Humsafar Express Train Number, Route and Fares

Humsafar Express Train Number, Route and Fares

With rail services heading out to places all around India, there is always a demand for different rail trains to come along in the country. Humsafar Express is the latest option for people to look into.

This was introduced by Prime Minister Modi as part of his plan to keep the rail system in India running well. The Humsafar Express train is being targeted to middle-class travelers. It is especially designed to be efficient for travelers who want to head all around India without spending loads of money in the process.

Humsafar Express Train Number and Route

The goal of this service is to provide people with a high-quality solution for rail travel at a reasonable rate. This is especially important given how it might cost a good deal of money for people to fly to different parts of India. By offering a more affordable high-level rail solution, Humsafar Express is providing people with a great way to enjoy their travels.

Specifics of the Express Service

Humsafar Express will be available starting on 16th December 2016. It offers sixteen coaches with 72 seats each. There are also two power cars in the fleet.

There are multiple routes that will be serviced by Humsafar Express. These include a route from Anand Vihar in Delhi to Gorakhpur that stops in a few places including Gonda and Kanpur Central. It will take about thirteen hours for the train to cover the entire route.

The trains also go from 110 to 130 km/ph on average. This makes for an effective solution for moving forward on the rails. This all comes with some appealing blue paint surfaces on the outside. These make the train instantly noticeable as it is traveling on the rails all around India.

Important Topics

Number of Trains 10
Food Service Vending machines for various drinks
Bathrooms Bio toilets used for convenience
Electric Points Charging stations are included for taking care of mobile devices
Video Screens LED screens show details on where the train is, what stations are coming about and announcements on what is happening

A Convenient Drink Service

Each cabin on the Humsafar Express rail trains includes several features. A hot and refrigerated pantry is available with foods available for passengers to enjoy. A vending machine for coffee and tea and even select soups is also included on each train cabin. These are convenient for all passengers but it does require a 1.15-percent increase for the base fare when compared with what the Mail/Express AC-3 rate offers on other trains.

Bathrooms are also included throughout these rail cabins. This is especially convenient considering how long many routes on this service will go on for.

Those who bring their own meals on board can enjoy the refrigeration box and heating space on each train car. These are used to help people store their foods if needed. These help to keep foods warm or cold depending on what the user is trying to get out of it. This is important for those aiming to have a good meal while traveling..

There will not be any fare concessions available to any persons on the trains during the first six months of service. This means that the foods will be at regular price to all people. These include staff members, seniors and cancer patients along with those who are dealing with different health-related issues.

A Safe Solution

The trains on this system are among the safest in the industry. These are engineered with many fail-safe mechanisms to keep the train from struggling on the rails or from going faster than what is safe.

The trains also use fire and smoke detection systems that respond to all sorts of threats. Smoking is prohibited on the trains as these systems will easily detect smoke and control the issue if it is found.

CCTV cameras are also included through the train cabins. These help to ensure that everyone is carefully monitored and protected.

What Fares Are There?

The fares that will be involved in the rail service include a few critical terms:

  • The base fare is about Rs. 1100. This is higher than the Rs. 960 rate that the Mail/Express AC-3 route already works with.
  • The base fare will increase to Rs. 1214 after about half the tickets for a particular route are sold. This is another 10-percent increase over the original rate.
  • The highest possible fare for the travel will be Rs. 1656. This is another increase over some of the earlier fares following the sales of different tickets.
  • Additional charges will be added to different fares. These include reservation fees, service taxes and any superfast train service charges that may be applied.
  • Meals that are served will cost extra. Fortunately, the bedrolls included in the trains are paid for as a part of the fare utilized.

The Humsafar Express service is expected to be very useful and helpful for all those aiming to get the most out of their travels around India. This is expected to be a very popular solution for taking care of all kinds of travel needs. The great features on board especially make for a fun ride that all people are bound to enjoy.

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