Mahila Coir Yojana

Mahila Coir Yojana

As the entire nation is looking for the women empowerment and for the gender equality, the governments of India is keep on introducing new welfare schemes and plans for the benefits of the women.

Mahila Coir Yojana

As an addition to those women welfare schemes, recently the central government of India introduced Mahila Coir Yojana (MCY) by which proper assistances will be provided by the relevant department in order to boost the self employment ratio among the women.

Mahila Coir Yojana is a women welfare scheme, purely empowerment program specially designed for the welfare of the rural women of the nations. Under this special welfare scheme, the rural women of the region in which coir production was being processed will be provide valuable assistance in terms of all aspect in order to boost them to get involved in the business activities.

Key features of MCY scheme

  • This women welfare scheme has been introduced and governed by the Coir Board of India, which took care of the responsibility of providing proper training and assisting on purchasing reliable coir production equipments.
  • For the woman who completes their training successfully, under this MCY scheme, the Coir Board distributes the motorized ratts which are essential when it comes to Coir productions.
  • As far as the data revealed by the government officials so far around 1600 women has been trained successfully under this MCY scheme and around 150 special motorized ratts has been distributed to the eligible women from the coastal region.

Subsidy under the scheme

Under this scheme the eligible women can avail one time subsidy percentage up to 75% of the total cost of the new motorized ratt when they intended to buy new. Or else subsidy amount of Rs. 7,500 will be given to the rightful beneficiaries under this scheme for buying motorized ratts. And for those who are about to purchase traditional motorized ratts subsidy amount of Rs. 2,625 will provided by the Coir board.

Training Duration and Stipend Amount

Under this special women welfare scheme will be given training for about 2 months. Also Women who are getting training under this MCY scheme will be given monthly stipend amount of Rs. 1000, for providing efficient training to the willing people; special training centers are formed in those coastal regions.

Beneficiary / covered area under this scheme

In India majority of the Coir production carried by the coastal regions, so the rural women from those coastal region like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha and several others will be able to start their own coir productivity under the assistance of government. Under this MCY scheme, special training will be offered by the relevant department officials to the women who are willing to start their own coir productions.

Motto behind the yojana

Main motto of launching this special welfare scheme is to improve the status of women in the India society and to boost them towards the women empowerment path. This special women welfare scheme will be handier for the women to get shine in their business career and help them in financial too.

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