Kerala Mandahasam Scheme 2022 (5000 rs) : Apply Online

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Kerala Mandahasam Scheme 2020 – Artificial dentures to Senior Citizens (5000 rs, Online Application Form download, eligibility, documents at

The Kerala Mandahasam Scheme has been started by the Kerala state government’s initiative, aiming to help the aged person. The state government is trying to offer suitable health benefits in the form of financial help for the ones whose teeth have fallen. By the scheme, the beneficiaries will be offered artificial dentures in good quality. For this, online application has been invited by the state government. Only the eligible ones are allowed to avail of the scheme perks. To know the scheme’s details, it is better to go through the following part of the article.


Kerala Mandahasam Scheme Launch details

Name of the scheme

Kerala Mandahasam Scheme

Main objective of scheme

Give artificial denture to aged people

Target group of scheme

Elderly person 

Main idea for scheme launch

Help aged people deal with physical and mental problems

Category of elderly people

Only BPL category are eligible

Official portal of the scheme

Helpline number+91 471 2306040

Highlighting features of the scheme

Main focus of the scheme –

The scheme main aim is to offer artificial dentures to the aged people. By this, the scheme shall help the people manage their physical and mental health issues and get quality artificial dentures.

Beneficiaries of scheme –

The senior citizens of the state whose teeth have fallen in Kerala are the target group. Moreover, only the ones belonging to the BPL category eligible for the scheme.

Financial help under the scheme –

The elderly person will get rupees 5000 for fixing the tooth as per scheme guidelines.

By launching the scheme, it shall help the citizens get suitable help under the scheme and get quality artificial dentures. The candidates for the scheme will be chosen based on definite norms set by the state government.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Residents of state – As the scheme has been launched in Kerala, only the state’s permanent residents are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.
  2. Senior citizens – Only senior citizen applicants are eligible to register for the above-said scheme
  3. Belong to BPL level – The elderly person who is applying for the scheme should belong to below poverty level
  4. Income limit – Some income limit has been set for the scheme, and the concerned village officer should authorize the income certificate

Documents list required

  • Identification details – As identification one should produce, Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, recent photograph and the like options
  • Fitness certificate – To get scheme perks, one has to submit a fitness certificate relating to Oral Rehabilitation from a certified dentist
  • Residential documents – The candidate has to justify that they are natives of the states and, therefore, eligible to get the benefits
  • BPL certificate – The senior citizen should furnish a suitable BPL certificate at the time of registration for the scheme
  • Income certificate – The candidate should furnish a suitable income certificate at the time of registering for the scheme. This will be scrutinized by higher authority to ensure whether the elderly person is eligible

How to apply online for Kerala Mandahasam Scheme

  1. First, you have to visit the official portal at this link
  2. As the homepage shows up, you have to click on the ‘scheme’ option.
  3. This will open up the page with a list of government schemes.
  4. Now, you have to click on “Mandahasam – Scheme to provide artificial dentures to Senior Citizens” option.
  5. As the page opens up, under the document section, you have to select “Application Forms – Mandahasam Scheme” link option
  6. The next step is to download the application form in its PDF version
  7. The candidates have to enter correct details in the application form and submit the same with other necessary details to the higher authorities of the village

Only after verification by higher authorities will the beneficiaries get artificial dentures as stated in the scheme’s guidelines. Therefore, by the successful launch of the scheme, the government is trying to help the aged and poor people of the BPL group get suitable medical help.


Q: What is the main focus of the Kerala Mandahasam scheme?

Ans: To give artificial dentures to senior citizens

Q: Where to get the application form for Kerala Mandahasam Scheme?

Ans: To download the application, one has to visit, the official portal

Q: What is the financial help under the Kerala Mandahasam scheme?

Ans: Rupees 5000 will be given for fixing tooth

Q: Are senior citizens from the general category eligible for the scheme?

Ans: No, only senior citizens from the BPL group are eligible

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