to 5 people including the buyer
Coverage area All over the nation

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