List of Bigg Boss 10 Probable contestants and Episode Updates

List of Bigg Boss 10 Probable contestants and Episode Updates

The show Bigg boss is very famed reality show on colors channel. From last 10 years it is one of most demanded show in the middle of color audience.

Bigg Boss 10 has new charm in the middle of general public as color asks general public to participate as contestants. This is the first time that color gives such option to general public. So there is lot of craze in the middle of people and entire nation waiting in hope that they can participate as contestants. Beside the common men color also take auditions and scrutiny of some big celebrities.

List of Bigg Boss 10 Probable contestants

S.No Interesting Facts about Bigg Boss Show Details
1 Nominee for evict most number of times in the history of the Big Boss Show Tanisha Mukherjee, from Bigg Boss 7
2 The oldest Bigg Boss winner Vindu Dara Singh, 41 years old winner of Bigg Boss 3
3 The youngest Bigg Boss Winner Gautam Gulati, 27 years old winner of Bigg Boss 8
4 Contestant stayed in house for long without getting eviction votes Navjot Singh Sidhu
5 The Shortest Bigg Boss Season Bigg Boss 3, just 84 Days
6 The first international contestant in big boss Jade Goody

Battered from every nook and crack of the country, these rivals have all the traits and elements necessary to turn Bigg Boss into an entertainment bonanza. Bigg Boss house will host a spectrum of different personalities they may be teacher, businessman or a peon. Big boss select the common man, depends upon the skill of person. So be ready to become part of big boss.

List of Celebrities in Bigg Boss 10

In spite the common man there are also some famous celebrities who take part in Bigg Boss. A few of them are listed below:

Kajol Tyagi: She is just 23 old and very popular on YouTube. She is famous as YouTube enthusiast girl. Kajol Tyagi basically belongs from Kashmir and now in Mumbai and struggles to become a heroine. She loves to do dance and loves to relax. Now she is selected as one of runner in Biog boss 10 reality shows.

Ruchika Singh: She is 39 year s old and likes to read and travel. She likes to attend party and know as party animal. She is from Delhi region. Ruchika Gupta is also a Delhi-based Bigg Boss contestant. Also known as Babusha Queen. She has lot of selfies and videos on Youtube.

Priyanka Jagga: Priyanka is a 32-year- old and from Delhi. She Born on 17th December 1984. She likes playing badminton and travelling expeditions. Wonder what the journey has in-store for her. Priyanka Jagga is a recruiter in marketing from Delhi.  

Lokesh Kumari Sharma: Lokesh Kumari is a 25-year- old who is again from Delhi likes to do dance, and sing and live. She enjoys while travelling and enjoy her life to fullest. She is student. Lokesh is simple at heart and her dressing, but that might change her life once she enter is inside the house of big boss.

Nitibha Kaul: She is a 23 year old girl who lives in Delhi. She likes dancing, music, reading, singing, and swimming. A pretty girl is Associate at Google Marketing Solutions. She was also a member in Miss India contest. And now her journey as actress is continued with her entry in the house of big boss

Mandira Chauhan: Her friends generally called him Mandy; Mandira works at a radio station in Pune, loves going on road trips and take pleasure in house parties. But with limits on food, we wonder long it will be previous to the Bigg Boss party ends for her?!

Manoj: Manoj basically from Jaipur and a businessman by profession. Manoj like gossip with women’s and enjoy their company. Manoj Likes to watching cartoons and takes interest in parody. He likes to attend parties. Impossible is not a word in his dictionary. Will his quality help him to win the big boss contest?

Manveer Gurjar: basically from Noida and 29 yrs old man has his own dairy farm business. He likes to go to gym on daily basis and loves to play Kabaddi and wrestling. He has completed his graduation from Delhi University. Now he is member of big boss house. Will he use kabaddi and his simple charming personality help him to win.

Navin Prakash: This 26 years young man is teacher by profession. He is basically from Bihar and enjoys writing, reading, teaching and listening music. In the middle of the list of selected candidates, Navin Prakash is the most educated person and his interest lies in different forms of arts. Let’s see what lesson he will teach to other member of big boss house?  

Pramod Dahiya: Basically from Sonepat Haryana. He is Actor and Writer by Profession. He likes Reading, Gymming. Because of his Gymming hobby he has very multifaceted boy. His interest also lies in reading and listening to old music. Pramod also flew to Mumbai to go behind his dreams. Pramod is a good looking, youthful promising actor who has been working close to the Mumbai industry for long. He is seemed to be future of Mumbai industry.  Wonder how this simplistic personality will vibrate beat the other contestants of house?

So let’s see who will be the winner of big boss hose 10 because all the candidates have their unique qualities. Everyone is best then the other. So future tell who will be the winner

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