Labour Card Scheme in Delhi 2022

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Due to nation lockdown situation, many employed persons have lost their job and amidst this, the poor people are the worst suffered ones. For the fear of Corona, many workers have gone back to their native place and there, they are suffering from severe financial problem. It has become challenging for them to make both ends meet and as a result of this, they are trying to find different means or sources of income for livelihood. Due to this, the government is trying to bring improvements in different sectors to tackle the economy of the country better. It has become better a lot than before and now, Delhi government has come up with the new plan of the entitled scheme for the welfare of common people.

delhi labour card scheme

Delhi Labour Card Scheme Overview

Name of the schemeDelhi labor card scheme
Target group of the schemePoor workers of the state
Objective of scheme launch Get easy labor card
Benefits to be given for the schemeApply for labor card by making a call
Helpline number1076
Scheme has been initiated byDelhi government

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Delhi Labour Card Scheme Characteristics

  1. Main beneficiaries of the scheme – Workers of the state who have been hit hard by lockdown and have lost their jobs
  2. Objective of scheme launch – The main idea of scheme launch is to offer easy labor card for the workers without the trouble of visiting one office to another
  3. Benefits under the scheme – Labor card for workers, ration and financial help for the countries with the help of labor cards

What is the procedure to get the labor card at home

The main purpose of launching the scheme is to make scheme card for the labors that have lost their jobs. Relating to the scheme, 1076 helpline number has been issued for the help of the beneficiaries by the government. In this, the labors can call officials who are government appointed to make the labor card. This can be done from the comfort of home, and does not require roaming around from one office to another. However, the officers will take name, phone number, and residential details of the beneficiary by offering doorstep service. Following this, the labor card will be sent to the house of the beneficiary. 

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Who are Eligible for Delhi Labour Card Scheme

  • Beneficiaries of scheme – The laborers of the state are the eligible ones who can register under the scheme.
  • Categories of workers – The workers need to furnish suitable certificate relating to their work, if any, at the time of registration for the scheme to justify their eligibility for scheme.
  • Residential details – The candidates should be native or legal residents of the state to be eligible for the above said scheme    
  • Income certificate – The interested laborers need to furnish income certificate to help the higher authorities know whether they are eligible for the scheme 

Delhi Labour Card Scheme Documents  

  • Residential details – The labors need to furnish suitable domicile documents to be furnished at the time of registration for the scheme  
  • Income related documents – The labor need to furnish suitable certificates of their previous income or any certificate from the present one, if any. 
  • Identification – As identification, they should furnish Aadhaar card, voter ID card, ration card and the like options. It should be given with photograph as it required for creating labor card for the labor. 

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Delhi Labour Card Scheme Benefit for Women Workers

  1. Among the registered workers, women will be given priority
  2. Woman candidates will get rupees 51 thousand for their daughter’s marriage
  3. Women registration for the scheme will get benefits for three years
  4. In case women labor is pregnant, or a children is born, the woman is given rupees 30 to 35 thousand  as maternity benefit
  5. If any woman labor is admitted to hospital for more than 5 or 6 days and the bill amounts to rupees 10, 000, it will be given by the government
  6. The financial help will be given better for the women compared to men under the scheme to make up for the basic requirements of the labors
  7. The main idea of the scheme is to offer successful living ways for the family  

Delhi Labour Card Scheme Registration process

  1. The beneficiaries of the scheme need to call in the given number and get in touch with government issued workers
  2. Following this, a government official will come to the labor’s house and collect personal and other relevant details along with take photocopy required for online registration
  3. After registration is done, it will go for complete scrutiny by the higher authorizes and only after this, the candidate will be considered eligible to get the scheme labor card   
  4. Following this, within one 1 week of the registration, the candidate will be sent through email and will be available for online download
  5. The hard copy of the labor card will be sent to the government officials’ office

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The labor card should be kept for future use and get the scheme benefits.


Q : What is the name of the scheme ?

Ans : Delhi Labor Card Scheme.

Q : Who are the beneficiaries of the scheme ?

Ans : Poor workers of the state.

Q : What are the benefits offered under the scheme ?

Ans : Apply for labor car by making a call.

Q : What is the objective of the scheme ?

Ans : Get easy labor card.

Q : Who has launched the scheme ?

Ans : Arvind Kejariwal.

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