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Kalyana Lakshmi- Shaadi Mubarak Scheme Pathakam in Telangana 2020 [Registration Form Online, Eligibility, Check Status, Amount, Marriage Assistance Scheme [telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in] 

The Telangana state government had launched a scheme for the brides of the state in 2014. Under the scheme namely Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme or Shaadi Mubarak Scheme the brides of backward classes will get financial assistance from the state government to cover marriage expenses. Recently the amount for the financial help has increased to Rs. 1, 00,000 per bride from Rs. 75, 000.

Kalyana Lakshmi- Shaadi Mubarak’ scheme telangana

Launch Details

The scheme was launched by the Chief Minister of Telangana in the year 2014. The scheme was supervised by the BC Welfare Department of the State of Telangana. The official website of the scheme is https://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/. Registration process is done through this website only.

Key features of the Kalyana Laxmi Scheme

  • Need for the scheme: The scheme is launched for the brides who hail from economically backward classes. This scheme is needed for those who are unable to carry the expenses of girls’ marriage. With this financial assistance, parents can cover a large part of marriage related expenses.
  • Exclusive Scheme: It is an exclusive scheme for the girls who are bride-to-be in Telangana state. This is an exclusive scheme only for them. Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme does not cover the bridegrooms for financial help.
  • Beneficiaries: The authority has said, more than 75,000 girls will be benefitted from the scheme. Girls from SC, ST, OBC, Minority and EWS will be covered under the scheme.
  • Financial Help: As per the reports, the government will provide up to Rs. 1, 00,000/- to the bride under the scheme. This money will be transferred to the bank account of the applicant in instalments.

Eligibility of the Kalyana Laxmi Shadi Mubarak Scheme

  • Age: The girl who is getting married must be aged 18 years or above. This scheme does not endorse child marriage. Hence the applicant has to cross legal age for marriage to get the benefit of the scheme.
  • Unmarried Girls only: Those who are unmarried are eligible for the scheme. Widowers or divorcees will not be eligible for taking any benefits or financial help under the scheme for their remarriage.
  • Backward Classes: All the applicants must belong to backward classes such as Schedule Caste, Scheduled Tribe or other backward classes. Girls who belong to economically weaker sections are also eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • Family Income: The total family income of the applicant needs to be less than or equal to Rs. 2 Lac if the applicant lives in urban areas. On the other, for the beneficiary living in rural areas, the annual income limit for the family is Rs. 1.5 Lac. For disabled women, the annual income limit increase from 1,00,116 to Rs. 1,25,145
  • Resident of state: Each applicant, applying for the scheme, needs to be a permanent domicile of Telangana state. Those who are migrants or do not have any proof of being citizen of the state will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • Date of marriage: Under the scheme, marriages that take place after 2nd October, 2014 will only be eligible for the scheme. Marriages happening before the mentioned date will not be considered.

Important Documents

  • Age proof: The candidates have to submit a document in support of age proof. Both the bride and the groom have to upload the scanned copy of age proof in the portal to confirm that they have crossed the legal age of marriage.
  • Residential Proof: Applicants are required to upload the scanned copy of residential proofs like utility bills, tax bills, rent receipts or such. One document is mandatory to proof that the candidate is a permanent citizen of Telangana.
  • Category documents: Girls who belong to backward classes such as ST/SC/OBC and minorities are required to upload scanned copy of respective certificates in the website during filling up the form. For the economically weaker sections, income certificate is mandatory.
  • Marriage certificate: When a couple gets married, they have to register their marriage under the legal advisors. After legally marrying each other, the duo will get a certificate from the marriage registrar. Scanned copy of the certificate is required to submit.
  • Aadhaar Card: Copy of aadhaar card is also mandatory to register under this scheme. The scanned copy is needed to be uploaded in the portal.
  • Bank Passbook: Scanned copy of the first page of the bank’s passbook is also needed for the scheme. The bride has to have to her own bank account where the money will be transferred from the state government.
  • Certificate from the Gram Panchayet: A certificate authorised by the Panchayet or the district officer is also mandatory to be submitted. Candidates can have study certificate but it is not mandatory here.

Online Application Form Download for Kalyana Lakshmi Shadi Mubarak Scheme in Telangana

Application form is available online for the scheme. There is no other way than online process available in this scheme. All the candidates have to download the form for the Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme. The online form is available in official website of ePass https://telanganaepass.cgg.gov.in/. To get the form one has to click on the icon of Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme on the Home Page of the portal.

How to Register for Kalyana Lakshmi Shadi Mubarak Scheme in Telangana

  • To register for the scheme, the candidates are required to visit the official website of the scheme. The direct link of the application form click here. In this following link the detailed form is available.
  • The form is divided into four parts. In the first part bridal details must be given. In this section, bride’s personal details, bank account details, caste and category details, bride’s mother’s bank account details, income details and so on are needed to be entered.
  • In the second section, groom’s details must be entered. In this section, personal details are needed to be provided for the groom including his permanent address.
  • In the third section, marriage details should be added. In this section, date, place and address of the marriage place are the required fields. These details are mandatory to be provided by the applicant.
  • In the fourth and final segment, applicants have to upload the documents. There are several tabs in which the respective documents are required to be submitted by the applicant. Finally press the ‘Submit’ button to complete the form submission.

Budget Allocation

As mentioned before that the amount under the scheme has increased to Rs. 1, 00,000/- to Rs. 75,000/- for each bride. There will be a huge exchequer on government budget for this scheme. When it was started, the CM has stated that Rs. 400 Cr would be allocated for the scheme.

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