Apply High Security Registration Number Plates, HSRP

High Security Registration Number Plates for Car Owners in Delhi HSRP, RTO Delhi [Online Registration Portal, Fee,Price List, Penalty, Form, Last Date, Documents]

The Delhi government is all set to put the High Security Registration Number Plates installation in full motion. These are special number plates, which will contain information about the care and vehicle owner. This is a mandatory scheme for all vehicle owners in Delhi. An estimate suggests that there are around 40 lakh automobiles, which are still to apply for these high security registration plates.

High Security Registration Number Plates for Car Owners in Delhi

Name of the scheme High Security Registration Number Plates
Launched in Delhi
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Date of announcement 2018
Supervised by Delhi Transport Department
Commencement of registration October 2018
Fees Two –wheeler- 67Rs  and Four- wheeler- 213 Rs
Penalty 500 Rs

Key features of High Security Registration Number Plates

  1. Easy access to automobile details – As these plates contain details about the car, it will be easy for the transport department to collect information about the owner just by scanning the holograms.
  2. Fee for special registration – The transport department has suggested that two-wheeler users will have to pay Rs. 67, while four-wheeler owners will have to shell out Rs. 213 for these HSRN plates.
  3. Aluminum registration plates – High Security Registration Number Plates are made of aluminum. It means these are long-lasting and water-resistant.
  4. Details of the vehicle – The hologram will contain pertinent details of the vehicle. This sticker will highlight the engine number, 10 figure ID number and the chassis number.
  5. Penalty and imprisonment – It is mandatory for all vehicle owners to get these special registration number plates. If they do not install these number plates, then Delhi Transportation Department will charge a penalty of Rs. 500. The owner will be imprisoned for as many as three months if he/she fails to get this registration plate.
  6. Online payment procedures – Apart from the registration process, applicants will be able to pay their registration fees via online channels.
  7. Fitting centers – The transport department has pointed out that registered vehicle owners will be able to attain the High Security Registration Number plates at 13 RTO centers. No additional fee will be charged at these centers for license plate fitting.
  8. Special fuel identification stickers – A special colored sticker will be placed on the number plate to identify what sort of fuel the car runs on.

How to get online application form for HSRP Plates?

  1. Delhi Transport Department has already launched a separate portal. All applicants will need to log on this site to take care of all online application related activities. To reach the homepage, one has to click on the link
  2. Once the page opens, one will see several options. For online enrollment for new number plates, applicants will have to click on the option “Book HSRP Plate Appointment & Pay Fee Online”
  3. It will trigger the site to open a new page in separate tab. The “HSRP Fittment Appointment Booking” page will allow applicants to type in necessary verification details.
  4. Once the OTP has been generated, it will seal the application. The department will generate an appointment date. However, there is a separate link that will allow people to check status of the application.

How to check HSRP Plates Status?

  1. All applicants will be able to check the current status of HSRP plates. For this, applicants will have to click on the link
  2. Once the page opens, applicants will have to type in the name of the user and the password.
  3. After this, one has to click on the “Login” button.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – The scheme has been implemented on an urgent and mandatory basis for only the legal residents of Delhi area. This does not apply to people who are in the area for a temporary basis.
  2. Registration documents of vehicles – Without the original registration documents of the vehicle, it will not be possible for the owner to attain the new number and registration plates.
  3. Papers to highlight insurance – Road insurance and car insurance are a must. If the residents of Delhi desire to get the new and improved number plate, then they will need to submit their insurance policy papers.
  4. Chassis Code – The verification of the chassis code is also a must for attaining this new number plate. The original paper that contains the chassis number must be submitted for authentication.
  5. Owners’ ID papers – Only the owners of the vehicles will be handed over the number plates. So, all applicants must offer their current ID proofs for verification. The number plates will not be attached if the ID proof is missing.
  6. Sale papers – While purchasing the vehicle, it is mandatory for the vehicle dealers to offer sale papers. These documents will come in handy during the actual attachment of the new number plate.

Price Chart for High Security Number Plates

Number Plate Units Type Of Vehicle Vehicle Description Services Offered Specified Rate
1 Two Wheelers Motor Cycle, Bike, Moped, Scooters Number plate with snap lock mechanism Rs. 69
1 Three wheelers Invalid vehicles, goods automobiles, passenger carriages Number plate, 3rd registration plate