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Dec 012015



Every government all over the world is all set and dead focused on building a nation through numerous campaigns designed to lobby globalization and mostly to aim for the betterment of the environment or economy. Armed with such a determination, they give the people the best kind of life they could offer and accomplish all these to the best of their abilities. However, despite the fact that there are honest to goodness politicians, there are also, statistics proven, a few who bring shame and disgrace to the system of government that is being built. Saddening news reports of administrative offenses such as acts of graft and corruption coming from those in high positions are heard and seen by the public.


Because of these, the JAN LOKPAL BILL was created. We believe that circumstances in the Assembly and the government offices would hopefully change for the better.

The JAN LOKPAL BILL, also known as the CITIZEN’S OMBUDSMAN BILL is one that fights graft and corruption within the seats of politics. This was introduced by a group of activists who are requesting for an independent body to be tasked with the investigation of cases on graft and corrupt practices, to accomplish the latter in a timely manner and immediately give a final report free from any form of bias or politicking in the soonest possible time with a hundred (100) percentage accuracy.


          Great power and authority is granted to the JAN LOKPAL BILL wherein a corrupt individual found and proven guilty after due process would be brought to jail two years upon filing of the complaint against him and his ill- gotten wealth will be instantly confiscated. The JAN LOKPAL BILL also has the power to prosecute the bureaucrats and government members in the absence of government permission.

People have divided thoughts as to the matter. Some think that this will only complicate situations and give unprecedented power to any person who might take advantage and use the bill for the wrong reasons. While to others, it will strengthen the justice system and bring fear against those who use political power and wealth in bad faith and for selfish ambitions.

Supporters of the JAN LOKPAL BILL further argues that inspite of the number of laws and statutes already formed, said current laws are not adequate enough to bring into light the quantity of misdemeanor and corrupt practices within the ranks and that this bill will enhance and improve the investigative process and uphold stricter rules that would apprehend those in violation of the law.


As to the sets of queries with regard to who will stand as leaders of said bill, the LOKPAL will be supervised by the Cabinet Secretary and the Election Commission, thereby the investigations will be free from any governmental influence. Moreso, the members of LOKPAL will be chosen and appointed by the judges, the Indian Administrative Service Officers with a clean slate, private citizens and Constitutional authorities.

The Inquiry and investigative process will be completed within sixty (60) days to a period of six (6) months. In addition, whistle-blowers who have the heart and strength to come out in the open in connection with ongoing corrupt practices or administrative criminal act, will be protected by the LOKPAL at all cost.

A corresponding penalty will be meted out to the guilty party in accordance with the JAN LOKPAL BILL and the laws of the land.

These are only a few of the details comprising the bill.


The Delhi Government has definitely once again raised its bar of excellence through the JAN LOKPAL BILL in terms of its justice system. No matter how tough the opposition against its creation and its founders, waves of congratulations and appreciation has been heard to be streaming down the airwaves and the social community upon its release. The positive impact may be felt by the people as the days go by and surely more investors and diplomats from other states would hear of the good news and interact with our government as to expanding our innovations, and give chance to our entrepreneurs to enter into contracts and agreements with them that could benefit the nation as a whole.

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