Business Ideas in india with Low Investment (Laghu Udyog)

Business Ideas in india with Low Investment (Laghu Udyog)

It is a fact that the small scale business sector has been assuming a greater amount of importance with every passing day. A huge number of people are gradually looking forward to start their own business every year and more they are looking for opportunities to become their own bosses. While, we understand that entrepreneurship comprises of its own rewards, but at the same time, it comes along with several challenges. A successful business needs constant flow of funds not only for setting up the business but also for the operations and maintenance. The government is turning to offer financial aid for both the small and medium scale business organizations.

laghu udyog small business-ideaswith low investment hindi

The Laghu Udyog aims at upgrading the Indian micro, small and medium enterprises through the modernization and also the promotion of exports under international co-operation scheme. The scheme covers the following:

  • To enhance the possibilities of small and micro business organizations in India and also on other countries, the deputation of MSME business delegations are done. Also it will enhance the exploration of new areas and technological advancements for small business organizations.
  • International participation of MSME is facilitated in different exhibitions, buyer seller meets and trade fairs, both in India and outside India. Also holding seminars and international conference to make Indian micro, small and medium business more popular.

The steps of MSME to be implemented

  • The primary reason why an individual is looking for establishing an MSME unit can be summarized in one single word- opportunity. The opportunity is to offer a product or the service which generates sufficient amount of surplus.
  • After screening of business ideas are done, the viability of the business is observed. So that the opportunity of the project can be estimated. This is why the business should cover all the perspectives.
  • Some other factors that needs to be remember regarding the viability of the business are, the ease of raw material availability, technical process, availability of the market and incentive support from government.

How to set up the small scale business project

While the project conceptualization is being conducted, the following factors are really important.

  • The product line- this indicates a width and depth of a product. At present people like to use handy articles and goods. Thus, organizations are going to benefit if they can come up with similar articles.
  • Packaging- Product packaging is important because the appearance makes it attractive and more engaging for people to buy it. To enhance sales, packaging is really important.
  • Branding: To promote your product, be it small scale or large scale, it is important that you make people aware about the purpose and objective of your product. This in turn will lead to the popularity of the brand that incorporates the product.
  • Warranties and after sales service: The product should have a proper warranty for a certain period of time for the product to be legit and after sales services increases the loyalty of a certain organization. This why these are important.

It is important to gain information from the market for product selection. It is advised that those products that already have huge competitors should be avoided. It is a good idea to develop export-portfolio products, but the few conditions are important. They are external demand conditions, internal supply chain, complexity of the marketing tasks and also the amount of investment that is essential to penetrate the market.

A tabular overview of Laghu Udyog small business ideas and Laghu Udyog List

SL NO Factors to know Brief Details
1. What does Laghu Udyog Bharati cover For enhancing the possibility of small and micro business organizations, the deputations of MSME business delegations are done. This will enhance the exploration of new areas and also technology is going to improve.
2. Steps taken up by MSME Screening the viability of business opportunity in all the areas.

Opportunity to offer product or services that generate sufficient amount of surplus.

3. Steps to set up small business The product line

The packaging of a product to make it attractive

Branding of the product in both small and large scale for making people aware of your brand, and the purpose of the product.

Warranties and after sales: The warranties offer security to people for buying the product and after sales services enhance a brand loyalty.

Finally, market information is also important, avoid developing product with already established customers.

List of Laghu Udyog Business Ideas in India with low Investment

We are surrounded by a number of business ideas that can be started by just making a small amount of investment initially. If you are concerned about different business ideas that you can get started with for low investment in India, then this is the right article for you. Here in this article we have performed a well research and then provided you with all possible scopes.

What is right business option for people in India?

The fact is that there may not be any specific answer to this question. It depends a lot on your personal likes as business ideas can be considered as being relative. Apart from this you also have to keep in mind that what may be the best option for you certainly may not be of any interest for other person. This article will help you to identify the right business idea that you can select to set up your business dream for low investment.

The list provided here in this article certainly will help you make the right selection and get started immediately with your business plan. We have also categorized small business ideas in different categories as below:-

  • Business ideas that are home based
  • Internet business ideas
  • Low investment business ideas
  • Business ideas that need no investment
  • Ideas for men
  • Ideas for women
  • Ideas for first time beginners

I am certain that you will be able to search around for the right business idea that fits your expertise and requirements.

Affiliate Marketing

  • This is best low investment business that anyone can join from any part of India.
  • Most affiliate marketing programs doesn’t offer with restrictions to make money online. There are numerous options available for anyone to make the selection from.
  • The business can also be set up by investing small amount of money. You have the convenience of getting started with this business from any location so no need to invest in purchasing office space.
  • You just need to link buyers with product sellers. You get a chance to generate healthy commission consistently.
  • To get started with this business you just need to set up your personal affiliate marketing website.

Some good affiliate marketing companies for India are:-

  • Commission junction
  • Share sale
  • Click bank
  • eBay
  • Amazon

The business idea is best for both men and women. Some of the best advantages of this low investment business is as following:-

  • It can be started with minimum investment and you don’t have to worry about product purchase
  • You can make sales on the global platform
  • Joining any affiliate program is always for free and you can earn upto 10 to 20 percent as commission
  • You don’t have to bother about shipment or storage process
  • You can set it up as full time or part time business
  • You can operate this program from your home.

Animal Feeds

  • This is also a good low investment business idea, especially for India. Today most people eat eggs, chicken and meat.
  • And so it is certain that these livestock are always demanding feeds for their poultry or meat animals.
  • You can formulate a diet that is rich in all foods that provide animals with extra protein and minerals.
  • Preparing animal feeds is not very much expensive and it has a good demand in the market.
  • You can run it as home based business meeting the supply demands. You just have to follow the rules of your area or zone.
  • It is important to obtain a valid permit from the regulating body. As the cost involved in preparing animal feed products is not much so you can always purchase ingredients in bulk quantity.
  • You have to prepare feed that is rich in vitamin, energy and protein. You can look around for distributors who are willing to sell your product for good price.
  • This business can be started by investing some amount of money in purchasing basic ingredients.
  • You can get started with investing around below Rs 20,000 to 30,000. You can expect to generate over 20 to 30 percent profit margin.

Baby sitting business

If you like kids then this is the best no investment business for you. Yes “no investment” as you don’t have to make any initial investment in this business. India is a country where presently both parents are working parents. So this opens up opportunities for baby sitters.

  • This trend is increasing at fast pace as with increasing demands both husband and wife prefer to do job. They always need someone to look around for their child back at home.
  • Apart from this one main benefit is that you don’t need any permit or training to get started.

Some of the main advantages of this business are:-

  • It can be in demand throughout the year.
  • The business idea is also recession resistant
  • Does not demand any investment
  • Can be operated from your home
  • Payment is also very much consistent

Before you get started with baby sitting business you have to get familiar with some responsibilities you have to develop as a baby sitter.

  • You have to develop skills to change diapers without irritating the baby
  • You have to develop skills to maintain hygiene
  • You have to learn to feed the baby
  • It is important that you keep baby busy with you

This business is best business idea for women and college going girls. It does not offer you with big income but consistent income. To get started you don’t have to invest any money. You can earn between Rs 7000 to Rs 10,000 monthly for four to five hours.

Baking Business

If you enjoy making cake and cookies then this is the right business for you. This can be considered as best money earning business.

  • The business requires small amount of investment and you can run it from your home kitchen. Presently there is increasing demand for home baked products.

To get started you just need baking ingredients and oven.

  • You can also bake cakes during your flexible time and then select a retail shop for selling it for good price.
  • You can also set up a small counter service in your home and sell it for better price.
  • You can pick special order for birthday parties and other events.
  • Investment may depend on you and around 15 to 20 percent profit margin can be expected.

Bead making

Today Bead jewelry is considered as best fashion accessory for women. Women like wearing beads for different occasions and casually. If you enjoy beading then it is certain that this can be one of the best low investment businesses for you.

  • The process of making beads is also very much simple and does not require any special skills.
  • For bead business you may find that in present market there is an increasing demand.
  • You may have to try and look around for few buyers from the market and then get started.
  • You can also target your near ones and your friends. Words of mouth can also be your best option to spread your word around.
  • You can also select to advertise in the local newspaper to promote your services.
  • Apart from this setting up your stall in different crafts and arts fair can also help you generate good income.
  • One main benefit with this business is that you may have more number of potential buyers, if your work is liked by your customers.

The business can be operated from your home with small investment in beading materials. You can also maintain your gallery of exclusive samples for your customers. To get started you simply need to invest Rs 20,000 or little more and get immediate returns.


Presently Blogging can be considered as best trend in the online community. Thousands of people in India are also used to leaving their reviews and comments on social networking sites. You can be a part of the online community and at the same time generate healthy income from it.

  • You can get started by looking around best blogging sites that are willing to pay you good income.
  • When blogging, you just have to exchange your knowledge with others. You can share your expertise and earn income without investing a single dime.
  • Most blogging websites will offer you with chances to generate anything between INR 300 to INR 500 or more per blog.

You can also focus on a particular topic or niche and keep on sharing your views with others. Some benefits of blogging are as below:-

  • This business idea is available for free so you can get started instantly.
  • You can generate good income up to USD 25 per blog post.
  • You may find hundreds of websites available that will allow you to share your expertise with others.
  • You just need to develop your skills with blogging such that you are willing to express your ideas openly.
  • You don’t have to undergo any special training for blogging.

Blogging certainly can be considered as best option for both women and men who are willing to work from home.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

If you have skills with writing accounts then Bookkeeping can be an ideal choice for you.

  • You can get started by offering your services to a number of small clients who are not able to hire full time accountant. Bookkeeping can be your full time or part time business.
  • You don’t have to spend any money to get started. If you are a qualified accountant then it is certain that you can start this business anywhere in the country.
  • You also have the potential where you can generate healthy and consistent income from this business idea.
  • If you are comfortable with using a computer then you can also maintain accounts on your computer or lap top using Tally software.
  • No investment is required for setting up this business and you can generate Rs 10,000 or more from part time accounting jobs.

Setting up your personal business centre

Business centers are in great demand year round. Small business centers offer with multiple services including photocopying, binding, typing and printing. If your business center service is located nearby to a college or school then it is certain that you can generate very good income.

  • At the time of exams most students demands such services and so they pay good money.
  • A lot of photocopying material is always required by schools and colleges. If your center is located nearby government or private offices then also you can get good job work.
  • This small business idea does not require much investment.
  • You may have to provide with multiple services in your center.
  • Most of the services provided will offer you with immediate payment some of them may also request for credit.

You may have to invest some amount of money in the initial stage when setting up.

  • You need a photocopier machine.
  • A computer system with printer attached.
  • A spiral binding machine that is handy.
  • Printing materials and other stationery items.
  • A shop on lease of ownership with little furniture.

Your business center can be your full time or part time business and is ideal choice for both men and women alike. Your earnings can be anything between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 or more, depending on the work nature.

Business Planning

Perfect business planning is must for any successful business idea. Most small business ideas lack proper business planning and so not many people are able to venture small businesses. If you have the skills of writing then you can prepare different types of business ideas and make good income from it.

  • On regular basis people look around for successful business plan. You need to keep in mind that without proper planning anyone may not be able to establish good business.
  • You can offer your expertise of preparing business plan for entrepreneurs in exchange for money. You just have to develop your convincing skills for attracting new customers.
  • This business idea does not require any investment and you can get started with working from your home.
  • If you have your network then it is certain that you can advertise about your services within your network. Your income may depend basically on your network.
  • Still you can earn very good income starting at Rs 20,000 or more. Not much investment is required in this business.

eBay websites

Yes it is certain that anyone with little skills can earn good income from eBay. There are hundreds of people from India who are literally making good income from eBay.

  • The website offers you with the convenience where you get to buy and sell stuff.
  • To get started you just have to set up your eBay account.

When opening your account you have to provide with following:-

  • Your details as per your Aadhar card.
  • Your debit / credit card details
  • Your bank account details

Apart from this a small amount of seller fee is also required to be paid when setting up your account. The moment your account is active then you can get started with making sales.

  • Ebay website offers you with an opportunity to link potential buyers with eBay site.
  • You just have to spend some time looking around for cheap products that can be sold on eBay.
  • You can generate good commission by simply linking buyers and sellers on eBay.
  • This is a genuine business idea for both men and women.
  • You can set up your website for as low as Rs 300 to Rs 500 per month and generate around Rs 20,000 per month from this website.

Candle stick making

This business idea may require you to invest some money initially. You may have to purchase the right equipments and materials to get started. You may need to acquire the following materials:-

  • Mould, fragrance oils, wax, pouring pots, packing materials, wicks, adhesives, container for melting wax.

The entire business can be set up at your home as it requires minimum amount of space for set up. You may have to obtain permit from municipal corporation to run this business from your home. You can target present market for making your sales.

  • You can focus on areas that face power shortage most of the time during the day or night. As most places in India still face power shortage so it is certain that this Business idea can offer you with good earning potential.
  • Not much investment in the materials is required and so it is considered as genuine small investment business.
  • Candles are used by people for different purposes including decorating house during festivals.
  • Material cost may vary depending from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 per month and you can generate Rs 15,000 or Rs 30,000 per month.

Automobile wash services

If you are residing within city area then car wash service can be an ideal solution. This business idea does not require much skill or investment. Many people in India require car wash services and so if you are in contact with such people then you can generate healthy income.

  • You just have to target people who are looking around for car wash services.
  • Some people need their car washed almost every day before they move out for their job.
  • If you have some piece of land around your house or location you can just invest little money and build your car wash center.
  • This business may be considered as a small investment business idea but it can offer you with good earning potential.
  • Your investment may depend on your job nature but earnings can be very much lucrative.s

Carpentry services

Carpentry services are also getting little bit high tech and so it is certain that more number of educated people is making the selection of such services for their career.

  • One main benefit with this service is that you need to be familiar with different types of ultra tech tools that you may have to use.
  • Carpentry tools may be considered as one time investment but they offer you with the convenience where you can use them for years after purchasing.
  • Apart from this you need to keep in mind that you won’t face much competition in carpentry services as not many people select offering these types of services.
  • You can select modular kitchen and other furniture appliances that simply need to be fitted.
  • Most of the furniture appliances you get in the market for affordable price and you just have to assemble it and charge your commission.
  • You also need to keep in mind that with increasing demand, this business plan is going to be hot selling topic.
  • You can also try and develop your skills with carpentry by joining various vocational training courses.
  • Some investment is required to undergo training course. You may have to invest at least Rs 100,000 in this business and then you can expect good returns. Your earnings can increase if you invest more in better materials.

To get started you may need to keep following points in mind.

  • Try and be a part of best vocational training course.
  • Get familiar with using traditional as well as modern carpentry tools.
  • You need to be familiar with cheap wholesale dealers who can provide you with affordable material for carpentry.
  • Get to know where you can get your potential buyers.

Carpet cleaning services

As the cost of household appliances are on the rise so it is certain that most people who invest money in expensive appliances always ensure that they take proper care of it. This is one of the reasons why the demand for carpet cleaners is on rise.

  • Carpet cleaning services does not require big investment but you have to put in your efforts in the job.
  • You can provide with carpet and tiles cleaning services at the same time.
  • You can get all possible materials just nearby your house and get started.
  • You can get started with this business for as low as Rs 15,000 and expect to earn Rs 500 to Rs 2000 per carpet cleaning.

Catering services

If cooking is your passion then catering services can help fetch you good income. This business can easily be operated from your kitchen with low investment and quick returns.

  • You can provide with Tiffin services for people who work in offices. You can also contact a number of caterers who can offer you with cooking services.
  • You can take party orders for different occasions. The payments can be collected immediately after you have provided with catering services.
  • You can run your catering services on selected occasions or on weekends too.
  • With catering services you can set up your part time or full time business. It also offers you with 100 percent returns immediately.
  • You may need some basic skills to prepare good food.

You may also require few kitchen appliances as following.

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Tiffin’s
  • Cooking materials
  • Vegetables and food stuffs
  • Delivery boys

When providing with catering services you have to maintain your time as people prefer eating food on time. Minimum or no investment is required. Only some food materials are required and Returns can be immediate. You can expect 50 percent returns.

Computer sales and repair business

This requires little technical know how. Not everyone will be able to start up with computer repair and sales business. Not much investment is required but you should have the knowledge of repairs and sales.

  • Before you get started with this business it is important for you to undergo basic training in computer accessories repairs and sales.
  • You can get started with low investment if you simply link buyers and sellers.
  • Returns can be as much as 20 percent overall.

One main benefit with this business idea is that you can always target the corporate world for better potential. Some best opportunity in this field is as follows:-

  • You can deal in sales of used and assembled computers and lap tops.
  • You can also deal in different accessories related to computers.
  • You can provide with repair services for used computers.
  • You can provide with paid service and maintenance of computer accessories.

Data entry

This is one of the best home based business ideas that require very little investment. You can try and contact different offices and corporate for their data entry work. Most corporate offices lease out their data entry work for some money.

  • Not many skills are required to enter data into the computer. You can work as a free lancer on other online websites that offer with such types of job works.
  • This is also considered as an ideal job type for house wives and retired persons.
  • You can look around for different freelancer websites and then enquire about the payment options before getting started.
  • When searching for freelance data entry jobs online you have to take precautions as some of them may be fake.
  • Minimum investment of Rs 10,000 as deposit is required and you can earn 100 percent profits immediately within a month.

Match making services

Today match making services are certainly flourishing and so you can select this as your new business idea.

  • You just need to maintain good data base of your clients. You can seek help from your social media network sites to collect clients.
  • You can come across different people who are in need to life partners. You just have to match the requirements of each one and then forward the details to your clients.

You can make selection of your clients from:-

  • Unmarried singles
  • Divorcee
  • Widowers
  • Widows

You have the convenience of setting up your match making business both offline and online. You can set up your personal matrimonial website or office. A small amount of registration fee can also be collected for providing the services. The business does not require big investment and is ideal for women and housewives. No investment is required but earnings may be 100 percent.

Event management and event coordinator

Even management and decoration services certainly are very lucrative business. You can provide with these services for organizing different types of events. During season you can ensure that you are very much busy providing your services to your clients.

  • Most people look around for event management services during conference, festivals, birthday parties, marriage ceremonies and social gathering.
  • When providing with such services you may have to contact other related services providers like caterers and DJ for music.
  • These services are very much searched at the time of events and festivals. During season time there is always high demand and so you can be a part of the competition.
  • If you feel you are not able to provide services on time then you can also hire more people to work with you.
  • Little investment in advertisement is required and earnings can be 100 percent.

Fish Farming

There is an increasing demand for fish products. Many Indians prefer eating fish products regularly throughout the year. This makes fish farming a very lucrative business options. Some of the benefits of fish farming business are as follows:-

  • It can be done on multiple scales (small, medium or large). This means that you can make any investment in this business.
  • You can select any location for setting up your fish farm. You can get started with setting up your farm indoors or outdoors.
  • Not many skills are required to get started with this business plan.
  • You can expect returns within few months time and the returns are very much consistent.

This is a good business opportunity for anyone who is willing to spend extra time taking care of fishes.  You just have to learn to take care of the fish and maintain hygiene.

  • Little investment of Rs 50,000 might be sufficient and your earnings depend on your expertise level.


If you like flowers then this is the right business plan for you in India. People use flower decorations on different occasions in the country. You may have to provide with different types of services as a florist.

  • Consultation services
  • Decoration services
  • Delivery services
  • Preparing floral bouquets

You can also set up your personal flower garden and then sell them for better profits. Flowers are always in good demand especially during wedding ceremonies and festivals. You may have to provide with multi tasking services to your customers.

  • You can invest anything from few thousands to over lakhs in purchasing land. Your investments will also double with your investments.

Fumigation services

Pests control is one of the services looked around by most people. Fumigation can be considered as one of the most effective ways to help regulate pests. This also makes this one of the best low investment business in India. You can get started with providing fumigation services within your locality and then later on think about expansion.

  • You can also try and get in contact with few more pest control agencies for clients.
  • Today fumigation services are searched by many and so it is certain that it has managed to gain success as one of the best low investment businesses.
  • You can ask your clients to sign up for monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually services.
  • No investment is required as you can get in contract with the company. Your income can be around 10 to 20 percent.

Remodeling homes

This is one area where you may need to show your expertise. So if enjoy working like a professional then this can be an ideal job for you. There are a number of people who like getting their apartments and homes remodeled. Once purchased, some homes may need to be remodeled. Some of the jobs that need remodeled very often are:-

  • Installing new wooden finish floor
  • Refinish kitchen walls and floorings
  • Replacing bathroom fittings
  • Electrical connections
  • Basement updating
  • Bath tiles
  • Fall ceiling job work

Above stated is just few listed job works but remodeling may need more work to be finished on time. You can get all possible tools needed for remodeling at your nearest hardware store.

  • Little amount of money is needed to be invested and then you can get started.
  • You can invest some money in advertising and generate instant returns by around 10 to 13 percent per project.

Home tutoring

This certainly is one of the best options available for anyone who is willing to teach. When tutoring students you always have better chances to earn more income.

  • You can select to teach from your home or even travel to the student’s location.
  • This business does not require any investment and so it is certain that to get started you just have to make up your mind to teach.
  • In present time you also have an option to search for tutoring jobs online and get started with teaching students online.
  • When teaching online you can earn very good income starting from as low as USD 25 to USD 60 an hour.

One main benefit of tutoring job is that you can grow it to any potential till you are no further willing to accommodate any students.

  • You can get started with teaching from your drawing room. Little investment for furniture is required and income can be anything between Rs 50,000 or little more.

House keeping and man power jobs

With more number of buildings and apartments coming up it is certain that more number of people require man power and house cleaning jobs to be done.

  • In present time house keeping and cleaning jobs are very much in demand. People who stay in expensive apartments always want to maintain their surroundings clean.
  • This means that there is always a demand for someone who is willing to offer this job in exchange for some money.
  • House cleaning job may not be lucrative but it is certainly in demand and can fetch you good source of income.

When providing with cleaning services it is certain that you can provided with different types of jobs including:-

  • Furniture treatment
  • Unpacking and packing services
  • Compound cleaning
  • Kitchen appliance cleaning, etc.

You can ask your clients to sign up an agreement for entire year with you so your income stays consistent every month. You also just have to invest little money in purchasing cleaning materials. Your investment required is minimum with as low as Rs 10,000 and you can earn around 10 to 15 percent profit.

Painting jobs

If you like brush strokes then house painting can be ideal dream job for you. Repainting house services are certainly in great demand, especially for rental homes or during festivals.

  • You can make the selection of painting materials and then instruct your workers to finish the job.
  • One main benefit with painting job is that it does not depend on any particular season.
  • You can always look around for new painting contracts throughout the year.
  • No investment is required and commission of 20 percent can be earned.

Ice cream making

This is one business that does not get affected because of recession. It does not require big investment but can offer with quick returns. Even today there certainly is unlimited demand for ice cream products through out the year.

  • You don’t have to develop any skills to sell them. You can purchase different flavors and then mix them to introduce your own flavor.
  • You can also try and take franchisee with quality ice cream Company and earn commission.
  • You don’t have to worry about production as most ready made ice cream shall be shipped to your place daily. You just have to sell their product.
  • This business can be best if you target schools and colleges nearby your area. You can also try and contact banquet halls and party halls for orders. Investment depends on your potential and so does your income.

Interior Decorator

This business idea is just not limited to event management as people look around for best interior decorators when purchasing new home or office space.

  • You don’t have to invest your money to purchase decorating items as most of the materials are provided by home owners.
  • You just have to show your creativity in your job. You can collect orders by simply advertising about your services in news papers.
  • You can also set up your website and then provided with your contact details.
  • You can operate your interior decorator business from your home itself. You can always earn good income from this business idea.
  • This business has good potential and your investment can be slightly more. Your returns can be anything between 30 to 40 percent overall.

Landscaping services

If you are interested in decorating gardens and patios then this is an idea business plan for you. You don’t need any professional degree to get started with this business plan.

  • You can target residences in your area and get started. You can always work on part time or full time basis.
  • You just have to develop skills to provide with best rated quotes. Commercial landscaping business can help you generate good income.
  • You can provide with your services to recreational parks, them parks, schools, colleges and office gardens.
  • You can get started with investing around Rs 100,000 and your earnings may be around 10 percent per project.

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