Learn Earn Return Scheme [Seekho aur Kamao ]

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Learn Earn Return Scheme  [Seekho aur Kamao ]

For youths belong in the minority group, Seekho aur Kamao scheme has been planned by the ministry of minority affairs. This skill development scheme has been launched by the previous UPA government during the 2013-2014 financial years. Several vocational training processes have been planned under this scheme for the betterment of the minority youths. This would further help them is getting employment opportunities with the help of the vocational training. The government has also planned to offer specialized training based on the qualification of the youths. It would be such that each youth would be able to use their skill in the desired field and get employed and earn for their livelihood. The main aim of the scheme is to make the individuals independent and empower them adequately. This would help the minority communities to join the mainstream and use the development opportunities adequately.

Learn-Earn-Return Fund Scheme


Key features of Learn and Earn scheme

  • As per the employment rate of the country, youth belong to different communities such as Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Muslim, Buddhists and others are far behind compared to others.
  • The scheme has been planned in such a way that the youths from the minority community can get into the mainstream job opportunities and grab the employment opportunities to earn their livelihood.
  • The scheme has been implemented in such a way that it would help to preserve and improve the traditional skills of the youths belonging to the minority class and help them build their future effectively.
  • In such a way, the human resource of the country could also be enhanced by improving the condition of the youths belonging to the minority classes. Empowering the minority class would help to get a strong, workable youth that would ultimately result in a potential nation’s development.
  • This scheme would also to preserve the art and craft of the country with the help of the minority youths who would be given vocational training in different genres.

Similarly, the ‘Padho Pardesh Scheme’ works in providing subsidies to the students in the minority group for availing facilities in higher education.

Name of the scheme Seekho Aur Kamao scheme
Launch date 2013-2014
Supervised under Ministry of Minority department
Target audience Youths of a minority group
Toll-free contact number 1800112001
Official website http://seekhoaurkamao-moma.gov.in/WriteReadData/Updates/


Eligibility criteria for avail benefits of the scheme

  1. The candidates who have been nominated as minorities in the Minorities Commission Act of 1992 would be the ones eligible for availing the benefits of the scheme. These people would be considered the only beneficiaries of the scheme under the central government.
  2. Five communities have been included in this scheme, and they are Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis, Muslims and Christians. The youths only from these communities can apply for the scheme and get the necessary support under this scheme.
  3. Other than this, some other minority communities have been nominated by other states and union territories who can participate in the scheme. But the total seats available for the minorities identified by union territories are only 5 per cent of the total available seats.

Other than this, free coaching scheme has also been started for the good of the students who wish to complete their education and are not able to do so due to a deficit of money. So the scheme aims at providing those candidates with monetary help. Similar to this, free coaching scheme for civil service exam Telangana has also been started for the help of the minorities group.

What is the age limit and qualification to apply for the scheme?

For avail the benefits of vocational training, the candidates should have a minimum qualification of 5th standard. The minimum age to be able to apply for the scheme is 14 years, and the upper limit of the age is up to 35 years. The candidates have to qualify both the above-mentioned criteria in order to available the benefits of the scheme. Satisfying only one condition will not make the individual eligible for the scheme. Even if there are unfilled seats in the scheme, the criteria mentioned would be mandatory for the candidates.

Similar to this scheme, PM Nai Manzil Yojana has been started under the supervision of the minority department. In addition to this, ‘Nai Roshni Scheme’ has also been started for the good of the women. Both these skill development schemes would help to enlighten the minority youths of the country and help them provide a better opportunity for the future.

Other key specifications of the scheme

  • The training module of the candidates would be decided according to the latest market trends and their qualifications. In addition, opportunities for extra-curricular activities would also be provided.
  • Various traditional skill sets would also be taken into consideration, and accordingly, modular development programs would be designed for the students that would meet the requirements of the market. The stricture of the course would be decided by NCVT which is a renowned national organization who plans for vocational courses.
  • Under the vocational training, tannery, weaving, wooden works, making jewelry, carpet making, brass metal finishing and other related knowledge would be given to the youths.
  • Other than vocational courses, courses such as computer operations, English, regional languages and information technology information are also provided to the candidates.
  • The candidates are educated in such a way that both traditional trades and modern trades would be provided by the government. Other than this, the government scheme would help the ones who are interested in promoting self-employment options.
  • For the beneficiaries who would travel outstation, all lodging and food facilities would be provided to the candidates other than the monthly stipend.
  • The central government is planning to provide employment opportunities to 754 percent of the trainees. Other than this, the government has also promised to give at least 50 percent employed to candidates in organized sectors.
  • For the scheme, the central government has allocated a budget of rupees 250 , and this is higher by 40 crores compared to the previous year’s allocation.

How to apply for the scheme?

  • The beneficiaries who are eligible for the scheme have to approach for the same via the BDO office or the District Collector.
  • For the details of the application and form fill up procedure, you can approach Panchayat office for the same.
  • To download the application form for the scheme, you have to visit the official website and click on the desired link.
  • In addition to this, for any further information, you can also call the toll free helpline number 1800112001.

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