Janasevaka Scheme in Karnataka 2022 (Book Your Slot)

Janasevaka Scheme in Karnataka 2022 (Doorstep Delivery of Govt Scheme, Service list, Call Center Toll Free Number, Download Mobile App, Online Application Book Slot, FAQ) 

With time, various developments have been made in the Indian Government. Both the central and the state authorities are interested in increasing connection with the people. Implementation of e-governance is necessary for this. The present government of Karnataka has launched the Janasevaka Scheme. Under this project, the residents of the state will be able to apply for various government services, which will be delivered at their homes. If you are interested in knowing about the features and multiple application procedures, then read this article carefully.


Name of the scheme

Janasevaka Scheme

Mother scheme

Sakala Scheme

Launched in


Launched by

B S Yediyurappa

Date of announcement

February 2020

Target beneficiaries

Residents of the state

Application process

Call center, scheme portal and app

Supervised by

State Government of Karnataka

Portal janasevaka.karnataka.gov.in
Call Center (Toll Free number) 08044554455

Key features of the scheme

  1. Delivering services at home – The implementation of the scheme will enable to government to offer certain services, at the home of the applicant. The services will be delivered by the selected ward volunteers.
  2. Number of services – The residents of Karnataka will be able to book slots for obtaining 53 government services, delivered at their residences.
  3. Number of departments – Around 11 separate state government departments has been brought under this project.
  4. Easy and paperless application – The launch of the scheme mobile app and the website makes the application process convenient and paperless.
  5. Fee for services – The state government will charge Rs. 115 from the applicants for offering the services.
  6. Online payment option – The candidates, interested in booking the services, can make the fee payment via the online payment gateways.

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How to book a slot via call center?

  1. Call center for slot booking – If an applicant lacks the capability of using the website or app, then he/she can select the slot via the call center. The official call center number is 08044554455.
  2. Assistance of the call center executives – After the call has been connected, the assistance executive at the call center can shed light on the fee and registration process. He/she can clarify any queries that that caller may have.
  3. OTP generation – Once the call center executive has filled in the applicant’s details, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number that the caller is using. The caller needs to give this OTP to the Jana Sevaka.
  4. Slot booking – The caller must highlight the slot that he/she requires. The assistance executive will book the slot accordingly.
  5. Completing application – Once the OTP has been shared, the Jana Sevaka will take care of the necessary application form fill up.
  6. Fee collection – The caller must pay the necessary fee for the attainment of the government service.
  7. Conformation via SMS – After the completion of the payment, the caller will receive an SMS notification. It will contain the details of the slot booking.
  8. Application processing – The slot booking request will be forwarded to the respective government department. The officials will check these registrations, and take the necessary actions.

How to book a slot via scheme app?

  1. Scheme mobile app – The Karnataka government has launched an app for this scheme. Android and Apple mobile users can access this mobile app. The applicant can access this app from this link
  2. Download the app – The applicant needs to search the Google PlayStore or the iStore with the name of the app. Once they get the app, they must download it.
  3. App installation – When the app has been downloaded, the candidates must install it by clicking on the “Install” option.
  4. Scheme details – The app highlights the scheme details for the convenience of the user.
  5. Confirmation – The user must complete the app registration process. Once the confirmation process is over, the user will get access to the service booking slots.
  6. Form-fill-up and document attachment – The user needs to fill in the registration form, as per his/her needs. The scanned copies of necessary documents must be attached as well.
  7. OTP generation – When the applicant selects any service slot, the app will generate an OTP for the user. The OTP will be sent via SMS to the users’ registered mobile number.
  8. Submission – The applicant needs to type in this OTP, and then book the slot. It will complete the slot booking process via the app.

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How to book a slot via scheme website?

  1. Official portal

    The state government has also launched a separate website to assist the citizens with the service bookings. You can click on the Janaseveka Portal link to land on the homepage.

  2. Service booking page

    When the main website opens, you need to scroll down. You will get to the option that says “Book Your Slot.” When you click on this option, a new page will open up.

  3. Fill-up the online form

    The link will give you access to the portal-based application form. The candidate needs to fill up this form with the necessary details.

  4. Appointment time and date selection

    Once the form has been filled with the pertinent details, the candidate needs to select the appointment time and date, as per his/her convenience.

  5. Form submission

    After this, you need to click on the button that says “Book Slot.”

Services offered under the scheme

  1. Senior Citizen Card
  2. Health Card
  3. Caste certificate
  4. Income certificate
  5. Bonafide Certificate
  6. Family Tree Attestation
  7. Land Holding Certificate
  8. Solvency Certificate
  9. Compassionate Appointment Income Certificate
  10. Non Creamy Layer Certificate
  11. OBC Certificate
  12. Living Certificate
  13. Domicile Certificate
  14. Residence Certificate
  15. Sandhya Suraksha Yojane
  16. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension
  17. Handicap Pension
  18. Widow Pension
  19. Widow Certificate
  20. Non-governmental Job Certificate
  21. Alive Family Member Certificate
  22. Unemployment Certificate
  23. Khata Transfer Sale Deeds
  24. Court Decree Khata Transfer Document
  25. Gift Khata Transfer Documents
  26. Inheritance Khata Transfer Documents
  27. Partition Khata Transfer Documents
  28. Release Deeds of Khata Transfer
  29. Khata Bifurcation Sale Documents
  30. Khata Bifurcation Court Decree Documents
  31. Gift Khata Bifurcation documents
  32. Khata Bifurcation via Inheritance
  33. Khata Bifurcation Partition Documents
  34. Common Khata Regist Documents
  35. Khata Registration Court Documents
  36. Gift Khata Registration Documents
  37. Khata Registration Inheritance Documents
  38. Partition Khata Regist documents
  39. Release Deed of Khata Registration
  40. Khata Amalgamation Documents
  41. Educational Assistance Registration
  42. Funeral and Ex-Gratia Assistance Registration
  43. Registration Continuation (3 years) Application
  44. Medical Assistance Registration
  45. Marriage Assistance Enrollment
  46. Duplicate Identity Card Issuance Application
  47. Delivery Assistance Registration
  48. Pension Enrollment
  49. Construction Workers Welfare Application
  50. Registering for Police Verification of Servants
  51. Police Verification for Government Employees
  52. Police Verification for Private Sector Employees

The state government is paying attention to establishing and maintaining better communication with the people, living in Karnataka. The implementation of this scheme will pave the path for significant revenue in the state coffer, in the form of fee payment. Additionally, the applicants need not go to the government offices to register and collect the passes. The scheme will also add details in the state database automatically. The authority will be able to analyze the data, and develop better welfare schemes for the Karnataka residents.


Why has the state government of Karnataka implemented the scheme?

The Karnataka government wants to offer better facilities to the residents of the state. With the implementation of the newly launched Jana Sevaka Scheme, the state government will start the delivery of various benefits at the door step of the residents.

What are the various modes by which an applicant can register for the benefit attainments?

The official scheme draft sheds light on three separate modes, through which the applicants can register for the scheme. The first mode is to register through the call center that has been established for the scheme. The second method of application is via the Jana Sevaka App. The third enrollment mode is through the official scheme portal.

What is the scheme website link and the call center number?

Ans: For applicants, who want to enroll via the scheme portal, they need to click on the link janasevaka.karnataka.gov.in The call center number, for registration is 08044554455.

How much fee will the state government charge for the services?

Any citizen of Karnataka, who desires to acquire the perks of the Jana Sevaka Scheme, will have to shell out only Rs. 115.

Will the applicants get the chance to track the application?

Yes! The scheme offers the facility to track the application status. The updated notifications, highlighting the status of the application, will be sent to the registered mobile number.

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