Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Guarantee Yojana (Urban Employment) 2022, Online Apply

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana 2022 Rajasthan, Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme, Online Apply, Official Website, Registration, Eligibility, Documents, Helpline Number

The Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana has been announced in Rajasthan Budget 2022-23 by CM Ashok Gehlot. This will work similar to that of MGNREGA scheme in the rural areas. It has been presented on 23rd February that helps offer urban job opportunities for eligible candidates. Some of the vital details and eligibility criteria of the scheme are listed in the following part of the article.

indira gandhi shahri rojgar garaunty yojana rajasthan

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana 2022

Name of the schemeIndira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana
BeneficiariesUrban unemployed people
Amount allocatedA total of 800 crore has been sanctioned
Total days of employment100 days of work
launched byCM Ashok Gehlot
Announced on23rd February
Helpline NumberNA

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana Features

  1. Main beneficiaries – The urban employees who are in search of jobs are the main beneficiaries of the scheme
  2. Purpose of scheme launch – The main idea of scheme launch is to create employment opportunities for the unemployed
  3. Days of employment offered – The scheme benefit will offer 100 days employment scope for the ones living in urban areas
  4. Help in scheme launch- Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has announced it in the budget presentation for the help of urban people. By suitable scheme launch, it would help management the urban employment environment and help individuals earn better for their family. This is why the scheme has been implemented nationally for the help of the candidates.    
  5. Scope of employment – Similar to MGNREGA, it will give employment scope in urban areas for 100 days to the eligible ones. There is an initiative to start such a scheme from national level for the help of urban people of the area
  6. Need of the scheme – The main reason to launch the scheme is to help the ones who have lost their job due to the pandemic and wish to support their family. The employment opportunity would help them lead a normal life. 

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana Necessity

As there were no scheme similar to MGNREGA that will help to cover up for workers selling vegetables, fruits, working in restaurants and dhabas and others, this scheme under question will help to crate employment scope for the deserving ones in the area.

The working days of 100 days for MGNREGA is planning to be extended to 125 days and the cost of the same would be taken up by state government. Therefore, Rajasthan is not the first state to start such a scheme initiative to attempt and create adequate job opportunities.

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana Eligible Criteria

  1. Natives of state – As the scheme has been launched in Rajasthan, only the natives and permanent residents can apply for the scheme
  2. Income details –One has to furnish details of family annual income to justify their eligibility for the scheme
  3. Category of family – The families belonging to the urban areas can apply for the scheme and enjoy its benefits. However, the people living in towns and cities of the state are also eligible to opt for the scheme benefits and get suitable job under it
  4. Employment status – The candidate opting for the scheme should not be part any other scheme and employment options

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana Documents

  • Domicile documents – The candidates applying for the scheme should furnish suitable domicile documents to justify that the candidate is a native of the state
  • Family details – The candidate can belong to the urban areas and also to cities and town to be eligible for the scheme and get the opportunity of jobs under the scheme

By this, it can help to cover up for the urban job deficit in the areas. This is sure to help many handle their lifestyle that has been impacted hard after the pandemic. 

Similar Scheme in Kerala

Kerala came up with scheme with assured employment scope before the pandemic. But in other states like Himachal Pradesh and Odisha, such provisional acts have come into mainly during the increase of unemployment problems after the pandemic. These schemes are often constrained due to lack of resource and inappropriate source of funding.

But in case of the present scheme, the state government is trying its best to allocate the required fund. It is mainly to help deploy the scheme successfully and help the deserving candidates belonging to the urban areas and others. Some other states have come up with such scheme ideas, Rajasthan has announced the scheme in a boarder scale for better help of the candidates. As the above said scheme is targeting pan India candidates, the fiscal cost of the same will be significant and important to change lives of many. Therefore, the scheme is to help make the urban job condition better, helping many find a new way of living as they have lost their jobs during pandemic. 

Indira Gandhi Shahri Rojgar Gaurantee Yojana Online Registration

As the scheme is a recently launched one, the steps for its online registration are yet to be declared by state government authorities. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiary can check for its details from the concerned portal online.

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Q : What is the purpose of scheme launch?

Ans : Create employment opportunity

Q : Who has helped in scheme launch?

Ans : CM Ashok Gehlot

Q : Who are targets of scheme?

Ans : Unemployed urbans and people of cities and town  

Q : How many work days would be allotted under the scheme?

Ans : 100 days

Q : When has the scheme been launched?

Ans : 23rd February

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