Bank to deposit 500 rs in Women JDY Account, Check Status, Date

Bank to deposit 500 rs in Women PMJDY Account, Check Status, Withdrawal Date, How to Complaint

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, important financial decisions were taken by the central government to extend help to the women of the weaker sections of society. Under the announcement, rupees 500 would be transferred to women who are the Jan Dhan account holders under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. To fulfill the initiate, first installment of rupees 500 has been transferred to those women’s account on the 3rtd of April. This is considered to be under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana as per which first of the three installments has been given and the rest two is due to be given in the coming three months. It would be paid in the bank of total beneficiaries of 20 crores women from 3rd of April to 9th April.


After transferring the money, women will receive a message from the bank notifying that the account has been credited in the linked account.

Details of money transfer by government

As the government has announced for marinating social distancing due to the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus, India banks association has decided to not transfer the amount to the account of the beneficiary women at the same time. The list of the beneficiaries has been prepared by the bank. So, it would be easy for the banks to make the fund transfer based on the last number of the account number of the selected beneficiaries. As bank transfers the money, a notification message would be sent in the registered bank number of the beneficiary so that they can use the money.

When can the beneficiaries withdraw money?

As the money would not be sent at the same time to the beneficiaries account, not all women need to visit the banks at the same time to withdraw money. Some rules relating to this are enumerated as below.

  • Women with 0 or 1 as the last number of account number have been given money on the 3rd of April. And the women are allowed to withdraw it the same day only.
  • With 2 o3 as the last digit of the account number, the money will be transferred on 4th of April and women need to withdraw the money on the day itself.
  • In a similar note, for the account numbers with digits 4 or 5 will be given money on 7th
  • For 6 or 7 as the last digital of the bank account number, women can get the money on the 8th of April only.

However, the last date of money transfer and withdrawal is 9th April for the women with the last digit of the account number as 8 or 9. In case, any women are unable to visit the bank on a stipulated day she can withdraw it after 9th of April. 

Details of the withdrawal process for the beneficiaries

No beneficiaries’ women need to rush to the bank on the stipulated day to withdraw money. Other than this, they can also withdraw it through RuPay card from the ATM. Also, the government has said when the money is withdrawn from ATM, no extra charges will be deducted from the account. Other than this, women can get the money through Bank Mitra, CSP and others sources. 

Therefore, the central government is taking suitable steps at this hour of coronavirus to give financial help to the 200 million poor women to maintain financial condition and health at the same time.

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