Investment Scheme for Telangana Farmers

Investment Scheme for Telangana Farmers (Rs. 4000/- per acre)

The Indian central government has left no stone unturned to facilitate the farmers across the nation. After waiving off high amount of crop loans, now the nation is heading towards some investment scheme for the backbone of the nation. Telangana state has moved forward to start this scheme among other states. Telengana government recently announced about the farmers investment scheme in the state.

Investment Scheme for Telangana Farmers

Investment Scheme for Farmers

In the 3rd governing council meeting, held by Niti Aayog, CM of Telangana K. Chandrashekhar rao has stated that along with loan waiving now the state will give away investment scheme for the farmers to earn more for their future. The scheme will launch soon.

Key features:

  • Telangana CM stated that along with loan waiving scheme another innovative scheme will be soon launched in the state to facilitate the farmers of the state. There will be 55 Lac farmers who will get benefitted by the scheme.
  • In this scheme state government will give away investment assistance of Rs. 4000/- per acre to the farmers. They can use this investment assistance for anything related to cropping and harvesting.
  • During Kharif and Rabi season farmers will be able to buy seeds, pesticides, fertilisers and also will be able to bear labour cost under this scheme.
  • The main focus on the scheme will be on pesticides, crops, good-grains, imported grains and other facilities to encourage and development better farming in the states as well as across the nation.
  • According to the reports the loan waiver scheme has benefitted more than 35 Lac farmers across the nation. Total of Rs. 17, 000 Cr has been given up by the government under loan waiver scheme. As per the new reports this scheme will benefit more than 55 Lac farmers now.

Implementation of the scheme

As per the plan of the state, farmers will be divided in parts. According to the crops and agrarian atmosphere in different locations, farmers will be divided in categories. Then the investment scheme will be channelized. As per the CM of Telangana the scheme must be implemented nationwide. But as of now it will be starting off soon in the state of Telangana.

The revenue officials of the villages will be appointed for the land surveys. The officials will operate the land surveys for the next three months to gather the details of the lands, especially forest lands.  Villages that will not cooperate with the officials will be exempted from the funds. After the survey gets over farmers will get their share of money for cropping.

Things to know

The scheme was announced on first week of August. The CM, K Chandrasekhar Rao has stated about other schemes as well for the village inhabitants and farmers along with Investment Scheme.

It has been said that Bedroom Scheme for 50-100 houses in a village and milk-giving cattle scheme for the farmers will expected to be launched soon. As of now no time has been set for the launch of these two schemes.

According to reports, the productivity is much more than production in Indian agricultural sector. To encourage more production during a financial year the scheme shall be launched. On the other the scheme will also help the farmers to double their income.

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