Kerala Micro Chitty Laptop Scheme 2022

Kerala Micro Chitty scheme 2020 (Eligibility, Application Form Online, Laptop specification, Price)

The Kerala Micro Chitty laptop scheme has been aimed for students. Kerala state government has come up with the scheme idea to help students get online advantages. As the students are not allowed to go to their educational centers, they can avail of the online benefits through which it can offer online class facilities. Let us take a look at some other relevant details relating to the entitled scheme.

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme

Kerala Micro Chitty laptop scheme

Target group of the scheme

Students who are deprived of education due to lockdown for COVID-19

Benefits of the scheme

Offers laptops to students to study online

Launched in


Number of laptops to be given under the scheme

A total of almost 2 lakh laptops are given under the scheme in the coming 3 months

Laptop prices

Laptops are listed under rupees 15000

Scheme will be undertaken by

Kerala State Financial Enterprises or KSFE Ltd.

Scheme has been launched by

Dr. T. M Thomas Issac

Highlighting features of the scheme

  1. Target group of the scheme – The students who are deprived of education due to lockdown are the scheme’s target members.
  2. Main focus of the scheme – The main objective of the scheme is to offer laptops and the required monetary help with which they can buy laptops and get access to online education that the state education department is offering.
  3. Laptops given under scheme – A total number of 2 lakh laptops will be given for the scheme in the coming 3 months. The laptops priced under rupees 15, 000 will be offered to the students.
  4. Help offered from KSFE –The scheme will be launched by help from KSFE or Kerala State Financial Enterprise. It shall give tender in which the lowest bidder will get the tender to offer laptops to the students. Along with KSFE, Kudumbashree will help in scheme launch.
  5. KSFE will offer the grants – KSFE will give the monetary grants. Also, public representatives can offer grants through sponsors to low-income families. The Kudumbashree unit adding scheme beneficiaries will offer 2 percent of commission for every installment.

Benefits offered under the Kerala Micro Chitty laptop scheme

  • The scheme offers low priced laptops to parents for students to take part in the online classes.
  • The lowest laptops are available at rupees 15000
  • For the laptops, minimal installment amount of rupees 500 need to be paid as monthly installments
  • The laptops will be offered in the third month of the installment by the beneficiaries.

Eligibility criteria under the scheme

  • Residential details – As the Kerala state education department has initiated the scheme, only the state students are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.
  • Income details – Certain limit of family income has been set as a minimum. However, the families earning below the limit are eligible to get the scheme benefits.
  • Identification proof – The candidates have to furnish suitable identification details at the time of registration for the scheme.
  • Educational details –The education details should be produced to justify whether the students are studying in educational institutes or not.

Procedure of KSFE laptop installment payments

  1. As per the rules of the project, the beneficiaries need to pay rupees 500 for 30 months as monthly installments.
  2. When the beneficiary is able to pay the first 10 installments, they will be waived off for the next installment as it will be rewarded by KSFE.
  3. For the beneficiaries who are able to offer timely payments, KSFE will give rupees 1500
  4. The monetary help to buy the laptops will be offered under the scheme in the third month of scheme joining.

Documents required for the scheme

  • Residential details –Only the permanent residents of Kerala are eligible to register for the above-said scheme. No other students from outside the state are eligible.
  • Income details –The family income certificate should be produced at the time of registration to justify that they are eligible to avail of the scheme benefits.
  • Identification proof –As appropriate identification, the candidates willing to get the benefits should produce Aadhaar details, Voter ID and the like. It shall be scrutinized by the higher authority to consider them eligible for the scheme.
  • Educational details–The candidates should offer suitable certificates of their educational institution at the time of registration of the scheme. This will be scrutinized by a higher authority to check the candidates’ eligibility to get monetary help to buy laptops.

Steps for the online procedure to be applied for the scheme

As this is a newly launched, no such detailed procedure for online registration has been launched. The government is taking every step to offer proper information along with the steps of the registration procedure. As soon as it comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. For this, it is better to visit the website and get the information frequently. Soon after the start of the online registration under the scheme, the candidates can opt for the laptops under the scheme. 

The state’s IT department will issue tender through Kudumbashree that can help in choosing the laptop manufacturing companies in the state. This will be of immense help for a total of 6% of the students and households who do not have television, laptops, mobile, and the like in their house. With the successful implementation of the scheme, it will help the government offer help to the poor students to become part of the online classes.

What is the necessity of Micro Chitty laptop scheme?

The main purpose of the scheme launch is to offer subsidy for purchasing laptops at low prices to avail of benefits of online education.

2. Who are the target group of the scheme?

The deprived students in Kerala are the main focus of the scheme.

3. Has the online registration for the scheme been started?

No, the online registration procedure is yet to be declared by the state authorities.

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