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Meri Fasal Mera Byora Portal in Haryana 2020 (Farmer Registration Online Form, Apply Online to Sell Crops, e-Kharid, Eligibility, Last Date, Login @fasalhry.in, FAQ )

The COVID – 19 pandemic has impacted financial and agricultural sectors in India. The mustard and wheat crops are ready for harvest. However, the farmers will not be able to go to the markets with their produce due to the lockdown. The agricultural workers will face immense financial difficulties. To eliminate this issue, the government of Haryana has launched Meri Fasal Mera Byora Registration Portal. The agricultural workers will be able to register on this website and sell apply for selling their crops via e-kharid mode.

Meri Fasal Mera Byora Portal in Haryana

Name of the portal

Meri Fasal Mera Byora Registration Portal

Launched in


Launched by

Manohar Lal Khattar

Date of launch

April 2020

Purpose of the portal

Registering farm details, collecting crop details, ensuring online purchase of crops

Target beneficiaries

Farmers of the state

Registration begins on

7th April 2020

Registration ends on

19th April 2020

Mode of application

Portal based application

Official portal


Supervised by

Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Department in Haryana

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Key benefits and features of the portal (Registration Benefits)

  1. Developing agricultural sector – The farmers will be able to register on the website for selling their crops. Apart from this, they will attain other benefits, if they enroll through this site.
  2. Financial security for the farmers – The portal has been developed by the IT department of Haryana government to make sure that the farmers can enroll for selling their crops online. It will eliminate the chances of financial issues.
  3. Ensuring proper crop procurement – Once the farmers register for selling their crops on the portal, the registered buyers can purchase the crops from the selected mandis. It ensures that the farmers will be able to trade their crops for the specified MSP.
  4. Access to agricultural information – The website will provide the farmers with farming related details.
  5. Easy registration of details – By registering on the portal, the farmers will be able to upload the farm and crop related details.
  6. Platform for registering complaints – The same portal will help the agricultural workers to registering their grievances through this portal.
  7. Assistance and compensation – Climatic and natural disasters can damage the standing and harvested crops. The agricultural workers, who face financial losses due to these reasons, will be able to get financial assistance and compensation from the Haryana government.
  8. Subsidy and loan facilities – The farmers, who will register on the portal, will be able to get agricultural products at subsidized rates. Additionally, they will get the agricultural loans easily.
  9. Co-operation of various departments – Apart from the agricultural sector, the officials of the technology department, weather department, civil supplies, food department and revenue department will also upload pertinent details on this portal.
  10. Details as per real-time basis – All the farming and weather related details, which will be made available on the portal, will be uploaded on a real-time basis.
  11. Estimated percentage of registered members – The Haryana Chief Minister has mentioned that till date, 60% of all agricultural workers in the state have already registered on this website. He is hopeful that the remaining 40% will also complete the online registration process soon.
  12. Extended online crop purchase – Keeping the COVID – 19 spread in mind, the Chief Minister of this state highlighted that the online sell of crops will be continued till the end of June 2020.
  13. Commencement of crop procurement – The Haryana government has announced that the purchase of mustard will be started from the 15th of April 2020. The farmers, selling wheat will be able to sell their crops from the 20th of April, 2020.
  14. Estimate crop procurement – The Chief Minister said that the farmers will be able to sell wheat, amount to 1.5 lakh metric tonnes, through the online crop procurement system.
  15. Registered mandis and sub-mandis – The Haryana state government has already make a list of 140 madis, where the farmers will be able to sell mustard crop to the registered dealers. For the purchase of wheat crop, the government has published a list of 2000 mandis, sub-mandis and wheat procurement hubs.
  16. Registration centers – Interested farmers can via three modes. The first through the official portal. Interested applicants can also go to the nearest Atal Seva Kendra in the rural areas or common service centers. Apart from this, the village level entrepreneurs or VLEs will also help the farmers with the portal based registration.
  17. Fee for registration – The farmers will not have to pay any money for the registration. The village level entrepreneurs will obtain Rs. 5 from the state government for making every registration.

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Documents necessary of online registration

  1. Residential documents – As only those agricultural workers, who are legal residents of the state will be allowed to register on this portal, attaching scanned copies of the residential proof is a must.
  2. ID proof – The applicant must attach a copy of the Aadhar Card with the digitized application form.
  3. Land registration documents – It is mandatory for the candidate to upload the documents, which highlight the measurement, nature and ownership of the land.
  4. Recent photograph – Apart from the other documents, the applicant needs to scan and upload a recent photograph with the registration form.

Haryana Meri Fasal Mera Byora Online Registration Form

  1. Official portal

    To ensure that farmers do not come out of their homes during the lockdown, yet sell their crops easily, the Haryana government has launched a separate portal. Interested applicants can get to this portal by linking on the link.

  2. Link for registration

    There are two main options on the main homepage. The agricultural workers, interested in enrolling must click on the option that is marked as “पंजीकरण (क्लिक करें)”

  3. Identification details

    It is necessary that the farmers select either his Aadhar Code or the Family ID or the mobile number. It will trigger the site to generate an OTP. The applicant must enter the OTP in the respective field. After this, he must click on the “Continue” button.

  4. Online application form

    When the applicant has completed the previous step, the portal will bring up the digitized application form. The farmer must type in the necessary details in every section, and then click on the “Submit” button.


Is there an application for the Meri Fasal Mera Byora Registration?

The state government has not yet launched an application for the better monitoring of this scheme. However, the CM has indicated that the government is working on the development of a mobile app.

Which crops have been included in the scheme?

As of now, the Haryana CM has suggested that farmer, selling mustard and wheat crops, will be able to apply for e-kharid facility.

Is this scheme applicable for those farmers who are not legal residents of the Haryana?

No! The Chief Minister of Haryana has clearly mentioned that only those agricultural workers, who are legal and permanent members of the region, will be allowed to register through the website.

Has the government mentioned anything about the category of the registering agricultural workers?

No! The scheme will include all categories of agricultural workers. Small, marginal, big as well as tenant farmers will be able to register for the various perks through the official website.

Will the agricultural workers get the chance to highlight their complaints?

The website offers the registered farmers the opportunity to mention the agricultural and financial problems, which they are facing. The respective government department will investigate the matter, and preventive measures.

The portal will streamline the crop selling and procurement process. It will also make sure that the farmers can make a profit. Apart from this, the state government will have adequate crops in the store houses, which can be distributed to the needy people. The Haryana government is most lik*ely to extend the lockdown span. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that there will be adequate food crops in the market during the upcoming two months.

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