Lucky Draw Yojana

Lucky Draw Yojana

Niti Ayog Scheme or Lucky Draw Yojana is a new scheme introduced by the planning body of the Central Government named NITI Aayog. NITI Aayog has launched this new scheme in order to encourage and promote digital transactions. NITI Aayog has taken help from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in order to launch this award scheme. This main aim of this scheme is to incentivize people through the means of digital payments. A draw is the main feature of the scheme.

Niti Ayog Scheme

The introduction of this scheme will promote digital transactions and it will also be very helpful for the progress of India. This scheme will help India in its progress towards cashless economy.

NPCI and NITI Aayog 

NPCI and NITI Aayog is carrying out the Niti Ayog scheme. NPCI is the short from of National Payments Corporation India. The main aim of NPCI is to ensure digital transactions or cashless economy in India. NPCI is a guidance for India which aims to lead them towards cashless economy. It is a not for profit company.

NITI Aayog is the planning body of the Central Government of India. The main of it is to work out a perfect plan for India so that it can make its progress towards cashless economy. 

Key Features

  • The scheme will provide two levels of incentives. One of them will be provided weekly by Weekly Luck Draw and the other one will be provided quarterly through Quarterly Luck Draw.
  • Weekly luck draws will provide prizes for the transaction ID’s generated in that particular week.
  • Quarterly luck draws will provide prizes for the transaction ID’s generated in that particular quarter. The prizes haven’t been decided yet.
  • This scheme will provide encouragement to the people of poor and lower middle class. It will also encourage small businesses and will also increase awareness among all groups of people about digital transactions.
  • The annual budget for this scheme is Rs. 125 crore.


  • If a consumer or a merchant is using digital payment method which is cashless,
  • If a consumer or a merchant uses any of the Digital Payment methods
  • Transactions made by merchants of PoS machines will be eligible. 

The details of the Niti Ayog Scheme will be soon provided once it gets approval from NPCI. This scheme will encourage the digital transactions and slowly it will move India to cashless economy. It has been reported by NITI Aayog that, digital transactions are steadily making its progress in India.

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