Idea Money E-wallet Payment App

 Idea Money E-wallet Payment App

The Idea Money E-wallet is designed to make it easier for people to get payments taken care of. This was formed by Idea Cellular as a system to help people with making payments. After getting a mobile wallet license from the Reserve Bank of India, Idea Cellular created the wallet service in 2014. Since then, it has grown into one of the best options in the industry for taking care of mobile payments.

Idea Money E-wallet Payment App

This works as an app that makes it easier for people to make deposits. This is a popular option but it does require plenty of effort in terms of getting it installed. Fortunately, it is a secure option that is easy to handle and offers enough control to give anyone more support for a variety of mobile payments.

What the Wallet Features

The Idea Money wallet offers a variety of features that can be linked to one’s account:

  • Money can be loaded onto a wallet from a variety of sources. It can come from a credit or debit card. It may also come from online banking accounts from a variety of banks.
  • All kinds of basic purchases and payments can be made through the wallet. People can use this to make utility or mobile payments. Telecom operator bills from Idea and others can be paid off too.
  • The Person-2-Person feature lets users send money to others who have Idea Money accounts. People can also request money from others with this feature.
  • The Person-2-Bank feature allows for money to be sent instantly to any bank account in India. This uses IMPS or NEFT technology to help with getting such transactions managed properly.

This all works with an extensive variety of billers and merchants. These include an assortment of shopping, entertainment and insurance companies among many others. The variety of different providers that will get their e-wallets handled is expected to expand over time and will include many choices that are worth looking into.

Easy Registration

Idea Cellular allows people to register for the Idea Money e-wallet online at Appropriate identifying information must be entered onto the site as a means of confirming one’s phone number. This is to ensure that the app can be downloaded through a secure setup while one’s personal data can be verified. A QR code can also be scanned through the Idea Money website to simplify the application process.

Idea Cellular subscribers can use a USSD process for registration purposes. This requires the following key steps:

  1. Dial *400# with one’s mobile connection. The proper phone number that the wallet will be linked to should be used at this point.
  2. All personal information should be entered into the proper prompts on the mobile device. An SMS should be sent along with a Start Key confirming the registration process.
  3. After getting this handled, dial *400# again and set a four-digit M-PIN. Enter in the Start Key and confirm the date of birth. Another SMS should be sent to state that the full registration process is finished.

This process is used to simplify the registration process. Still, it can only be used on Idea Cellular accounts and devices. It does not take much time for this to be utilized.

Great Offers Abound

The Idea Money wallet has a number of appealing offers for all participants to utilize. The offers that are provided to customers will vary throughout the year based on who is interested in participating in such offers:

  • Idea Cellular customers can get 10 percent in cash back off of their recharges. This is used to encourage people to use Idea Cellular services alongside the wallet.
  • Utility payments work with their own cash back offers. People can get 5 percent cash back off of their payments when used properly.
  • Special discounts are available through Idea Money payments through a number of services and products. These include deals like 7 percent off on purchases from eBay, 25 percent cash back from Book My Show or a flat Rs. 100 cash back offer on Dominos Pizza orders.
  • There have been times in the past where Idea offers a cashback deal on deposits to a wallet account. This includes one offer from a while back that was good for Rs. 25 cash back on adding Rs. 100 or more to a wallet. Offers like this may come about later in the future so customers are encouraged to look around.

The Idea Money e-wallet is designed for use on all kinds of payments and banking needs. It is available to people with all sorts of mobile services beyond what Idea offers. It will be easy to get the wallet working although those who have an Idea mobile account will have a much easier time with starting up and enjoying the many features that this wallet has to offer.

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