Karnataka Budget 2020 List Schemes Farmers Women Youths Students SC/ST/OBC

Karnataka Budget 2020 List Schemes Farmers Women Youths Students SC/ST/OBC By CM H D Kumaraswamy

With the election time nearing the state government of Karnataka has announced the official Budget for 2018-19. The current budget is also believed to offer many new changes with in various sectors of the state as per the statements made by Chief Minister Kumaraswamy, who also holds the Portfolio of being the Finance Minister of the state.

karnataka budget

Launch details

TitleBudget DateBudget announced byPartyBudget Number
Karnataka state budget16th February 2018Chief Minister  H.D. KumaraswamyCongress Party13th annual budget

Key Features


  • According to the state government over 70 lakhs state farmers are expected to get direct benefit under the Raita Belaku scheme. The new scheme launched by CM is expected to offer dry land farmers of the state with additional income of Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 for every single hectare of the land they own.
  • The state government has also stated that it shall offer with benefit under the new budget by investing Rs 20 crore for purchasing Sugarcane cutting machines for farmers.
  • The state government has also announced that under the new budget a loan amount of Rs 50 crore has been allocated for offering to over 10 lakh beneficiary farmers in the state. The amount will be used by farmers for organic farming procedures. The farmer is expected to avail the loan at an interest rate of 3 percent.
  • Under the Krishi Bhagya scheme the government has announced to offer loan facilities to the state farmers equivalent to Rs 10 lakh at an interest rate of 3 percent. The government has allocated a set budget of Rs 600 crores under Krishi Bhagya scheme and Rs 24 crore under Minor millets scheme.
  • Under the new budget the state government will offer 5.88 lakh state farmers with subsidy under the micro irrigation system. The state government has also announced to allocate a set budget of Rs 203 crore for organic farming techniques implementation.
  • According to the new budget the state government has also announced a relief of Rs 8165 crore for the state farmers from their loan amounts. Apart from this the government will spend Rs 1898 crore for construction of Ponds for the farmers on their lands along with Pali house.
  • Under the Primary Agriculture credit the government has announced to offer relief of Rs 1 lakh to the farmer from his loan amount. Apart from this the government has also introduced compensation program for farmers by offering Rs 2 lakh compensation in case of death of the farmer on account of snake bite while working on the farm. The compensation of Rs 20,000 would be offered in case the farmer looses his set of hay stack on account of fire. The compensations would be provided by the DCC bank and Axis Bank.
  • The CM has also promised to consider the recommendations made by the Committees for farmer waiver loan amount and 6th Apart from this the government has decided to allocate a sum of Rs 5849 crore for agricultural department for 2018-19. The amount will be used for empowerment of the state farmers.
  • The government will offer with financial assistance for goat and sheep rearing in the state. The assistance will be offered by the NCDC (National Co-operative Development Corporation). It will set up around 25,000 units for sheep and goat rearing. The fund of Rs 50 crore will be given by the state to the NCDC.
  • A sum of Rs 15950 crore will be spent by the state for irrigation and channel improvement programs along with Rs 13000 for garbage problem within Bangalore city.


  • The state government in the current budget has ensured that women entrepreneurs are encouraged. Under the CM Anila Bhagya Yojana the government will be providing with free gas connections along with twin burner gas stove and twin LPG gas cylinder refills. The benefit will be provided to over 30 lakh beneficiaries in the state.
  • To offer loans to the fisherman and women the government has ensured interest free loans of Rs 50,000 each beneficiary. For Child and women development program a sum of Rs 5371 crore will be allocated in the state budget.
  • Under the budget a sum of Rs 237 crore will be allocated for the sports department and youth empowerment and Rs 2281 crore will be invested in the minorities welfare programs.
  • The government twill also offer with priorities for land purchase under the Ganga Kalyan schemes and Subsidy for loan sanction that will be offered to the devdasis who do not own a land. The beneficiary will be identified by the department of Child and women development.
  • The government will set up over 250 new centers for Anganwadi in urban places and a set budget of Rs 17.50 crore will be allocated b the government. Apart from this Rs 10 crore wil be sanctioned for setting up mobile Anganwadi centers in the state for construction labors.
  • The government will also offer with cost free education to the girls of the state up to PG and PUC levels. A budget of Rs 95 crore has been allocated for the implementation. It is expected that over 3.7 lakh girls are to be benefited under the scheme.
  • The government will also set up over 25 lakh new schools in the state under Morarji Education school, women hostels at prematric level (five), residential schools (two), hostels for working women (ten), DEd and Bed schools (4).


  • In Mysore the government has announced to set up study center for post graduate students in Chikmagalur. The government will also provide students with free travel passes for buses and over 19.60 lakh students are expected to get benefit under this scheme.
  • The government will also be installing CCTV camera in various government run schools for student safety. For 8th to 10trh class girl students the government will provide with churidars, shoes and socks for free along with free spectacles, social messages and books (Story books) in schools.
  • The government will also distribute with laptops for free to girl engineering students, first grade college students and poly technical students.

Pay scale hike

  • State government will be offering with 30 percent salary hike as per the pay commission and it is expected that over 5.93 lakh employees in the government sector are to be benefited by this drive. It will also be an additional burden of Rs 10508 crore for the government.
  • After wage revision over 5.9 lakhs pensioners and government employees will be benefited with a burden of Rs 105058 crore on the state government.


  • For devadasi girl child the government will offer Rs 5 lakh and for each devadasi male child Rs 3 lakh will be offered at the time of marriage. In case of conducting inter caste marriage a reward amount of Rs 5 lakh will be given.
  • In case a SC boy marries outer caste girl Rs 3 lakh will be given by the state government and Rs 5 lakh will be given to the girl belonging from SC and marrying outside her caste.
  • Backward class will get a reservation of 25 percent along with Minority SC and ST students for post metric hostel facilities.

Health sector

  • The government will be launching the Universal health scheme and Arogya Karnataka Yojana in the month of February. In Medical hospital at Bangalore the government will provide with facility of 1000 additional beds.
  • The government will also set up special hospitals at Vijayapura, Ramnagara, Devanagere, Tumakuru and Kolar for heart specialist treatment. The government will also upgrade existing centers and hospitals around 571 in number for handling 5000 people with better health care facilities.


  • Rs 2281 crore will be allocated by the state government for minority welfare schemes. Apart from this the government will launch new schemes to offer loan and subsidy to the Wakf and Hajj and for minority development provided by banks and corporations. A set budget of Rs 30 crore will be allocated.


  • Rs 5 crore will be invested by the government for Incubation center under Deshpande Foundation in Kalaburagi to promote start up establishment in IT sector.
  • E-Kshana will be implemented with an aim to issues resident, caste and salary certificate in the online platform. The government will offer with web portal services for the implementation state wide by investment of Rs 2500 crores.
  • The government will ensure that skilled labor are promoted within the state level. The government has also announced to increase eh VAT on liquor and Beer. Under the Anna Bhagya scheme the government will distribute 7 kg rice for instead of 5 Kg rice.
  • The base of the Dr. Ambedkar economics school will be upgraded in basic level education on the comparison with London Economic School.
  • Rs 5 breakfasts will be served in the Amma Canteen services in the state along with Rs 10 lunch plate service. The government twill set up the canteen services in 30 districts in the state.
  • For Indira canteen maintenance the government will allocate Rs 120 cores with in the budget session 2018-19.

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