Manodhairya Yojana Scheme in Maharashtra

Manodhairya Yojana Scheme in Maharashtra

In recent years, Crimes against women are getting highlighted all over the nation. As one part of the society demanding women rights and gender equality, on the other hand the nation experienced some severe blow by failing to provide better security to women from the social criminals. In order to provide better assistance to the women victims due to gender partiality and gender based crime activities, the state government of Maharashtra introduced the Manodhairya Yojana by which the ruling government will provide all the necessary assistance to the affected victims to lead their normal life back.

Manodhairya in Maharashtra

Crime against women

Cases of rape, molestation, women kidnapping, abortion without consent and human trafficking are increasing every year in India. Around thirty five thousand rape cases were filed in the last year. This does not give the actual count since people in rural areas still find difficulties before and after filing cases. Maharashtra is one of the leading states where crime against women is happening in a large scale. It tops the list in rape cases.

Maharashtra’s Manodhairya Yojana

The scheme provides appropriate support to those who have been harmed by various incidents in Maharashtra. These include victims and survivors of child abuse, rape and acid attacks. The committee members responsible for managing the scheme include the SP, DCP and civil surgeon of the district. However, molestation cases are not covered under this scheme.

Bombay HC

  • This scheme was implemented by Maharashtra following instructions from Bombay HC to start a scheme offering financial and legal support to victims of rape and child abuse in 2013. This scheme came into functioning following a gang rape of a journalist in Mumbai. Vocational training is also provided to some victims.
  • In 2016, the Bombay HC has asked the state to merge this scheme along with another scheme for rape victims under 357 (A) of CrPC into a single scheme and also to it has advised to increase the financial assistance to five lakh rupees.

Highlights of the scheme

Survivors of rape and child assault will get financial assistance from two to three lakhs. Victims of acid attack will receive fifty thousand rupees. The victim or their families can avail legal and medical aid along with rehabilitation and counseling. Three- fourth of the financial aid will be invested as FD and the remaining amount will be credited to the victim’s bank account.

Procedure for applicants

  • The first thing that should be done is to file an FIR. It should be filed under IPCC section 376,375, 376 (A), 376 (B) and 376 (2). For child assault, the FIR must be filed under section 3,4,5,6 of 2012 act for protecting children from sex abuse. For acid attack, it must be done under 326 (A) and 326 (B).
  • The applicant must have an identity proof, residential address proof, copy of FIR, medical certificate and District trauma certificate at the time of application to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • The victims can contact the collector office for application, since the district collector is the chairman for the district’s society for rehabilitation aid and criminal damage. The mental and physical support will be provided by the Trauma team of the district. The victims can also contact the SP, DCP and civil surgeon of the district for information.

Implementation Plans

Many people have been applying for the scheme although it is unclear as to how many in particular have utilised it at the moment. At least half of the applicants who have registered have been able to get the benefits of the scheme. Additional applicants are expected to attain benefits as officers work with more of the forms needed to manage the system. It is not fully certain as to precisely how long it may take for a response to the application process as statistics relating to this are varied in number.

Funding Considerations

About Rs. 15 crore has been allotted to the scheme through the Department for Child Development and Women. This ensures that enough funds are to be sent to the women who may benefit. This is a key concern as there are more than 34,600 rape cases in the region, the most among Union territories. Added funding is required to make it easier for women to benefit.


The Manodhairya scheme is an important piece of social welfare. This is designed to help women who need assistance with physical treatments and mental support and analysis following rapes, acid attacks and other common attacks. The problems that women are facing around the region are significant. By providing funding for those who are victimized, it will be easier for women to receive the support they require with regards to recovering from problems they may experience over time.

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