Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Yojana in Haryana 2021 7000 rs incentive to farmers

Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Yojana in Haryana 2020 (7000 rs incentive to farmers for switching from paddy) (Eligibility, Online portal Kisan registration)

Water is the most important ingredient that farmers need for successful agriculture. Apart from natural water resources, the farmers in the dry state must depend on artificial water supply. It mainly uses ground water, pulled up from the sub-soil layers. Rampant use of ground water reduces the water table in these areas. The government of Haryana has announced a new project that will aid the farmers and conserve ground water level. Under the Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Scheme, farmers will obtain financial assistance, if they opt for a less water intensive crop cultivation. In you want to know more about this scheme, them read this article.

Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Scheme in Haryana

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme

Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Scheme

Launched in


Launched by

Manohar Lal Khattar

Date of announcement

6th May 2020

Date of implementation


Target beneficiaries


Supervised by

Agriculture Department of Haryana Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of agriculture – The Haryana government has announced this scheme with the aim of saving ground water, and increasing the agricultural output.
  2. Ground water conservation – The implementation of this project will enable the state government and farmers to conserve ground water. Adequate soil moisture will increase the fertility of the agricultural plot.
  3. Reduce paddy cultivation – The aim of the state government is to reduce the percentage of paddy cultivation during the summer months, when the ground water levels goes down naturally.
  4. Alternative crops – The crops like arhar, maize, urad, cotton, guar, grishm moong bajra, and til are some of the alternatives for paddy. These crops do not need much water to germinate and grow; however, the farmers will be able to earn a lucrative amount as there is high demand for these crops in the market.
  5. Financial incentive for the farmers – The farmers who will be making the switch from paddy to other less-water intensive crops will obtain Rs. 7000 for every acre of cultivable land.
  6. Agricultural implements – During the announcement, the Chief Minister also mentioned that the beneficiaries will also be able to obtain farming tools and other implements, if they switch paddy cultivation with other crops.
  7. Subsidy on micro agriculture – The state government is offering 80% subsidy on the necessary implements to those farmers, who are implementing micro-agricultural guidelines to raise crops.
  8. Affected blocks in the state – The ground water depletion is a major issue for the state government. The Agricultural Department announced that if the ground water level is less than 35 meters, then farmers will not be able to cultivate paddy in that area. It will be applicable to as many as 36 blocks in the state.
  9. Requirement for paddy cultivation – The agricultural workers, living in areas where the ground water level is at a depth of less than 35 meters, can opt for paddy cultivation.
  10. Financial distribution – It has been mentioned in the official draft of this project that the state government will send the money to the respective Gram Panchayats. It will be the responsibility of these officers to distribute the money to the beneficiaries.

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Eligibility for applicants

  1. Residents of the state – Only those farmers will be able to get the perks, who are legal residents of Haryana.
  2. Farmers only – The scheme guidelines highlight that full-time agricultural workers will be able to get the financial assistance.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – It is mandatory for the interested candidate to submit an authorized document that highlights the residential claims of the farmer.
  2. Identification proof – The applicant must furnish a copy of the Aadhar card or Voter Card to provide identification proof.
  3. Farmer certificate – It is necessary for the interested applicants to submit a copy of their registration certificate that has been issued by the Farmers’ Association in Haryana.

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How to get registration form and enroll?

The Haryana government has launched this scheme recently. The Chief Minister has highlighted the advantages of the scheme. He also mentioned the benefits, which will be available to the partaking farmers. It is expected that the Haryana government will launch a separate portal for this scheme. The government officials have not said anything about the application process. The authority can opt for portal based registration, or official enrollment through the Gram Panchayat office.

Benefiting the farmers is one of the aspects of this project. Haryana government wants to create the necessary awareness among the farmers, about ground water depletion. It will teach the agricultural workers about water conservation. The Chief Minister opined that the present generation must take the necessary steps to protect the natural resources for the future generation. Immense depletion of sun-soil water will hamper the agricultural practices. It will also change the pH and texture of the agricultural land.

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