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The Karnataka government is working with a new scheme for younger residents to improve upon how well the youth can find a number of employment opportunities around the region. This new scheme is called the Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme and is for the benefit of unemployed youths in the state. This is used to help students with building upon their skills and to improve upon their potentials for finding employment in the state.

Applying For the Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme Online Registration Trainee

Key Features

There are several important features to watch for with regards to how this particular scheme is to be run:

  • This is a scheme that was introduced on the 15th of May 2017. It was introduced by the chief minister of the state as a means of helping unemployed youth to find the work that they are looking for.
  • The program is working to help students with becoming more experienced in the field of entrepreneurial work. This is to help them attain skills in a variety of fields of study, thus improving upon how they can handle a variety of tasks in many situations.
  • The total number of youths that will be able to register for the scheme is not fully clear at the moment but the demand is expected to be high. Around 800 youths were present for applying for the program during the general introductory process involved.
  • Those who are literate can apply as well as those who are not. This is to help with dividing up the students who are able to handle all sorts of tasks at a given time.
  • A mobile application for the scheme will be available on Android devices. This is designed primarily to improve upon how easily people can apply for the scheme as it is rolled out.
  • The stipends that will be provided to those who qualify will be good for Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,500 on average. These will be provided as salaries for those who can qualify for jobs under this particular program.

Two Key Fields

Two important fields are to be utilized within the scheme. The first entails developing skills among the youth. The second is to assist in the creation of new jobs that utilize such skills. The state government will be responsible for organizing these two points. They will be known as Vahini 1 and Vahini 2.

Eligibility Points

This scheme is open to those from 18 to 35 years of age. This is only for those who are unemployed. Also, those who might not have finished their education will be able to get into the program just as well. This offers a special way for people to find the jobs that they are looking for.


About 5 lac jobs are expected to be created. About a quarter of those jobs will be for the proper castes and 7 percent are for Scheduled tribes. Another 3 percent is for those who are physically challenged. Around a third of these jobs are going to be provided to women who qualify as well. All the other seats will be for those others who have qualified. 

Documents Needed

To qualify for the scheme, a voter card, Aadhaar card and proof of one’s residence are required. These are the three key documents that are needed. People who do not have Aadhaar cards can apply to get their own cards at their local Aadhaar offices as well as possible to get into the new scheme.

Downloading the Application

The application to get into the new scheme can be found online at www.kaushalkar.com. The Trainee Registration tab is where the application is found at. The application can be downloaded and then handled directly online to make it easier for anyone to get into the program as well as possible.

Application Options and Details

The mobile app and the official website are both places where people can easily apply for the scheme from. All information in the application should be reviewed properly to ensure that there aren’t any issues with getting into the scheme the right way. All personal information should be listed to make the application work.

A one-time password will also be utilized in the process. This will be sent to a valid mobile number. The OTP should be entered in properly to ensure that the application is used right and isn’t being filled incorrectly. This also confirms the identity of whoever may be applied for the process.

Operational Last Date

Those who are aiming to apply for the Kaushalya Karnataka Scheme will have to do this as soon as possible. This is to get into the scheme as it is open. The program is expected to be open until at least the 27th of May 2017. The official website for the scheme will continue to stay open to let people know about what is being offered in this program.

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