List of Indian Government Internships Schemes and Program 2024

Indian Government Internships Program 2024 [Stipend, Application Process Form, Eligibility Criteria, Job, Date, Documents, Selection Criteria, Student List, Result, Certificate]

The central government has always tried to bring in students to be a part of the scheme formation process. It is done by offering interested candidates a chance to take part in internship programs. These are good for the students as they will acquire certificates as the end of the internship program. These certificates will add significant value to thestudent’s’ academic degrees.

Indian Government Internships Program

RBI Internship program

Just like other central government departments, the RB,I or Reserve Bank of India also offers internship programs for interested students.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – All candidates, who are pursuing any research or Ph.D. degree in Economics, Finance, Banking, and associated subjects, will only be allowed to apply for this internship scheme.
  2. RBI internship program will also allow B.Tech and B.E candidates who also have adequate computer knowledge, Data Analysis knowledge, and associated degrees in Economics, Statistical Science or Finance, to join this scheme.
  3. Duration – The tenure of this internship scheme will be of 6 months.
  4. The department conducts the internship schemes in two separate sessions. While the first takes place in January, the second will start in the month of July.
  5. To secure the position in the internship projects, the applicants are advised to send in their resumes at least 5 months ago.
  6. In case a candidate is interested in joining in January, he/she needs to apply during August of last year. For joining the July session, candidates need to apply during February of the current year.
  7. Stipend – Every selected candidate will get as much as Rs 35,000 on a monthly basis as a stipend for this internship program.
  8. How to apply – Any person who is interested in sending in the application will have to click on the link, and upload a resume or application form.

NITI Aayog Internship program

All scheme developments and associated decisions were made by the Planning Commission. Later, the department got a facelift, and its place was taken by the NITI Aayog. This department also offers internship schemes to interested candidates, in a number of government departments.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – The internship schemes under NITI Aayog are not restricted to a certain section of students. Any pupil who is pursuing UG, PG, or research courses will be able to fill in the application.
  2. Duration – The tenure of this program has been specified to be 6 weeks. In case the department head believes that there is a need for an extension, then it program tenure can stretch to 3 months at the most.
  3. Interested candidates can apply each month as the application lines remain active for the first ten days of each month.
  4. How to apply – Every applicant will have to click on the official line, enter the authorized website of NITI Aayog internship program, and apply accordingly.
  5. The internship program does not pay anything to the interns. They only receive a certificate after the submission of their project report, at the end of the tenure.

External Affairs Ministry Internship program

This central government department is associated with maintaining diplomatic relations between India and foreign nations. They make arrangements to hold and send representatives to represent India at international events. Any candidate who gets a chance to take part in this internship will be able to attain information about the formulation of foreign policies.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – In case the applicant desires a place in programs, which fall in the graduation category, then he/she must be the onsite applicant. In case the applicant desires to be a part of post-graduation projects, he/she needs to be an offsite candidate.
  2. Duration – The duration of this internship scheme can be anything between 1 month and 6 months.
  3. The internship drafts state that the Ministry of External Affairs will only accept 30 applications.
  4. Applicants will be able to apply any time they please. In case you desire to enhance the chances of your selection, then submit the application just one month before the election commences.
  5. Stipend – Just like NITI Aayog scholarship, the interns will also not receive any payment for taking part in these programs.
  6. How to apply – All candidates must get the approval from the college or university. Apart from this, they will also require 3 legal ID proofs, Aadhar Card details, NOC and recommendation from HOD in college or university. and are the two authorized sites of this department.

Law and Justice Ministry Internship program

The Legislative Department is very important in the development and running of any nation. The department works for the implementation of laws. The internship scheme under this department will allow students to learn more about legislature drafting.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – All candidates who desire to become a part of this internship scheme will have final year law subject candidates from a reputed and registered institute.
  2. Duration – Under normal circumstance, the interns will stay in the project for four months. But under special circumstances, the internship can extend to around six months.
  3. Among the hundreds of applications, which the department receives, only 5 deserving students will be selected.
  4. The application lines remain open the entire year. But it is best to submit the application form once the department has released the final notification.
  5. Certificate – The department also does not pay any grant to the interns. They will only receive a certificate.
  6. How to apply – The application document must be uploaded on All applicants must upload their resume, along with the recommendation letter and NOC from college head.

Directorate General of Foreign Trade Internship program

In recent times, development of trade and commerce has made it mandatory for nations to cooperate in the sector of business and export. There are certain trade rules, which must be followed by both parties. These rules safeguard the interests of both parties. It is the responsibility of the Foreign Trade department to formulate such laws.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – The internship program is only available for law students, studying in their final year. Candidates who have acquired graduation degrees in law management, finance, and economics, will also be able to apply.
  2. Internship sessions – Interested candidates can join any one of the two internship sessions, offered by the department. The summer session starts in June and continues till July. The winter session starts in December and continues till the end of January.
  3. Duration – The total duration of the internship schemes is of two months.
  4. Application date – As there are two different sessions, the last date for submitting the application will also be different. All applicants, interested in being a part of the summer as well as the winter sessions must successfully finish the registration by 31st April and 31st October respectively.
  5. Stipend – The department will offer a grant of Rs. 10000 to all selected interns.
  6. Application process – The applicant letter, CV of the candidate, and necessary papers must be uploaded to

Corporate Affairs Ministry Internship program

All Indian companies, whether they are located within the boundaries of the nation or on foreign land, need to follow the Indian trade and corporate rules. The activities of these companies will be guided by these laws. All interns will learn about the base of these corporate laws better by taking part in the internship.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – Only candidates who are pursuing post-graduation and research oriented courses in Information Technology, Management, economics, commerce, law, finance, or students who are in the final year of their Computer Science course will be able to apply.
  2. Duration – The total duration of the internship program is just two months. It might start in June or in July.
  3. Submission date – Each year, the candidates will be allowed to submit their application documents till the 31st of January.
  4. Stipend – Every selected candidate will be able to get a monthly grant of Rs. 10,000.
  5. Application form – All application forms must be uploaded on the site, within the specified date.

Finance Ministry Internship program

When it comes to taking major financial decisions, which can change the face of the nation, then the Finance Ministry comes to the forefront. From preparing the budget to the introduction of new taxes, it looks after all monetary matters. For better functioning, the department consists of sub-departments, namely, Expenditure, Economic Affairs, Revenue, Financial Services, and Disinvestment.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – Only those candidates who are pursuing special 5-year courses in management, finance, and economics will be able to apply for this internship. But, the applicants must be studying in 4th or 5th
  2. Duration – The duration of this internship will be anything between two to six months.
  3. It is best to send in the application letter around one month in advance. If any person desires to join internship program in February, his/her application must be submitted no later than 1st of January.
  4. Stipend – All applicants will be awarded with a monthly stipend of Rs. 10,000.
  5. Application process – Every applicant is required to send in the applicator form, along with CV and other documents to the Ministry of Finance via postal service.

Competition Commission Internship program

If any candidate is interested in working with the consumer law and competitive environment in the consumer market, then he/she must join the internship programs of the Competition Commission department. The department also works for removing illegal practices.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – Only candidates who have a good understanding and academic knowledge about subjects like law, finance, economics, and management.
  2. Duration – All internship programs, which are organized by this department, only last for one month.
  3. All applicants must make sure that they submit the application at least one month in advance. It is better to submit the form before 1st day of each month.
  4. Stipend – Every selected candidate will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000.
  5. How to apply – All application forms, college details, ID and education proof, and a summary of the topic must be sent to the respective department, by uploading them to

Women and Child Development Ministry Internship program

Earlier, the task of managing schemes, associated with the development of women and children was handled by Human Resources Department. Then, the central government realized that more stress on the development of females and children was needed. The internship programs, initiated by this department deal with the formation and development of women or child-related schemes.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – It has been mentioned that graduate, post-graduate and research candidates, associated with any subjects, will be able to apply for these projects.
  2. Duration – All applicants will be placed under projects as per their qualifications. Any undergraduate candidate will be able to join the internship for one month. In case the applicant has a post-graduation degree, he/she will be allowed to join a scheme that lasts over a span of one to three months. In case the applicants have received their final result of PG degree, they will be able to take part in internship programs, which last for six months.
  3. The department organizes four different internship sessions over the year.
  4. Stipend – The applicants do not receive any monetary grant for taking part in these programs.
  5. How to apply – To attain any information or to submit the application, candidates need to log on to the official site, by clicking on the link.

Ministry of Culture Internship programs

Museums are not only places where you can see old pieces of artifacts and documents. They are the store houses of documents and objects, which give the country its identity. These museums fall under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Culture. But as these special places need better care, a separate wing has been created to look after its maintenance.

Information about the internship

  1. Eligibility – As museums require restorations of old objects, the internship program will only allow candidates who are associated with similar subjects. Any college or university student, who has a degree in anthropology, art history, history, sciences, archaeology, museology, languages, sculpture library sciences, and fine arts, will be given preference during the selection process.
  2. Duration – The internship programs are divided in summer and winter sessions. While summer sessions may consist of 6, 9 or 12 month long programs, the winter session continues for 9 to 12 months.
  3. The summer sessions starts from May, June or July. The winter sessions may start from December, January and February.
  4. Application date – In case a candidate is interested in summer internship, he/she needs to apply by 10th of March. If the applicant desires to take part in winter intern program, he/she must submit the application by 10th
  5. Stipend – The department will not provide any monetary stipend to the selected applicants.
  6. How to apply – Clicking on the link will offer all interested candidates about necessary eligibility, application time and process, and documents required. All the documents, mentioned in the list must be uploaded.

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