LPG Gas Bike | Running Cost | Benefits

LPG Gas Bike | Running Cost | Benefits

India’s first LPG Gas Bike would be launched by the famous automobile company of India named Bajaj. Bajaj has initiated this noble process to help the environment. These bikes will also help the riders as well as the environment. These bikes has already been tested in two cities of India named Ahmedabad and Sangli and received a great appreciation from the people living there.

LPG Gas Bike Price Features Running Cost

LPG Gas Bike Aim 

  • The primary aim for these bikes is to help the environment. LPG gas bikes would remove the need of petrol and also burn lesser harmful chemicals which will eventually help the environment.
  • These bikes will also help the riders by decreasing the cost of fuel for them. These bikes will decrease the cost of fuel as these bikes will use LPG Gas.
  • These bikes aim to provide an alternative fuel for automobiles because petrol will be eventually over in less than 100 years and thus the progress should be made towards alternative fuel and these bikes would be run by LPG to provide just that. 
Specification LPG Gas Bike
Model Type Bajaj Platina
Type Petrol & LPG
Tested on Ahmedabad and Sangli
Mileage 200 km if LPG tank is full
Important feature Requisite Safety Feature
Suitable for Local rides

 LPG Gas Bike Key Features and running cost

  • This bike is a bi-fuel bike which can be run by LPG Gas as well as Petrol. So, the rider could use petrol if he runs out of LPG any time.
  • There will be 10 liter Petrol Tank in the bank and also 4 liter LPG Gas Cylinder in the bike. The mileage is 200 km if the tank is full.
  • The riders don’t have worry about safety as a requisite safety feature is installed in the bike which will prevent gas leakage and cylinder overheating.
  • The bikes will cost as low as Rs. 9, 000. The running cost of these bikes have not been disclosed yet but it is expected that it would be around Rs. 5 per Kilometer. 

LPG Gas Bike Uses 

  • The main users of the LPG Gas Bikes would be the people who lives in the city areas. They would be able to travel from one place to another easily using the bike.
  • The representatives of the Medical department and the students who go to college would also be able to use LPG Gas Bike as it is very affordable.
  • The people who roams from one place to another for selling certain things would also be able to use the LPG Gas Bike as it is low priced and easy to use. 

LPG Gas Bike Benefits

  • The petrol-run or diesel-run motorcycles makes a lot of pollution and hampers the environment but the LPG Gas Bikes would make much lower pollution.
  • These bikes also upsurges the operating cost for the vehicles by around 40%. These bikes are bi-fuel and thus it offers both Petrol and LPG Gas to be used during riding.
  • The 4-litre LPG cylinder provides 200 km mileage and also the LPG Gas bikes offers requisite safety service which ensures a good ride in the city areas. 

LPG Gas Bike Disadvantages and cost of installation

  • The bike hasn’t been tested for a long drive or a test drive outside the city areas though it works fine in the city areas.
  • In case of the temperature being lower than 32F, LPG sometimes disallows the bike from starting which is a major disadvantage.
  • The energy level of these bikes are 14% which is lower compared to the other fuel run motorcycles. Thus the bikes are weak than the usual fuel run bikes.
  • Cost of installation of LPG kit might be high.

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